Arab girl raped by 5 guys

She dance for them and they are so excited that they can not refrain to rape her . Again not a fake , it s a real rape video

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double_tap_that +4 points459 days ago

Yes agree, but I seem to remember that they killed her afterwards?
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Dakrfurius +1 points296 days ago

@double_tap_that yes they killed her and then thanks by this video the rapists get found by the police and condemned to die. Reply Report

Rapistkillerj +4 points276 days ago

Sick fuckkers Reply Report

Azzfucker +2 points459 days ago

This is one of the very few rape videos, that is actually real. This was all over the news. The men were later hanged, because it made a huge international uprore. Reply Report

Jojosale +2 points283 days ago

Music to my ears Reply Report

lolopol +2 points281 days ago

She is not arab, she is iranian , and those mens were afghan refuges in Iran, they were hanged later, and she died too. Reply Report

Samrocker +1 points66 days ago

So sad... Poor lady.... Reply Report

Barrel +1 points81 days ago

She isn’t an Arabian girl .... Reply Report
Random roxi

Random roxi +1 points27 days ago

Theres a big difference between “rape” and real rape. This made me not even wanna look up the fake ever again. I can not believe this is on here Reply Report

جاهد   0 points28 days ago

انها ليست عربيه بل فارسيه اي إيرانيه والفارسيات يحبن الجنس لان ممنوع عندهم الجنس يسافرن خارج إيران لممارسة الجنس
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beazulbub   0 points19 days ago

These are dont get to see anything, it jumps from dancing to forcible disrobing, to last guy appears to be getting the job done, but we dont see actual penetration and we dont see more than one on top of her. Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -9 points338 days ago

I always gave a good physical beating to the cunts I raped

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Emyjd -9 points227 days ago

Full vid somewhere? Reply Report