Raped By Her Dad

Young girl with unshaved pussy cries while she's raped by disgusting older fat guy, who appears to be her father.

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Siberian Folk

Siberian Folk +6 points357 days ago

This is real, she turn 15. This man fucked many girls from school! She used them properly. That's what they born for. By mother, to our entertainment Reply Report

Fkit! +4 points364 days ago

Pedo hater wants that tight pussy! Don't be mad man! When your sister grows up you'll get your turn! Reply Report

Child_Lover_69 +4 points360 days ago

This one goes into my collection. Reply Report
FUCK pedos

FUCK pedos   0 points363 days ago

This looks real, this looks like a child. Not into it Reply Report
Richard Drake

Richard Drake   0 points72 days ago

What a wonderful girl. The sex was awful but I'd have fun in here right away. I would never take my cock out of her. Reply Report

research_wat_u_see -1 points362 days ago

I remember this, its a film about a rising star in eastern germany.I wish the uploader had the entire scene. She has to pay rent. She does have any money do to family expenses. So she offers her body for compensation. And for you weirdos out there thinkin this is p3d0 you are wrong. There are plenty of actresses that look young, and they get certain jobs for that reason alone. Reply Report

Pramd +2 points64 days ago

@research_wat_u_see You're full of shit. I've seen the full video, it is not a film like that at all, it is genuinely just a home made video of a guy devirginizing a girl. And it's they're Russian. There are actually many like it besides this girl. Reply Report

ingomat -2 points181 days ago

Most beautiful pussy I've seen in a long time. She should be thankful for all the cock she can get Reply Report