Vasto Gore 3

Vasto Gore 3,another gore compilation for all of you bloodthirsty mfos..

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msmonique +4 points993 days ago

OUTSTANDING!! 50 second mark is even a better river of blood than R. Budd Dwyer! GREAT job on this video!! :D <3 Reply Report

artyom90 -1 points902 days ago

I know! it made me cum so hard hehe Reply Report

Touchdbyauncle +2 points993 days ago

I just can't watch beheading videos its just too fucked up, such a shitty way to go. Reply Report

Manos +2 points595 days ago

song name plz Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +1 points409 days ago

@Manos Call is called Manos mother got raped and creampied by 12 niggers. Reply Report

RaiderRob   0 points409 days ago

@Manos Call is called Manos mother got raped and creampied by 12 niggers. Reply Report

Natepuss +2 points792 days ago

Dam I can't believe I'm seeing this. Reply Report
protect the future

protect the future +1 points902 days ago

i can see every thing without feeling except when they hurt childeren if i see that i wanna kill that person for a nice video Reply Report
Dein Vadda

Dein Vadda   0 points676 days ago

cute tits on 2:04 Reply Report

pepe22   0 points970 days ago

maldito enfermo ojala mueras pronto Reply Report

kako   0 points950 days ago

Excelente video Reply Report
Evening star

Evening star   0 points934 days ago

Bravo- more videos like this Reply Report

Cyncere   0 points726 days ago

Out of the very few things I buy into, I do believe in innocence. I only ever feel something watching these videos when I see harm being brought onto those who are very young. A travesty seeing that newborn being beaten by its mother. Reply Report

okgyyy   0 points547 days ago

i dont care if someone kills a woman or man but when they hurt children it makes me angry. the amount of psychological trouble they will have will cause a lot of pain to them and their families for many years in the future Reply Report

G-C   0 points383 days ago

Whats is the song? Reply Report
bernd k.

bernd k.   0 points335 days ago

Wieder Einer weniger!! DRECKSAU VERRECK!! Reply Report

Ladymuck   0 points304 days ago

Did you have to include the child abuse?! Reply Report
s dakota

s dakota   0 points164 days ago

I watched it. Am I normal? Reply Report

alex13666 -1 points989 days ago

putain j'adore tes vidéos, c'est quoi le titre de la musique ? Reply Report