Extreme Scat Fuck

He saves up their turds for over a week to cover his wife's body from top till toe and fuck her soiled body hard.

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filthylulu +7 points492 days ago

Fantastic scat video! The couple obviously had fun playing in shit.
Fake? I don't think so. I experienced this myself too.
We need more videos like this!
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KansasMan69 +4 points494 days ago

This is absolutely glorious. We need more sluts like her, and more determined pigs like him. This is golden Reply Report

xes +3 points469 days ago

nice to see a American scat couple, stellar video! keep up the shitty work ;) Reply Report
non-member scat slave slut

non-member scat slave slut +1 points472 days ago

i would love to do this with a femdom, and a huge deep strapon while eating a huge bucket of shit like a good scat slut Reply Report
Nitambo Poddar !

Nitambo Poddar ! +1 points491 days ago

arguably the greatest scat video ever !! Reply Report
The dark lord!

The dark lord! +1 points338 days ago

Delightfully immoral video! I could tell you had some good perverted fun! You guys should take it into the bathroom and do some piss enemas! Reply Report
Lust full

Lust full +1 points75 days ago

We're you buttfucking her??? Reply Report

Mr.Lee   0 points493 days ago

honestly the dog walking around caught me the most the most . I wonder what he is thinking Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points326 days ago

Do you have more of these or this entire session? Please post more or where can we find more like this Reply Report
Your daughter

Your daughter   0 points493 days ago

Daddy Reply Report

codybear   0 points488 days ago

OH FUCK one of the most hottest vids I saw up to now of this really sexy guy , I love him, looks like he change many partners . can someone tell me where I can find all his videos please. Reply Report

mayaclitlindeassfuvkgo   0 points453 days ago

Wish this was done in public. I was fucked like this in public and used by men who fucked me rough. Reply Report
shitty dick

shitty dick   0 points432 days ago

No need to wash at all, just spend the rest of the day completely covered in shit, and go to bed still filthy - imagine waking up the next morning, still brown all over. Just have a quick shower, no soap, to keep the stink goung for days !!! Reply Report

radha   0 points274 days ago

How to saw the video Reply Report

ericassfan   0 points264 days ago

HOLY FUUUUCK!!!! Please tell me the smell was very hard to get out of the room!!! THIS is the kind of sex I want!!! Reply Report

leroux   0 points226 days ago

why did you do that ? Reply Report

fake -3 points493 days ago

pretty sure its fake. Reply Report

ASSHOLES -5 points493 days ago

EVER HEAR OF MUD! Reply Report
j vicemte

j vicemte -7 points493 days ago

no es mierda de verdad no eres capaz de hacerlo con caca de verdad yo te reto

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j vicemte

j vicemte -7 points493 days ago

ademas otra cosa me gustaria hacerlo me aceptais me encanta el cerdeo i me lleneis de caca Reply Report