Lingerie Teen Stabbed In Belly

Sexy young babe is in her lingerie on her bed before sleeping when she is caught by surprise by a mad man who stabs her in her tit and later in her belly, killing her.

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Kathy +21 points1362 days ago

I have a lot of fun with my husband like this, too :)
The video is actually the 1st half of the play only.
The 2nd half of the play is my turn to stab him at his navel.
His navel is really a belly button because he would become very
high and hard once being striked at this spot . . .
You know what the main play is !
No need to describe :)
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Millica +18 points1406 days ago

What a lovely foreplay in the bedroom!

Yes, I like the cherry juice running over my panty and pussy . . .
It makes me itchy and juicy!

After I 'died', my husband would take off my panty and start licking . . .
It makes me 'alive' again!
It's my turn to make a revenge, i.e. stab him hard at his navel
and let the cherry juice run all over his balls & stick . . .
Mmmmmm . . .
Very thick and sweet :)
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Dennis +15 points1369 days ago

I would like to buy your bloody lingerie and panty!
What price is it?
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Pantilover +13 points858 days ago

Oh, dear pretty girl,
You are bleeding so sexily !
I feel very pity for you !
I would like to give you a piece of maxipad to absorb your flow.
Which brand are you using?
May I buy your bloody lingerie and panty?
What price is it?
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M-Blood Swallower

M-Blood Swallower +8 points819 days ago

Good fantasy !
I would like to be the maxipad to absorb the blood flowing on the
girl's navel, belly, pussy and vagina . . .
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Belly-Fever +8 points1407 days ago

Very sexy! Very seductive!
Unfortunately, the blood does not flow towards her panty . . .
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Belly-Fever +8 points376 days ago

The knife stab at babe's navel serves like a super hard penis
inserting into her vagina . . .
which cause her moan like having an orgasm . . .
and cause her bleeds like having a period sex . . .
then pass away to heaven !
Good play !
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Mmm +7 points1347 days ago

Oh how I would like to be your maxipad.. i would lick it all up :) Reply Report

funbarbie3 +2 points1333 days ago

nice, but it messed up a good satiny outfit. Reply Report

speak376 +1 points1118 days ago

does anyone know if nicole does anymore work like this for anyone? Reply Report

Slasher +1 points1074 days ago

Strip her naked and put the blade right into her cunt! Reply Report
Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson   0 points110 days ago

Im probably end up killer Reply Report

shit_bad_call_dude -1 points1390 days ago

This is wrong your supose to fuck her and cum in her not kill her this is stupid. Reply Report

AAA -6 points1407 days ago

STUPID IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report