Piss + Scat Sex

Hot lesbian teens playing with their piss and shit.

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Superchicken +129 points1819 days ago

Where's the cup? I was told there would be a cup involved. Oh, wrong video. Reply Report

Louise +25 points1673 days ago

I would love them both to shit in my mouth. mmmmm too sexy! Reply Report
Guy who clicked on this Video accidently

Guy who clicked on this Video accidently +15 points1814 days ago

There parents must be so proud... Reply Report
sarcastic guy

sarcastic guy +2 points122 days ago

I'm sure your parents are equally as proud for not only watching this, but also misspelling their* Reply Report

Errol +14 points1795 days ago

This is beautiful. I've been looking for this all my life. They are good looking girls, the poo is good and firm, there are none of those ridiculous close-ups, lovely! The only thing that could be better is if she did it on me. Reply Report
th fck

th fck +11 points1816 days ago

what's wrog with them?! Reply Report

mvk +11 points1740 days ago

I think I'm in love! They are gorgeous. Who are these girls? Reply Report

Mr.Wow +8 points1813 days ago

Blond girl is Schnuckel Bea Reply Report
E rick

E rick +1 points530 days ago

Thanks, I love her especially with the brown hair, she seems sweet too, would like to spend some time with her Reply Report

Sexyboi1469 +8 points1736 days ago

I need these in my basement. Reply Report

stoffer +8 points1130 days ago

i've always been into peeing but thought scat was too much. but this video, holy fuck, this is so hot, i'd love to see the full version, if there is one. and find out who these girls are, especially the pierced one Reply Report

carbonel +8 points963 days ago

The red hair girl is amazing, but I will pay 50$ to anyone who send me the links to more videos (hard ones) of the brown hair girl. This video is one of the best in heavy-r Reply Report

I LOVE IT +7 points1792 days ago

Wish I was in the middle of them both and eating and drinking the lot,they are very sexy girls. Reply Report
Scat Lover

Scat Lover +6 points1806 days ago

Very hot, I'd like to play with them ! Reply Report

fabion +6 points1774 days ago

i want to be between them..and eat and drink everything they produce..yum!:) Reply Report

mrone4u +6 points1762 days ago

Super great video girls do more they work great with each other Reply Report

Tim +6 points1622 days ago

Wow, I really do like this....and such pretty girls. Reply Report

george69foster +4 points1720 days ago

ive always wanted to try someone elses piss and shit, ive been eating/drinking mine for years, i love to swallow :) i want to find someone who wants to feed me or be fed ;) ill do anything :) male or female, email me :) g.foster @ email . com Reply Report

ComeToDaddy +4 points1310 days ago

at the end the redhead looks like Conchita Wurst Reply Report

nice +3 points1283 days ago

at least they have hot n firm bodies and they are not ugly !
i want to fuck their ass and pussies !
Reply Report

jada555 +3 points1220 days ago

very exciting young sluts Reply Report

h3nn3p +3 points424 days ago

Bea and Katie!!! I so wish I could've joined them and fuck their shitty bodies! Reply Report

toompie +2 points1815 days ago

Now go to a birthday and have a good time. Reply Report
pis shit lover

pis shit lover +2 points1483 days ago

Love it would love to shove my cock up that shitty ass, and haveboth piss and shit on me. Reply Report

Rod +2 points1355 days ago

Those girls are wonderful ! I'd love to join their lovely games... Reply Report

theshark +1 points471 days ago

OMFG! I would never leave their apartment. Beautiful and dirty...my kind of women! Reply Report

.,. +1 points1746 days ago

most beautiful images ever seen, i'm a new and better person now Reply Report

mrone4u +1 points1594 days ago

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

abhikum +1 points1486 days ago

This is the best scat clip i have seen ever Reply Report

abhikum +1 points1486 days ago

This is the best scat clip.. i hve seen ever.. Reply Report

honn   0 points1436 days ago

yeah ,u r right so let is do then Reply Report

giala +1 points1453 days ago

wow! hot video... Reply Report

frankw265 +1 points1316 days ago

Bravo. Reply Report

dirtyminded14 +1 points1229 days ago

I was wondering if any women can help me out I have never done scat sex or watersports before so I'm still a virgin in that area so if you like to take it from me I would love to try it so please get in touch Reply Report

carbonel +1 points963 days ago

Amazing girls. Reply Report

vernon9357 +1 points789 days ago

excellent !! Reply Report

DRAEDWING1977 +1 points602 days ago

Boy Nothing gets he hard than LESBIAN SCAT PORN. Anybody Agree? Reply Report
Lucifer Sighs

Lucifer Sighs   0 points65 days ago

Why would you do such a thing? Reply Report

littlegirllover   0 points1812 days ago

great vid those girls r hot Reply Report
Sandbox d

Sandbox d   0 points1798 days ago

Shaksvdkskrnendkr Reply Report

CLICKCLICKCLICK   0 points1759 days ago

Fucking clicking photographer get a silent digital camera you fucking fool.

Reply Report

woahtherebuddy   0 points1467 days ago

Its so hard to not make a pun after watching the kind of shit Reply Report

losingtheplot   0 points82 days ago

Shit's not my thing but the girls are just so cute..! Reply Report

anon123   0 points83 days ago

I would burn those bitches what the fuck that is so fucked up eating shit? wtf! Reply Report

Viw   0 points104 days ago

Woow Reply Report

smally   0 points92 days ago

Beautiful Reply Report

brownnn   0 points63 days ago

love this Reply Report

jaat143   0 points50 days ago

I'm not big on poop but I would gladly eat the poop from both these girls. Jeff Reply Report
luis horacio tobon

luis horacio tobon -1 points448 days ago

videos ricos sexo lesbico adorable el piss y scat es lo mas divino liberador y esencial Reply Report
john wierman

john wierman -3 points1798 days ago

i would have love to drink her pisss and eat her shit. then they can drink my piss and they can eat my shit. that sound good for dinner Reply Report
Brent b

Brent b -7 points1813 days ago

Omg I came so much I wish I could nibble on that stinky poop with them Reply Report
salva wc

salva wc -7 points1795 days ago

soy un wc humano para señoras, busco mujeres que se caguen y meen en mi boca abierta, vivo en valencia y mi móvil es 600398709, hasta pronto Reply Report
Lord ofkings

Lord ofkings -7 points1151 days ago

U guys keep doing do this rest of your life wtf what kind of life doing really? U guys don't work all you do is shit Nd sex whT kind of life is this? u guys have kids u going to teach them for sake u bad parent. Reply Report

O_o -8 points1647 days ago

Both pretty girls, but I would never touch either one after this (pardon the pun) shit! Reply Report
one guy and no fucking name

one guy and no fucking name -9 points1636 days ago

how much money? tht all i have to say what in the fucking world just why ione person can just wonder what the fuck is wrong woth there head just agaon how much money did they get just wtf something must be wrong with me why would i click on this video a waste of my life thats gone now wtf Reply Report

69 -15 points1810 days ago

its seems a real shit!! i looked the face of the blonde girl when she smell it!!.also the name of the vid is correct scat lesbians. shit is when someones shit scat is when they play with it!!!!. Reply Report
Ben Zen

Ben Zen -17 points1812 days ago

Don't think twice if you like this... shit - be confident knowing that you are completely and utterly sick... like to the core. Reply Report
Marie black

Marie black -22 points1794 days ago

All of u weird really it's just really gross like really I'm vomiting up right Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +12 points1462 days ago

If you're turned off by the sight of poo, why did you click on the video? Surely you can read? SCAT = POO! Retard!!! Reply Report