Anal Destruction

Drunk blonde has her ass ripped apart by a big black cock.

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Intellimole +22 points1095 days ago

This is disturbing Reply Report
Brazilian savagery as usual

Brazilian savagery as usual   0 points172 days ago

@Intellimole Reply Report

lololol +20 points3498 days ago

let the aids begin Reply Report

Jane +15 points888 days ago

Honestly why do this? Its disgusting. Your hurting the person EVEN THOUGH IS FAKE. Your nasty. Reply Report

Jennz +9 points1789 days ago

Bitch looks like she got the worst case of herpies I done ever seen! I'm all for being nasty but that's just unhygienic Reply Report

Ramu +6 points3513 days ago

The girl is not new to this,she is used to taking it up her farthole,here she is doing a threesome and the blood is fake. Reply Report

Nigger +3 points3512 days ago

putting aids cock in slutty whore, while nasty redneck is getting hes willy nailated on the front. Reply Report

SMF +2 points3297 days ago

Slut probably has a yeast infection Reply Report
pussy gob

pussy gob   0 points425 days ago

Why would you continue after such destruction? Even if I was the hornieset dude on earth I wouldn't keep fucking.. That. Reply Report

AnalRose   0 points174 days ago

I want to be fucked in the ass like that. Filled and bleeding like a whore like me should Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum -1 points1884 days ago

She's a lady keeping her bra on durning this vid.Now thats class. Wish Monica had kept her mouth shut when l was blowing my hot load. no class jewish princess. Reply Report
Jerry and Kathy

Jerry and Kathy -1 points272 days ago

She is like my wife now, she can and will take any size up the ass and enjoy it. Loves for me to bring home strangers for her to please however they want. Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W -9 points655 days ago

There is something about having a black cock going up your ass that is just a little bit to big. The second time it fits great. Reply Report
Betty s

Betty s -1 points311 days ago

@Kathy W never forget my first anal. My sister's black bf decided it was time to pop my cherry ass at 16, she helped him and I became his anal toy for about three months and then he began pimping me out with her to his buddies. Reply Report

Barbara   0 points272 days ago

@Betty s know how that works, got my first black one up the ass at 15. My brother brought them home with him on weekends and holidays. I got plenty in those days and had great fun. Reply Report

frankw265 -10 points3513 days ago

No cocksucking! No cumshot! Rubbish. Reply Report

yyya -10 points3513 days ago

Oww this is really RAW! Luv this Reply Report

MontanaMan +14 points817 days ago

@yyya ~ My mistake! Reply Report

zyman480 -10 points3063 days ago

Looks like my wife bleeding, but she was in a lot of pain and really SCREAMING, kicking and scratching. She was literally raped in both holes! Reply Report
Tight hole girl

Tight hole girl -12 points3511 days ago

Wish someone would fuck my arse seriously hard until I bleed x Reply Report

daddylongdick101 -13 points916 days ago

@Tight hole girl Reply Report

BILL COSBY -13 points1883 days ago

YES that's me again your old funny man and even tho l may be in jail l can still voice my opinion's ! That's America for ya all. All them bitchs that put me here l fucked them hard in their poop -shooots. Reply Report

Wtf -14 points3512 days ago

The blood may be fake but the squirt was real! Reply Report

freakygirl69 -14 points2314 days ago

see myvideos Reply Report
Micro D

Micro D -14 points954 days ago

After bot check I forgot why I came...thanks Reply Report

sarahtakesall2 -15 points2677 days ago

How perfect!!!! Xx Reply Report

letmefuck -15 points916 days ago

id fuck your ass bloody if youd let me definitely should respond so we can link up Reply Report

zyman480 -16 points3063 days ago

Looks like my wife bleeding, but she was in a lot of pain and really SCREAMING, kicking and scratching. She was literally raped in both holes! Reply Report

Maxiella -16 points1923 days ago

Mitä se haittaa, vaikka on tekoverta. Fiilistele! Reply Report