Raping Young Girl

Young girl in Pakistan gets raped by guy after she refused to have sex with him. That is both a crime BTW and it isn´t the guy that committed one.

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angelique21 +26 points1093 days ago

What a cunt he is... I would love to show her what it is like to be fucked properly with my strap on... I feel really sorry for her if that's what Pakistani men are like Reply Report
Stfu nigga

Stfu nigga +2 points768 days ago

Its india bitch Reply Report

Mark24 +1 points929 days ago

Seems like they are speaking hindi - from India Reply Report
Your Wife

Your Wife +1 points153 days ago

Its no wonder he's resorted to raping. Who the fuck wants to get fucked by a dick (probably small... but still) doing the helicopter?! And at a terrible angle already.. Reply Report

Devathalapthy +1 points51 days ago

This not rape, its consensual Reply Report

Dang -1 points1094 days ago

This is how the jihaadis are born over there. ;-) Reply Report

angelique21 +11 points1093 days ago

It's probably his sister and the camera work was done by the Grand father with Parkinsons Reply Report
Muslim scum

Muslim scum -1 points1093 days ago

I bet these aren't even "extremists" Reply Report

420yoloswag -3 points1093 days ago

jesus fucking christ fuck is this guy saying goddam camera guy needs to fucking quit shit qual wtf Reply Report

minnie97 -4 points229 days ago

She wouldn't have had a shaved snatch if she hadn't wanted that type of thing. Reply Report

Wtf -5 points1093 days ago

First day of the marriage...house is bare like shit...and very he only thing they think of first is to populate the world with more sheep herders / cell group extremists. Reply Report

RealMan -12 points967 days ago

All Pakistani men ought to commit suicide and go meet Allah. We can use their women for maids/mistresses/sex slaves here in the US. Reply Report
Rapist #1

Rapist #1 -1 points748 days ago

Oh, you're such a nice guy Reply Report

forcegirls   0 points966 days ago

yess so true
Reply Report