Kitchen Counter Self Castration

After a night of boozing this guy decides he hates his balls and cuts them off with a butcher knife and a pair of scissors.

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deer +20 points1257 days ago

so, now in the morning its....dude wheres my balls!! Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +1 points1223 days ago

Sounds like a sequel to that crap ass movie Dude, Where's My Car? Reply Report

Pac +7 points1256 days ago

He talks in the video like a Youtuber who's "unboxing" a product lol. So the tittle is wrong it should be, "Unboxing my balls" Reply Report
Like crem de la meme on facebook

Like crem de la meme on facebook +5 points1254 days ago

Man I like to think I have a strong stomach with this shit but holy hell the end of this had me struggling... Reply Report

angelo212 +4 points1257 days ago

Anybody know WHY? Reply Report

Darwin +4 points1255 days ago

Another great example of natural selection at work Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones   0 points1223 days ago

Unless he already bred Reply Report

Dumbass +3 points1256 days ago

I hope he realizes that the hospital is going to put him in a psych ward for self harming. Reply Report
legend w/ no balls

legend w/ no balls +2 points1036 days ago

We gon do this shit - legend Reply Report

wow +1 points1255 days ago

Oh my god, this person is hilarious. I'm kind of saddened that he'd do this to himself (maybe cancer and hasnt enough money to deal with it?) but your personality through it all, it really did make me lol! Reply Report

Jesus +1 points1254 days ago

Holy fuck what the actual fuck... Reply Report

wow +1 points1245 days ago

wow... very strong video. coool Reply Report

klaasjwz001 +1 points292 days ago

its 3:30 am why am i watching this Reply Report
Fucking American hillbilly

Fucking American hillbilly   0 points1255 days ago

Yeehaw...I ain't got no more balls mate! Reply Report

jan68   0 points790 days ago

This guy is hilarious! Reply Report