Girl Almost Paralized by Horse Sized Cock

Biggest cock ever just fucked this tiny girl.

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Rape Me

Rape Me +20 points1837 days ago

I want that huge cock inside my pussy Reply Report
Call me

Call me   0 points17 days ago

@Rape Me Reply Report
where are you from

where are you from +1 points220 days ago

@Rape Me Reply Report

nata87 +11 points801 days ago

Beautiful video :) Reply Report

shamer +4 points778 days ago

want to make one of your own Reply Report

Aurora -4 points1263 days ago

Me too Reply Report
South West

South West +1 points923 days ago

Hole this is not someone i know Reply Report

Jim +12 points2280 days ago

It's kinda small.
Reply Report

fake +10 points2231 days ago

Either fake or that bitch is going to the hospital Reply Report
facts and wants

facts and wants +9 points1965 days ago

okay 1 damn 2 god damn and 3 holy shit it was al the was in..and did ou see her face when he pulled out O.O...okay now fact 1 all you girl saying you want tht dick I bet only 1/5 of you could handle it 2 it would ruin you and 3 dennis we all know it it was put in your ass you would be in the hospital.. Reply Report

damn +5 points1896 days ago

Is she ok??? She can say NO right?? Reply Report

kalle +4 points2165 days ago

wtf Reply Report

Grayy +4 points697 days ago

Full video ? Models name? Reply Report

lucky6546 -1 points309 days ago

@Grayy you can find it on pornhub
Reply Report

jayjey -5 points375 days ago

@Grayy she is gen padova Reply Report
1 on 1

1 on 1 -4 points411 days ago

@Grayy I've been trying to find that full video for months. Reply Report

TruFax +4 points453 days ago

her name is Gen Padova, and his name is mandingo Reply Report

John +3 points2841 days ago

Damnnnnn Reply Report
Dennis T

Dennis T +2 points2142 days ago


ninja +2 points1770 days ago

Would like to get my wife falling down drunk and watch a huge man lube up and shove a huge cock in her she never had over six thin inches Reply Report

Shigi8   0 points6 days ago

@ninja I can help you with that Reply Report

Rahul +2 points1294 days ago

Ok I ent to see wt happen Reply Report

sarahtakesall2 +2 points849 days ago

Omg how?? X Reply Report
here \\/

here \\/ +2 points591 days ago

gen padova and mandingo ;) Reply Report

mr.what +1 points2834 days ago

is this taylor rain and mandingo ? i dont know Reply Report

TruFax -1 points447 days ago

@mr.what its Gen Padova Reply Report

Aurora +1 points1263 days ago

Please fuck me
I'm a new milf and I need a huge cock to fuck my ass and pussy
I'm in Australia
Reply Report

ingomat +1 points1335 days ago

Fake cock Reply Report
Silver Lining

Silver Lining +11 points1295 days ago

fake balls Reply Report

ff +1 points959 days ago

Bitch need a bullet in the head Reply Report
Lo La

Lo La +1 points463 days ago

This is so obviously a prosthetic.. I'm disappointed.. :c Reply Report

theother   0 points2840 days ago

whats the name of this girl or producers Reply Report

Swallows   0 points1830 days ago

I would love to try that cock Reply Report

LOVELONGTHICK   0 points90 days ago

I am so jealous I want every last centimeter in my ass. Reply Report

dennissmokedope   0 points1177 days ago

so great how she take that massive cock
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Autofucker   0 points930 days ago

Nice to see monsterfuck Reply Report

lurin   0 points852 days ago

kod dopfk Reply Report

Sallu   0 points215 days ago

Send me Reply Report
Sss sniper wolf

Sss sniper wolf   0 points104 days ago

#rap me Reply Report

abhimanyu   0 points391 days ago

Fake cock pressed between and hidden by the thighs. Reply Report

Bastion   0 points390 days ago

Reply Report

Frankiet320   0 points299 days ago

Oh Reply Report

lucky6546   0 points309 days ago

you can find it on pornhub Reply Report

lesbo   0 points252 days ago

That's a big dick mother fucker. Reply Report

Sparklex   0 points214 days ago

Hello guys, can anyone send me on invitation to make an account on this site ? Thank you! Reply Report

Steve39   0 points60 days ago

Want it up in my ass hard Reply Report

tapir64   0 points58 days ago

Fake dick, look closely. Reply Report

lovetherapy -1 points182 days ago

where is this boy??? Reply Report

Juicygirl -1 points2232 days ago

Non-Member matt shut up, you sound like you have a bit of penis envy Reply Report

dennis -1 points2106 days ago

would give or do anything for a black cock that size ramming up my ass Reply Report

creampieluv -1 points1693 days ago

Mmmmm Reply Report

zyman480 -1 points596 days ago

my wife couldn't walk after her first bbc... looked like a heavy period and full of cum!! Reply Report

freakygirl69 -1 points481 days ago

hmmm he has some nice size to him Reply Report

sluthubby -1 points303 days ago

I want you to fuck my wife and let me suck you. Reply Report

Slut48 -1 points197 days ago

I want a dick like that in me Reply Report

Bigjake10   0 points76 days ago

@Slut48 I am not that guy but I would love to meet and give you a dick that big#really big massive cock Reply Report

jessikahot -2 points1941 days ago

incredible big cock O_O Reply Report

perensen -2 points1885 days ago

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1on1 -4 points411 days ago

@ where is the complete video to this one? Reply Report

Wombat -2 points1873 days ago

Is that were I can find the full video of this? Reply Report
nick name horse

nick name horse -10 points2264 days ago

have ruptured few woman in my life. One married women I sent to the ER with vaginal tear. She said she wanted it all and wanted it hard. her husband was not very happy. Reply Report

ninja -1 points1746 days ago

Come tear my wifes pussy open Reply Report

matt -11 points2241 days ago

horse u would get killed if u try with my wife i would cut your dick off and feed it to u you dirty cunt Reply Report

@Matt +11 points1947 days ago

I already fucked your wife! What's up Reply Report

Ha -11 points2127 days ago

You guys are watching porn and your married?!? Lol someone needs some councelling Reply Report

@Ha   0 points1947 days ago

Yes, it's you that needs the counseling, you fucking white piece of trash! Reply Report

romanbellic -11 points2020 days ago

My dick is bigger Reply Report

ninja -4 points1770 days ago

Want to fuck my wife Reply Report