Toilet Accidents Caught On Cam

Hidden toilet cam caught several teen girls who made a big mess out of themselves in a public toilet.

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tgwe3 +44 points1867 days ago

I'd fuck her until he shits Reply Report

nata87 +1 points380 days ago

nice girl.. but I think she loves do that.. i do the same to my girls Reply Report
Mad! >:(

Mad! >:( +21 points1965 days ago

What a waste of toilet paper!
Reply Report

Gonger +16 points1965 days ago

I'm wondering how many girls are running around without panties because they shat them earlier in that day. Reply Report

0_o +13 points1965 days ago

wouldnt it be easier to take those pants off first, then give a shit. ''no, i must shit in my pants 'cause im stupid'' Reply Report
Mad! #2 >:(

Mad! #2 >:( +11 points1965 days ago

5:50 someone buy this bitch a diaper Reply Report

txxt   0 points672 days ago

god i would LOVE to see her fill up a diaper Reply Report
Dumb Girl Isn't Potty Trained

Dumb Girl Isn't Potty Trained +8 points1829 days ago

That made absolutely no sense at all for that girl to shit in her panties when shes right over the toilet. Why didnt she slide them down? I wonder how do some people survive.. Reply Report

jimbob +7 points1965 days ago

why the hell's the first chick's pussy blurred out? Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +2 points1293 days ago

Asian law I'm afraid. Reply Report

victor357 +6 points1292 days ago

That does it......I'm going to Japan......dress up as a woman....put on a wig....and go round all the ladies toilets......and search all the waste bins!!!!! Reply Report

Gonger +5 points1965 days ago

Uhm ok lets put that panty into my D&G handbag. No one will notice, uhh ok. Reply Report

I'mNoExpertBut... +5 points1388 days ago


LOL +4 points1933 days ago

lol? 6:05 Reply Report

Ann +4 points1938 days ago

I don't even know what to say.... That's a lot of wasted toilet paper Reply Report

chewin89   0 points1520 days ago

lol!!! Reply Report

ladeeda +4 points1786 days ago

LOL they censored the pussies but show the assholes and shit coming from them Reply Report

German +3 points1677 days ago

censored Pussies but pumping assholes??? Reply Report

deviantdave69 +2 points1432 days ago

Japanese law. Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +3 points1344 days ago

That last girl must really like deliberately going to the toilet in her panties....I'd love to help her clean up :) Any girls out there in to pantie pooping? Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1293 days ago

I would also bid 1,000's of £'s for all their soiled panties! :) Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1293 days ago

I would help all the girls clean up! I LOVE Asian toilet videos. :) Reply Report
Nasty woman

Nasty woman +2 points1935 days ago

I think the panties in Japan will sell a lot, after u watch this movie. U use ur panties one time and then u throw it away. So the panties store sell at lease 100 pants a day. Reply Report

WTF ! +2 points1775 days ago

DUDE 07:08 that is Nasty ! that was the all hamburguer ! Reply Report
so yummy

so yummy +2 points1774 days ago

seeing a girl take ashit is hottest thing everr! love tasting it too from a hot girl. imagine tasting a hot girl's poop. so yummy Reply Report
paul kike

paul kike +2 points1431 days ago

they need a boy friend to wipe there ass hole clean Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points1883 days ago

I wonder if the second girl knows she has a tissue stuck her ass Reply Report
Dirty nick

Dirty nick +1 points1902 days ago

Loved this video. For sure they are staged but very well acted. The fist one was best cos it wasn't even clear she had wet and messed herself until she took her tights off. Reply Report

sexydude +1 points1834 days ago

notice at 4:50, she still has tissu on her ass Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +1 points1508 days ago

The girl at 5 minutes 40 seconds.......I want her shit filled knickers to wank with!! Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1293 days ago

I'm loving the urgency of the second girl!! :) Reply Report

fca1975 +1 points831 days ago

LMFAO WTF I almost shit myself laughing at this. The 2nd girl spends more time cleaning the damn floor and toilet than her own toilet paper litter/shit stained ass. lol Funny the cutest, well dressed girl is the most messy. Reply Report

Jinkyou   0 points1963 days ago

That is a lot messy shit I never knew Japanese girls can have shit accidents like that poor Japanese girls :(( Reply Report

yikes   0 points1962 days ago

Japn girls are dirty as fuck.. arent we all are? that's the beautiful part about life.. shit and Go Reply Report

non-member   0 points1849 days ago

would love to eat those shits from those beautiful asses Reply Report

:l   0 points1842 days ago

@7:05: holy shyt, literally Reply Report
suck me girls

suck me girls   0 points1834 days ago

at 6:00, she didnt even bother to take of her pants, hahhahahahahahah :D Reply Report

Annonymous   0 points1600 days ago

I bet the one on 6:00 was shitting her panties on purpose. Reply Report
Is Not A Member

Is Not A Member   0 points1814 days ago

I can only laugh at the reality that this camera has once caught the most brutal case of diarrhea ever spawned in the weapons rest room Reply Report

j   0 points1771 days ago

they better make sure not to fart again. no more panties to cover them. Reply Report
Mad! #3 >:(

Mad! #3 >:(   0 points1762 days ago

What a wast of panties! From now on, no panties for you!! Reply Report
NErper :D

NErper :D   0 points1720 days ago

Dude all she was doing is testing how much the shit they hold on the 3rd one lol Reply Report
Toilet paper >here<

Toilet paper >here<   0 points1693 days ago

I've never been used so much until I came to china. I recommend you find baby wipes and diapers! Reply Report

ron   0 points1443 days ago

the 2:41 rules ! I love that 30% shitting in the panty, due to unable to hold it back, and than 70% shitting with noise in the toilet, additionally that moaning and lamenting...reminds me of an exe of mine, it happened to her severl times when we were in unacquainted places...fortunately I was around...and I delayed finding a bathoom for her...unil the panty was partly, I´m getting that horny right now... Reply Report
horny boy

horny boy -1 points1878 days ago

what the fuck is it with japs and shit??? Reply Report

hi -1 points1834 days ago

chinese as usual hahahaha, they ate too much grass Reply Report

C_o -1 points1693 days ago

They must go through a lot of toilet paper and panties Reply Report

simon1simon1 -1 points1437 days ago

Im so lucky....I paid a lot of money for the SMELLOVISION app, but I have to say,it was worth every be able to smell all these girls pooing, as I wank to the videos....its brilliant !!! Reply Report

mark +1 points1431 days ago

my brother name is simon ha ha so carry on dude Reply Report

mike -1 points1431 days ago

this is educational ya know Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill -1 points564 days ago


Shitsky -2 points1637 days ago

Wow, just wow...Bravo bitches bravo! you've won the shitting contest! Reply Report
phone me girls for blowjob

phone me girls for blowjob -3 points1834 days ago

so that string from her pussy was a tampon, i thought it was a bot of tissue hahahaha Reply Report
Is Not A Member

Is Not A Member -3 points1814 days ago

Lulz, womens* Reply Report

SaTaNsSon -4 points1724 days ago

Dumb gooks, censored bullshit! WIPE YOUR FAT ASS DINK BITCH! Reply Report

nn -5 points1965 days ago

nasty as fuck Reply Report

jesus -10 points1572 days ago

respect women do not shoot video in toilet Reply Report