Pussy Destruction

Instructional video on how to fuck your girlfriend's pussy in just a few minutes.

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justwow +27 points2155 days ago

Whats sad about this video is it looks to me as if she has never had kids... And her pussy is that mammoth! Dayum Reply Report

nata87 +1 points806 days ago

Righting is an interesting word Reply Report
non-member lacy

non-member lacy +10 points2135 days ago

ok guys after watching some of these videos I'm so fucking horny and need someone to fuck me .....anybody what to take me up on my offer? p.s. my husband is out of town Reply Report

jokim   0 points230 days ago

@non-member lacy want to fuck you. who do we meet
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non-member lacy

non-member lacy +5 points2135 days ago

mmmm Master do you want to fuck me tonight?! Reply Report

sarahtakesall +5 points873 days ago

Omg please let me find a guy with a dick that huge!!! X Reply Report
Not Present

Not Present +4 points1975 days ago

It was a dildo not his cock why is that confusing? Reply Report

uggy +3 points2075 days ago

not the same girl as in video 1 second girl looks pregnant Reply Report

imbatman +3 points2136 days ago

First i was waiting for the "Big Punch" line, by having that guy stick his head inside her pussy.

Second: It looks like he is using his hands like a toilet plunger, to flush something out lol
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12wantsbbc +2 points1827 days ago

big blck dildos need to be sold tax free to yg whte grls or betten given away regulary at schools to them all. Reply Report

chev +1 points2136 days ago

beautiful ! Reply Report

Master +1 points2135 days ago

I'll do it Reply Report

niceguy66 +1 points772 days ago

keep up the good work,your doing great ,love it Reply Report

fef +1 points1608 days ago

lame. i could never understand why people find close-ups hot...i wanna see all the action..her face, the guy..all of it rather than a close up of any random pussy. Reply Report

twinklittlestar   0 points352 days ago

@fef I stg I thought I was the only one Reply Report

Sedsas   0 points1413 days ago

Sex Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points486 days ago

that would hurt so much! Reply Report

twinklittlestar   0 points352 days ago

Reply Report
black betty\'s boy

black betty\'s boy   0 points79 days ago

They molded that giant dildo from my enormas king cock. l've split women wide open from Maine to Mexico. Left a trail of quivering clits and violated virginas.Born with an 8inch boner and two pound balls.Need l say more?Tinyass dickclits hide !!!!!! Reply Report

Irulemy14inch   0 points19 days ago

@black betty\'s boy My cock 14 inch BoyRespect women you came out of one You take in ass I split U hard boy I openn if U like Reply Report

3528013621   0 points21 days ago

Message to fuck I'm in Texas Pecos Reply Report

sdf -3 points2136 days ago

what the fuck is that a cock!?!?! looks like a bedpost Reply Report

Wow -4 points2136 days ago

What a good girl Reply Report

asd -24 points2136 days ago

That cock tho omfg Reply Report