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Drunk girl passed out in his bed before they were gonna have sex, so he pulled down her underwear and cums on her ass. He didn't fuck her, so is this considered rape or not?

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badguy +24 points1012 days ago

No, it's not rape. Boring, but not rape. Reply Report
Not buying it

Not buying it +5 points1012 days ago

I'm willing to bet, he fucked her, he didnt film it, nut I bet he penetrated her before filming Reply Report

scubasteve +5 points463 days ago

I do this to my stepdaughter almost every night. Reply Report

Hornygirrll +1 points133 days ago

Fuck I wish that was me Reply Report

Non-Member -1 points142 days ago

Shit, I'd love to come over some time, and we can take turns. Nothing quite like the feeling of a dirty, used up twat. Reply Report
Danny Dorito

Danny Dorito   0 points248 days ago

That sounds strange but fun Reply Report

BS +3 points971 days ago

The way her holes are gaped, he fucked the hell outta her first then turned camera on to record the cumshot, who is gonna pull a girls panties down just to jackoff and cum in 15 secons gtfoh Reply Report
gud gud

gud gud +2 points968 days ago

Her holes have been well used prior to the cumshot. She has had that big cock all the way in till it had nudged her cervix. Then he has gone balls deep into her gut via her colon. Reply Report

Creampie101 +2 points676 days ago

Ya he had already fucked her for sure. It's probably his drunk ass sister and he didn't want to record the penetration parts. Lucky guy. Oh and if I found this girl exactly as he left her in the video, panties pulled down, cum running down her ass, sloppy looking ass and pussy, passed out cold, I would still stick my dick in her pussy and pump another load deep inside her! Reply Report

Non-Member -1 points142 days ago

Same, wouldn't be able to resist. Especially knowing two bare corks just finished in her. Yummy! Reply Report

xtreme   0 points1011 days ago

luv her asshole Reply Report

skcrouch7   0 points749 days ago

Hot! Got me off. Reply Report

Kingreese09   0 points95 days ago

I did this to my cousin while she was sleep I would in her and finger her and bust on her ass Reply Report

Kac   0 points16 days ago

Have anything to show? Reply Report

amonuet -2 points1012 days ago

Really, really boring!!!!! Reply Report

sandi -3 points1004 days ago

57f489 Reply Report