Stabbed In Her Tits

Young girl has to undress by a guy threatening to stab her. She complies but he stabs her in the tits.

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Millica +18 points120 days ago

This kind of performance is analogous to a knife blade !
One side of the blade is sexy, erotic and seductive which is mostly
enjoyed by the audience !
Once over the blade, however, we will arrive at the opposite side
which is violent, crazy and horrible such that most of the audience
hate it very much !
I would rate this movie as 'Just a little bit over the blade' !
That's why some people still like it while some hate it very much !
Producers of these movies should make a good balance between
both sides of the blade !
Proper movie titles and descriptions should be provided
so that the audience can find what they want to see and
avoid what they do not want to see.
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NTSk +3 points120 days ago

Good analogy ! Good suggestions ! Great comment !
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Heavy Fan

Heavy Fan +8 points146 days ago

Dear woman,
I like the hair-cut of your pussy !
It makes your vulva looks very long and starting at a higher position !
It tempts me to insert my weapon into that opening . . .
Stab you very much :)
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Belly-Fever +6 points145 days ago

A few stabs at or below the navel is sexy to watch.
Stabs at the upper body & blood vomiting is too bitter to see.
What a waste of a good naked female body !
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Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox +3 points123 days ago

Hahahaha this video was actually quite funny! Her screamd were so fake and she kept on giving quick peeks to the camera and she was smiling while he was stabbing her. Also the blood is fake. Real blood is darker and thicker. Reply Report

Belly-Fever +12 points123 days ago

@Amanda Knox
The actress smiles because she feels itchy when being stabbed
by the stage knife and the red paste flowing on her skin !
She actually enjoys the performance instead of feeling hurt !
Only nonsense viewers would treat it as real murder and keep on
making redundant complaints.
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Ryonin +1 points124 days ago

This is a stage knife where the blade is spring loaded and disappears under the handle when you 'stab' something with it. Can't you kids know acting when you see it? Reply Report

takeonefortheteam +1 points125 days ago

not bad. she has good tits for stabbing and decent reaction
should have given her one in the landing strip though
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Commenter   0 points69 days ago

I was sure it was fake until i saw the knife going through her breast, however with a closer look you can see that it's C.G.I. , cause when he stabs her the shadow under the nipple changed and the movement of the breast was unnatural, besides after he stabbed her no blood sprouted from the other side, so don't worry guys it's fake
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lightingbolt -1 points123 days ago

kidnap girl is being murdered, i hate killing. Reply Report

NTSk +5 points121 days ago

You should know this movie is about killing from its thumbnail
as well as its title.
If you hate killing, why do you still come here?
You are a hypocritical guy giving contradictive comments
to your own behaviour !
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Umm rude

Umm rude -2 points120 days ago

Why do u guys want to watch females die Reply Report

MudSkipper +3 points117 days ago

@Umm rude
You are yet another hypocritical guy pretending to be different from
the other audience.
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Heavy-r is fullnof dumb cunts

Heavy-r is fullnof dumb cunts -5 points131 days ago

I wanna see a video of all these video creators killing themselves Reply Report

NTSk +5 points122 days ago

If you think the creators of all these videos are sinners
who deserved to die, then suicide is not a punishment
serious enough for them.
If you really mean you want to see these men playing
suicide in a video for you to see,
then you let other people suspect that you are gay !
So, your suggestion is poor either way.
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Heavy Fan

Heavy Fan +6 points128 days ago

@Heavy-r is fullnof dumb cunts
The creators of these videos are mostly ugly males !
Not good for watching !
You better say all the female victims revive and
make revenge on the producers . . .
cutting their meat balls & sausages . . .
At least, we have some pretty females to watch !
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Aspennie -6 points124 days ago

@Heavy Fan You fucking idiot, he meant the creators deserve to die for making this shit, not that he's gonna get off to it Reply Report

MudSkipper +3 points121 days ago

You are just another guy who love fucking only
without any creativity.
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Heavy Fan

Heavy Fan +3 points123 days ago

I know this, off course.
Even so, it is better to see the creators being sentenced
to death by the court instead of seeing them playing solo.
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jacob160pp -6 points124 days ago

fucking sick video for idiots Reply Report

NTSk +7 points119 days ago

You are playing like a butcher in a football match !
You are kicking everybody instead of kicking the ball.
The referee is too kind if he does not give you a yellow card !
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Mr Referee

Mr Referee +8 points120 days ago

You should focus your comment on the content of the video.
If you don't like this particular video, you may say so,
say why, and suggest how to improve it.
It is inappropriate to deflect your personal anger onto the
other audience. Thank you !
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MudSkipper +15 points121 days ago

What the fuck are you doing here?
This is a place for watching sex and violent movies.
Don't deny that you are not coming for the same thing.
If the other viewers are idiots,
that means you are also an idiot !
And so as that fucking Lesbianoutcast !
Stop pretending a holy saint on a porn site, you idiots !
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Lesbianoutcast -3 points122 days ago

Agreed I came to watch this video so I could comment about how anyone who likes this stuff is sick but you already told those people they were sick so thank you.
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NTSk +7 points121 days ago

There are many many more similar movies in this porn site.
Why do you just comment on this one?
What is wrong with it and how to improve it?
Which other movie do you think is good?
Please provide solid reasons instead of giving blind support
to another guy.
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Paul Magby

Paul Magby +15 points123 days ago

Everybody know what elements these films contain,
and everybody know these are fake visual effects for fantasy only.
If you think it is for idiots and you still come to see it,
then you are a real idiot wasting your own time !
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NTSk +5 points122 days ago

@Paul Magby
Very logical. Good comment !
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