Horny Drunk Mom Pulls Up Her Skirt

My friends mom was quite drunk. I think she wanted to have sex with me.

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Holy shit

Holy shit +23 points1573 days ago

Does anyone know anything about her? Shes fucking goergous Reply Report

Angie +12 points1350 days ago

I like flashing my panties especially when I'm at work I was sitting opposite this fellow at work and he kept looking under my desk so I slowly opened my legs so he could get a better view the following day I did the same and he came over and stood at the corner of my desk and he had this huge bulge hanging down his pants leg and he said if you want to come to mine at lunch time I'll show you exactly how big my cock can get while you show me a close up of your crotch get fucked of his huge cock was fantastic Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 -4 points706 days ago

I know that you just want my cock down your throat so lets do this let me shoot my load down your throat baby Reply Report

ddd +7 points1206 days ago

who knows videos in which she fucks? Reply Report

len +3 points1847 days ago

Reply Report

smoke98604 +2 points1837 days ago

nice Reply Report
what you see you get

what you see you get   0 points140 days ago

what are you wearing under that dress? are you shy take your panties off for me. answer to your question, yes I have a erect penis you take your panties off and show me your bare vagina, and I will show you a ten inch erect hard throbbing penis. you can then pull your dress up over your head and show me your bare breasts. I bet your nipples, are erect hard sticking out proud. when your naked I will spread your bare thighs and slip this erection you see into your wet vagina and fuck you to a orgasm watch you climax with my erect cock deep inside you Reply Report
noby nobb

noby nobb   0 points1359 days ago

Wow she's hot I would have fucked all day and eat her cum soaked pussy she is gorgeous Reply Report
donkey dong

donkey dong   0 points1359 days ago

I would love to fuck her and she could keep those sexy panties on I'm well endowed if she's interested I would pleasure her for hours if she'd let me Reply Report
hard on

hard on   0 points1359 days ago

Love her panties after she's finished with them Reply Report

slut_tesser69   0 points1083 days ago

yes it fun to fuck my drunk mom. i let my friends come over when she geting drunk and we all get her dog ass drunk and play with her all night long. Reply Report
Joan sexy

Joan sexy +2 points1076 days ago

Nothing wrong with if she's enjoying it love join in and have a good session im 5ft tall slim with big breasts and big nipples Reply Report
aching dong

aching dong   0 points1193 days ago

She is gorgeous and extremely sexy wish I was standing there looking at her nickers the next thing she would know is I'd have cum on her nickers she's so hot Reply Report
Sitting here wanking

Sitting here wanking   0 points586 days ago

Fake, English woman should be able to take a bottle of wine in her stride, a couple at least. Reply Report

wouldlovetolickherpussy   0 points580 days ago

my gawddddd. want to meet this lady and fuck her everyday
Reply Report
don ,t  say a word........

don ,t say a word........   0 points140 days ago

not only am I looking up your skirt,just pull it up above your waist so I can see more then remove your panties for me and spread your legs you asked if I had an erection ? my is answer yes ! not only will you see my erect 10 inch penis you will feel it inside you when I rape you yes I am going to strip naked then mother fuck you here and now. fact if you tease enough, you will get" fucked" in the end.I will do more than look up your skirt I will look at you completely naked on the bed hope you enjoyed my 10inch penis fucking you........ Reply Report

slut_tesser69   0 points264 days ago

iLuv seeing Mom Like That. Reply Report

colin.w   0 points18 days ago

my tongue would of been between her legs instantly and then fucked her brains out before shooting my seed in there. Reply Report
school boy rapist

school boy rapist   0 points18 days ago

pull your dress right up over your head is better so I can see your bare flesh, question for you tell me the biggest erection you can take. I will then tell you the size of my erection I get looking up your dress at your bare flesh around your vagina. Infact you pull your panties to one side so I can see your bare vagina and I will show you my 10 inch erection how about that .would this arouse and excite you cause you to cumm in your panties just looking then you would have to take them off along with your dress. then I would see your are breasts. making my erection even bigger and harder it would end with you masturbating my penis and me I finger fucking your vagina in the end I would slip my erect penis in your wet cunt fucking you to an orgasm all because seen a erection she wanted you have your answer pull your dress op above your waist part your legs wide panties off vagina bare cock all 10inch in now fuck woman climax enjoy! Reply Report
big bad dave

big bad dave   0 points20 days ago

you drunk again? randy nice panties take them off they are too tight for you The answer too your question? have .got a hard on? yes a nice 10inch erection so take your panties off and open your legs wide. now flash your bare vagina for me too see I will show you a 10inch erect male penis for you to hold in your hand now pull your dress up let me slip my finger up your vagina you can masturbate my erection seeing you are so shy. I will strip you completely naked head to toes bare to my touch you started it teasing flashing thighs and panties now I am going give you something to remember when I rape make you squirm as I fuck you hard and deep to a climax Reply Report

- -4 points638 days ago

Fucking my drunk sister as i watch this! SO HOT! OMG I'M CUMMING! Reply Report