Worm Loves The Precum

this worm just kept rolling around, going through my bladder door in and out...it was just pure pleasureful.

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johan2 +3 points649 days ago

did you made any preperations ,mine will also not go in , what can i do ? Reply Report

precumdaddy -1 points649 days ago

cold clean cock almost always gets them in. when its cold out side it gets a little harder Reply Report

johan2 +2 points648 days ago

cold clean? i cleaned in and outside with water not warm, bud body temp is warm? i tryed arround 30 pc still nothing , i would love to get them in , afther short tim they seem dead. THANKS Reply Report

precumdaddy +1 points581 days ago

put your cock in a glass of cold water for about 3 minutes or longer make sure your pee hole is flushed out cleaned and keep worms in luke warm water till you ready for them to go in your cock and eat cum Reply Report

Loggar   0 points331 days ago

Worm eat cum ? Reply Report

johan2 +2 points647 days ago

i did it 1 hafway and a second worm cot totaly in twice , next time a more bigger worm, veru special site and feeling Reply Report

johan2 +1 points648 days ago

is it sure they come out , or ist possible they go in al the way to blatter Reply Report

barelylegal1004   0 points276 days ago

@johan2 they rarely enter the bladder and almost always come out on their own. Tie off your cock if youd like to take extra precautions Reply Report

spunkie1   0 points558 days ago

love ur vids where r u from
Reply Report

WormyFan   0 points104 days ago

so i am trying this for the first time, and i followed your steps in a earlier comment and nothing proceeds amd worm refuses to enter.. anyother sort of help or ideas? Reply Report

mucp -1 points652 days ago

super,super Reply Report

johan2 -5 points647 days ago

and what about a infection of your peehole Reply Report