Innocent Girl Fucked Anal While Passed Out

Wasted girl being violated and fucked while she's laying on the floor, all passed out.

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SlideRightIn +8 points571 days ago

I wish I was used like this. I want to wake up sticky and sore Reply Report
Its fake

Its fake +3 points572 days ago

Her leg moves on its own she helps move her body and she put her arm over her head she is awake it isnt real its fake Reply Report

anaan +3 points572 days ago

you guys know she raises her hips for them right?
Its not rape its an act.
Reply Report

RapeIsntBad   0 points258 days ago

@anaan lmao, you've never seen a drunk girl. That's not an act, she thought she was dreaming, then wakes up realizing someone's trying to fuck. That's why she was moving, then closes her legs Reply Report
J. The ANALyzer

J. The ANALyzer +2 points572 days ago

Yea this is a fake, rape is wrong, but this is 100% consensual. Reply Report

radom +3 points571 days ago

shes saying she doesnt want it Reply Report

funwithsquirrels +2 points572 days ago

Chloroform....the perfect gift to bring along on a first date! Reply Report

NotRapeIfYouDontScream +2 points433 days ago

My god how boring!!! These guys have small dicks and cant even rape right! Actually its not rape. She cant say no, so this is legal. You see her trying to lift herself up and get away but she didnt. So free for all! Reply Report

RapeIsntBad   0 points258 days ago

@NotRapeIfYouDontScream I love you Reply Report

RapeIsntBad   0 points258 days ago

@NotRapeIfYouDontScream Reply Report

Dont@me +1 points419 days ago

Rape is hot, stfu chads Reply Report

risingpanda +1 points572 days ago

The things that happen in brazil lol. Reply Report
funwithsquirrel nuts

funwithsquirrel nuts +1 points572 days ago

What happens in Vegas ( or my garage ) stay in Vegas ( or my garage ). Looked like fun. And it can't be rape if she's dead. Reply Report

Leoosr +1 points423 days ago

Its not fake. This rape appeared on television for a lot months, in brazil Reply Report
Brock Turner

Brock Turner +1 points148 days ago

As someone who has committed the act of rape my self I can hear by say this is a real video. Reply Report

Stockfish12   0 points68 days ago

Variant of necrophilia.. Reply Report

Kkkkkgbnffykrkk   0 points73 days ago

Again. This animals need to die for! Cut them the dicks off and rape them in public infront of there partens to show the shame they have to life with the rest of there fucking lives! Hate that animals. Reply Report
Jerry Stoke

Jerry Stoke   0 points128 days ago

i want my ass pumped like that, love jerry from stoke Reply Report

PjFry   0 points564 days ago

natialie if thats you...omg.
if not...damn i might have schizo lol..
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ItsNotRapeIfYouDontKnow   0 points258 days ago

I mean shes lying there taking it, even tho they cant fuck for shit. Looks legit to me Reply Report

Lululi   0 points388 days ago

Mmmm Reply Report

giddeon   0 points88 days ago

I would love to fuck her tight asshole Reply Report

dudefire   0 points305 days ago

She's speaking in Portuguese this: "Eu não quero, poxa!" and "parem" that means I don't want it! and Stop Reply Report
Be better

Be better -4 points427 days ago

Its rape. She was probably awakening and trying to get up or get away from them, when her but lift up. It was not consesual or fake! Report. Reply Report

287379 -7 points572 days ago

I don't know if it's fake or not.......I still can't fap to this!!!! The vibes are really wrong Reply Report

THISISRAPE -11 points571 days ago

Rape. Reported. I wish I could fuck these guys asses with an big stick. They may like it. Assholes. Reply Report
Fuck me dead cunt

Fuck me dead cunt -15 points572 days ago

This is rape report this. I wish i could find those guys and fuck them up fucking dickheads Reply Report