Pedo Stabbed 15 Year Old Girl To Death

Pedo killed young girl for refusing to have sex with him. He butchered her with a 14 inch knife before half-heartedly trying to kill himself with same knife. Happened in Dominican Republic.

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PirateXL +14 points1173 days ago

Karma is going to rape this oxygenwaste in jail!

Poor girl!
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dha +4 points1172 days ago

This is not a pedophile Reply Report

meh +3 points1172 days ago

The correct term is ephebophilia. Reply Report

dsadsa +2 points1141 days ago

I was going to say the same thing, a pedophile is attracted to prebubescent kids... She was not. But yeah, sad. Also, and this is not a singular case, this is the upside of being fat, you rarely die from knife wounds. Reply Report
My Name is No Name

My Name is No Name -1 points124 days ago

You sir don't know stab anyone in arm pit or neck you will die in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Can't remember where on the body stab it & the person is dead defore they hit the ground
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accukrak   0 points1140 days ago

Where's mob justice when you need one?? C'mon, fat bastard was caught in the act, no need for cops. I'd skin him alive, wear his skin & show up at his family's house and jerk off at their door step. Fucker didn't have to kill her, he could've restrained her, had his way w/her & we'd all have a nice rape video to jerk off to. Dumbass. Reply Report

joints -5 points1172 days ago

she should have given her ass to the fatty. anal in exchange of life is a good trade Reply Report