Girl Eating Shit From Ass

Naughty girl tosses salad, eats shit, shits in a bowl and gives a blowjob before bringing the kids to soccer practice.

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podkabluchnik +73 points2073 days ago

I love the enthusiasm with which she gets her tongue up his ass, and swallows it all down with such love and devotion! :)) It's well shot, too - we can see her throat as she swallows huge lumps of shit eagerly down! Reply Report

nata87 -3 points744 days ago

t's not real incest if he don't cum in her pussy. Reply Report

bitchpussy +19 points1294 days ago

Omg i just wanna be her Reply Report

torishavelle +5 points367 days ago

@bitchpussy i just want to meet a guy who is into the same fucked up shit as me lol Reply Report

Kaleb   0 points131 days ago

@torishavelle I’m your man
Reply Report

schmittle +5 points849 days ago

So do I Reply Report

kaeferchen +14 points1562 days ago

i like that Reply Report

YT +12 points1945 days ago

Guys in pornos should have their vocal chords surgically removed. Reply Report

DirtyDutchman +9 points2074 days ago

Bullshit! There's NO soccer practice here. Be warned. Reply Report

MoonBat +5 points2021 days ago

Americans do not know how to do scat porn. This is OK, but every American scat movie I've seen is more nasty than sexy. It's like "ooh, you're eating shit", like the people who do it don't have and don't understand the fetish, they just want to do something extreme and really "nasty". And it's not even thrilling in a "shocking" sort of way, like the bold and creative things I've seen Japanese guys do for example. It's just nasty in a very plain "we don't really understand the fetish but ooh, look at how extreme and anti we are" kind of way. Reply Report

schnitzer +4 points2074 days ago

Sexy Reply Report

E +3 points1508 days ago

she's hot and cute. Reply Report

charlie2258 +2 points1974 days ago

Lucky guy. Very hot girl i love her. My fantasies is found a girl like this one Reply Report
Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves

Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves +2 points34 days ago

Fucking wow Reply Report
i know

i know +1 points2073 days ago

that guy is sgt. angel batista from Dexter Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +1 points1953 days ago

Fuck I would love to have a whore like this, talked to one in Atlanta who said she would do it for $300, black girl , real pretty, fucking job wouldn't let me get there though Reply Report

bignharder +1 points1391 days ago

I met a young couple who liked to explore mmf experiences, which I was good with. I don`t even mind ass to mouth or tonguing ass but its gotta be fresh and clean for me. But she was a hottie and actually liked to eat shit. I watch out of perverse interest but it killed the mood for me. The closest I ever came to introducing scat to my sex life was when I finger-fucked my wife (who was not experienced in knowing how to prep) and I pulled out with a finger full of poo. :P LOL! Reply Report

feeblemind +1 points1906 days ago

its roxy the clip is from ''hollywood scat amatures'' series ... the guy behind the camera NEVER shuts up blabbering fuck Reply Report

smally +1 points707 days ago

Wonderful sexy hot lady Reply Report

h3nn3p +1 points453 days ago

She's so fucking HOT, I wanna marry her and give her many more of this kinds of great days!!! Reply Report

brownnn +1 points377 days ago

this guy is a bulling asshole # his dad beat him up as a kid! Reply Report
Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves

Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves +1 points29 days ago

Love it Reply Report
whore lover

whore lover   0 points2096 days ago

Way to go, baby! Reply Report

fathomless   0 points2074 days ago

oh roxy, you dirty fucking slut... I love you! Reply Report

me   0 points2074 days ago

How can you do this without puking. Hot video, must really be horny to swallow shit. Reply Report

POOP LOVER   0 points33 days ago

She is a dream girl OMG I love this video. I have seen it so many times I love it. Reply Report

greggmotor   0 points264 days ago

I just love how she eat her own shit and also his and loves it. Reply Report

Uhhhhh   0 points40 days ago

There’s no way that shit wasn’t flavored the fuck is wrong with her tho Reply Report

bobbycumswallower   0 points339 days ago


She has a pretty face, is a great cock sucker, and seems so happy with shit stuffed in her mouth &
spread all over her lovely face. Love to lick that
shit covered face of her's, & kiss her a 1,000
times.-Dirty Bobby
Reply Report

Ieatpussynasshole   0 points531 days ago

Id do anything to get to eat shit straight from a beautiful womans asshole and wash it down with ur hot piss, i want to be someones dirty slave Reply Report

aries99999   0 points403 days ago

Great amateur movie! Reply Report

cdKarenTaylor   0 points71 days ago

i love doing that
Reply Report
anne orphan

anne orphan   0 points27 days ago

l diden't like how the camera cut away twice when he emptyed his turd she a true shit eater? Sure looked like shit but wish we had smell a vision !!!!!!!!! Reply Report

youngguy28 -1 points2073 days ago

where the hell can i get me a girl like this?! Reply Report

debbyryan1330 +18 points1686 days ago

ill do it Reply Report

scatseeker -1 points803 days ago

Where are you in uk? I'm near London Reply Report

fatfuckfrank -1 points889 days ago

I know we haven't officially met yet but will you be my wife ? Reply Report

yeah -1 points1797 days ago

I do it Reply Report

LADY I WANT -1 points1922 days ago


me -1 points1761 days ago

I live in Boise and would love to take the place of that bowl Reply Report

Confused -1 points1591 days ago

I can't even get my gf to eat my pussy.. Let alone anything like this ever, wow I'm jealous Reply Report

wwwill -1 points1670 days ago

Goooood girl !! Reply Report

greggmotor -1 points264 days ago

Just love her eating both her shit and his and loving it. Reply Report

chdlee69 -1 points1024 days ago

I love Roxy she is soo dirty and sexy i would marry her if i could, are there more vids of her? Reply Report

kaderlake2 -1 points355 days ago

Das schmeckt sicherlich sehr gut , lasse ich auch mal lecken Reply Report

kaderlake2 -1 points305 days ago

sehr lecker Reply Report

Goutiert -1 points241 days ago

wonderful sow Reply Report

Sluttyme -1 points174 days ago

I really just want to be her Reply Report

niko49 -2 points482 days ago

Can someone tell me how this horror is possible ??? Reply Report

dickman -3 points1745 days ago

ewww Reply Report

Bestcocksucker -4 points2074 days ago

I have seen better blow jobs Reply Report
Damn bitch

Damn bitch -4 points2069 days ago

How much money is this hoe gettin` paid ???? Reply Report

YT -4 points1945 days ago

If that yammerin' twerp would shut the fuck UP! Reply Report

JL -4 points1711 days ago

I wonder what she owed that guy to do that with him ha ha. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -2 points1476 days ago

I would pay the girl whatever she asked for, if it meant she would eat my poo! Of course, I would return the favour & eat all of her delicious turds. :) Reply Report

server00server -5 points2094 days ago

tyson_6969 i need your email i need vids of her Reply Report

wtf -5 points1260 days ago

This is the yuckest shit ever this women is fucked in the head man ewwww fuck dat !! Who ever enjoys this is just fucking sick eww man Reply Report

dragonblack   0 points537 days ago

Then why the fuck are you watching? Just to castigate others? Go consort with the vanillas. Reply Report

desade -5 points1151 days ago

the fucking asshole filming this video SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU ASSHOLE YOUR FUCKING ENGLISH MOUTH SPOILS THE WHOLE VIDEO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

desade -5 points1151 days ago

the fucking asshole filming this video SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU ASSHOLE YOUR FUCKING ENGLISH MOUTH SPOILS THE WHOLE VIDEO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

MUSTERDONIT -6 points1459 days ago

I am sure her parents are proud...Like she dont have HEP C.she probably has HEP A B C AND D..good dumb whore. Reply Report

robert31057 -7 points1973 days ago

in an interview she said she never swallows, it's all simulated. Reply Report

frankw265 -15 points1267 days ago

Bad edits! Nice rimming! Lame shitting! Sounds like it came out of a can! Timid shit eating! I call shenanigans! That stuff looks like paste! Timid shit play! Who can shit without pissing?! Lame cock sucking! Gotta get more'n the head in there! No tit sucking! No tit play! No pussy eating! No pussy play! No anal play! No fucking! Rubbish. Reply Report