Real rape video: Muslim teens rape a Marocaan woman

Muslim teens rape a Marocaan woman into the bus and nobody move. A real video of an abused women in public

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slutty teen

slutty teen +9 points185 days ago

i want this to happen to my white lil pussy Reply Report

Chris94 -2 points70 days ago

@slutty teen Reply Report

Dolf +8 points187 days ago

any religion, color, nationality who does it, is a worm... it must be trampled like a worm
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Sadyyyyy +6 points312 days ago

Listen this girl has a mental handicap and this was all over the news in marocco and those guys are brought to the court Reply Report

Von +6 points232 days ago

muslim pigs letting themselvs do whatever they want
they are not so brave when we kick them in the balls they cry like little bitches
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omair +2 points88 days ago

@Von Hello bro m also a muslim and I 100 % dislike these type of bull shit .. All pepole having different natures and the guilty must have to punished...but don't say these type of worthless things for the all Muslim communities.... you know what is the punishment of rape in religion ISLAM first search then say ok . If they get punished according to ISLAM RELIGIOUS so all world afraid to do this bull shit ... That's all... Thank you Reply Report

68716515 -1 points7 days ago

@omair Only if 5 men are able to testify to the rape... Get your Muslim violent ass culture out of here. Reply Report

merrikatt +6 points171 days ago

they need to be castrated Reply Report

fukuall +6 points165 days ago

normal mating ritual for sand niggers. they cant get laid any other way so its a free for all. stupid sand niggers should have got her naked faster then they might have stood a chance of getting their sub standard sperm in her. nobody yelled allah akhba here missed opportunity Reply Report

Bryluen   0 points117 days ago

@fukuall and your people are the same you dumb cuntmonkey Reply Report

Stop +4 points237 days ago

This is wrong Reply Report

OldWiseJew +4 points150 days ago

You guys are easily manipulated and misguided...
Thinking with your emotions not your brain...
Just cuz someone write something in the Internet doesn’t mean it’s correct...
All these people express there hatred towards all religion...
And how they want to kill them all...
Yet they act like they are pure or better then them ...
Brainwashed by the media ...
You guys will be next ...
Before you even know it...
And in the end the 1% will remain and few others just fighting between each other’s to serve them ...

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jkjbb +3 points276 days ago

Who cares bout mud "people"? Reply Report
Gay p0rn.

Gay p0rn. +2 points220 days ago

All those people saying animals to muslims...

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Come on

Come on +2 points184 days ago

I was hoping they would gang rape her Reply Report

militaryjunkie +2 points127 days ago

God please give me the opportunity to be present when these sub humans decide to rape a girl.....Amen They laugh raping a defenceless girl but they will be the ones crying and pleading when they face me, but like them they will get no mercy! Reply Report

ahmed69112333 +1 points112 days ago

Amazing Reply Report

avanger1300 +1 points4 days ago

muslim sonni people should be beheaded. Reply Report

Jojosale +1 points242 days ago

She sounded so sexy, wish I had a chance to bang her too .. All that screaming makes me want to nutt in her nice and slow mmmm mmm Reply Report

Vajezuz   0 points138 days ago

Your comment made my cunt wet.
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Daddy\'s naughty Cunt

Daddy\'s naughty Cunt +1 points145 days ago

I need some daddy dick Reply Report

militaryjunkie +1 points127 days ago

@OldwiseJew Anyone is better than a filthy muslim ashole! You think I will be next? Come on you gutless woman! You'll make good pig feed! You won't even be a servant, you will be a waste basket who knows whats going on in his surroundings, but can't move or respond!
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33333 +1 points97 days ago

Bullshit title. They never raped her. They assaulted and harassed her but that is all. Her pants stayed on. False advertising. Very disappointed. Reply Report
Vengeance is gods

Vengeance is gods   0 points4 days ago

Fucked up
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JustSomeGuy   0 points116 days ago

Not all arabs are muslims.
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JayZee   0 points227 days ago

Fucking animals. Reply Report

45323   0 points20 days ago

@JayZee right? that girl is screaming like a fucking chimp HAHAHA Reply Report

....   0 points144 days ago

That shit is so sad. If I come across this shit I would kill them. Reply Report

Weety   0 points157 days ago

Fucking motherfuckers. They must to be killed with the worst pain they can feel. Reply Report

pimpin   0 points142 days ago

muslim scum Reply Report

Jobe   0 points130 days ago

Dexterr ohh man god damnn Reply Report

Cutie11882   0 points56 days ago

I wish I could have someone do this to me. Reply Report
Morrocan muslim

Morrocan muslim   0 points14 days ago

Im morrocan and they arent even speaking Arabic or a morrocan darijah. Fuck this retarded video Reply Report
Raghed k1lla

Raghed k1lla   0 points90 days ago

Islam at its finest.. fuckin rag head rapists flood the Middle East Reply Report

RapeBaitJane   0 points59 days ago

This looks like so much <3 Reply Report
Got cool

Got cool   0 points46 days ago

Reply Report

Dobo   0 points42 days ago

Ahhh good quality content
Reply Report

baronweiss   0 points21 days ago

ok cum to me I will fuck the ass of you and abuse your white pussy u fucking whore Reply Report

headlessrainbow   0 points13 days ago

Fun fact: Republicans hate Muslims so much because they are jealous that you can get away with treating women this badly in Islamic countries. Here they can only treat women almost this badly. Reply Report

jeffrae -1 points182 days ago

more of em need raping. Reply Report

Berluiner -3 points154 days ago

Nor even better than christians. Reply Report
Daddy\'s naughty Cunt

Daddy\'s naughty Cunt -3 points145 days ago

She's an idiot.. I would have spread my beautiful long legs wide and expose my pulsating pretty little tiny soaking wet erotic beautiful butterfly pussy to all the boys and have them lick my sweet tasting pussy good.. I would have spread my cunt wide and begged for it extremely hard in the deepest part of my sweet cunt Reply Report

J.J -3 points120 days ago

Those fucking muslims should get a headshot Reply Report
A patriot.

A patriot. -4 points175 days ago

Next time you hear some libtard say that Muslims aren't violent... Just remember that this is an accepted and EXPECTED part of their culture. They rape children and think it's perfectly okay. These people are animals and if America doesn't wake up soon, we will be under sharia, and most of you fools have no idea what that entails. Reply Report
I hate muslims

I hate muslims -4 points183 days ago

Another reason the Middle East is a disgusting and evil part of the world. Reply Report

Muslim -4 points159 days ago

I want kill u shemales
U not human u animals
Reply Report
Mathew Markowitz

Mathew Markowitz -4 points135 days ago

Pigs are way more beneficial to society then these barbaric brainwashed Muslims, their Cult Leader Muhammad had a 9 year old wife when he was 70 and he kn9cked her up look it up how old his youngest baby mama was when he died. They worshiped a pedophile... what do u expect???? Reply Report

drakefrant -7 points239 days ago

Its awesome to be a muslim nyan Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert -9 points405 days ago

Was her legs and underarms shaved? I’m not sure Reply Report

double_tap_that -14 points408 days ago

She should be glad she got any attention at all! What an ugly bitch lol Reply Report

Jojosale -10 points242 days ago

@double_tap_that amen lol Reply Report