Worst Acting In Porn History

Not sure who was acting worse... the young girl or the old fart?

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Love daddy's thick cock  up my ass

Love daddy's thick cock up my ass +37 points2123 days ago

Since when do people watch porn for the acting? Reply Report

huhyahh   0 points160 days ago

now that's a name and a half Reply Report

nata87 +1 points497 days ago

hoootttt Reply Report

Lulz +9 points2465 days ago

This shit is fucking hilarious!

Share guys. ahahahha..
Reply Report

A +8 points2429 days ago

what is this old man name? anyone know? Reply Report

pauluzzz +8 points961 days ago

why would you wanna know that lol Reply Report

gene +7 points2465 days ago

poor girl just needs her bike out of the shop Reply Report

jello +6 points2465 days ago

that girl is cute as fuck btw Reply Report

. +5 points1931 days ago

this is my favorite pornographic film as of now Reply Report

lmao! +4 points2465 days ago

lol how does this have no comments? its funny as shit. its like they are foriegn people trying to make english poor but dont know the language well. Other than the voicing, the acting is terrible too. Reply Report

Non-Member +4 points1896 days ago

STAND UP. Reply Report

CBU +3 points2465 days ago

Shit i was suprised gramp pa could still get it up Reply Report

flexi +3 points2350 days ago

mmm funny Reply Report

Anon +3 points1342 days ago

Suck a COCK! Reply Report

greenloopMX +2 points1997 days ago

Fuck you!! i fckn hate that old man too much-! Reply Report

Prezeboras +2 points139 days ago

This video is a meme by itself Reply Report

lollzzz +1 points2463 days ago

Sounds like grandpa is dutch or something, and the girl is from Poland or the Ukrain, somewhere overthere at least XD
But who cares, grandpa got laid by some hot ass chick, you cant blame him XD
Reply Report
kill jews niggers and faggots

kill jews niggers and faggots +1 points1313 days ago

lolllllllllllllll Reply Report
german dragon

german dragon +1 points713 days ago

hey warum liegt hier stroh? Reply Report
madder fakker

madder fakker   0 points318 days ago

Well dutch people like to have a dirty floor in their workplace.
But i dont know why straw.
Reply Report

amerivet   0 points2412 days ago

Funny how his Eastern European accent turns into a cockney English accent about midway in the clip. However, that chick is HOT! Very nice perky, slim, cute little body! I'd do her in a heartbeat! Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points176 days ago

ROFL! Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points174 days ago

suck a cock? Reply Report

toast   0 points111 days ago

I love this video.
It's originally from Holland :p
Reply Report

Yelo   0 points157 days ago

All that for a bike? Reply Report

kaderlage1   0 points151 days ago

W├╝rde dich gern Tod foltern Reply Report

toast   0 points103 days ago

i love this acting cause it's funny and i believe this is made in holland, i'm not sure but i tought i heard some dutch language Reply Report

Pubicman   0 points51 days ago

Yeah!!! Reply Report

Belinda   0 points15 days ago

it's also the UGLIEST cock ever Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -1 points2465 days ago

Hey, who cares about the "acting"? If I was teh old guy, I wouldn't care, since I got the girl (she is what, 15?) sucking my dick, then riding it, then accepting a facial. Sign me up! Reply Report

ImmortalHD -1 points1339 days ago

damn dude Reply Report

SaladWaster +1 points949 days ago

Aleksandr is this what you watch in your room all day?.. Reply Report

jan68 -1 points582 days ago

This shit is halarious Reply Report

Prezeboras -1 points139 days ago

This video is a meme by itself Reply Report

perensen -4 points1581 days ago

Fantastic show :) Watch full videos brazzers for free - insert in youtube xxx videos unlocker Reply Report
i have crippling depression

i have crippling depression   0 points318 days ago

Seems legit. Reply Report

ceca -6 points1846 days ago

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Sexist Pig

Sexist Pig -14 points2465 days ago

He should have punched her in the face first...lol Reply Report