Drunk Gang Rape

Cute amateur girl was too drunk to know that she got the mainrole in gangbang sex tape with her classmates during college party.

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rmsxix +42 points1347 days ago

Doesn't it take more than one cock to be a gangbang? Reply Report

Mike +25 points1350 days ago

Doesn't look like rape to me... looks like she was enjoying it like the slut she is..... Reply Report

chillindanny +12 points1348 days ago

not a fucking rape.. just sm drunk students havin sm fun.. nice vid.. btw she clearly knows whats going on n wants to fck anyways.. Reply Report

Labald +12 points1253 days ago

I'm glad they filmed this so close to a potato farm and hired a bunch of hyperactive chihuahuas, otherwise we'd be without the camera and filming crew. Reply Report

mhh +10 points1350 days ago

i'm sick now of rapid shitty camera movements Reply Report
Exhibitive, shameless girl

Exhibitive, shameless girl +5 points1351 days ago

If she is like me, she'll be really pleased to have been filmed like that. Even more if other guys fucked her too. Reply Report

Pussylover +5 points1132 days ago

By the looks of her pubes she wasn't expecting to fuck that night, but she got to drunk to care, and probably woke up with a sore pussy. I would have take her wet panties as a soveneir. Reply Report

ingomat +5 points1051 days ago

Nothing to watch twice Reply Report

Watcher +4 points1155 days ago

What part of this is rape? not one bit....... Reply Report

Sexx +2 points753 days ago

This does suck Like wtf Reply Report

fuk +1 points1350 days ago

go man Reply Report

Sickboi +1 points1315 days ago

If you happen to know her, now you know you should get her drunk ASAP! Reply Report

Schlickmann +1 points759 days ago

Brazil Reply Report

sassy_savannah +1 points339 days ago

She was clearly too drunk to be able to consent. In definition, that's a rape, yes. Also, they took a video of her and they put it on the internet. Reply Report

TexSanAntonio +1 points133 days ago

Wosrt shit I have ever seen. If you're going to record someone, HOLD THE DAMNED PHONE STILL, you cumsuckers. Reply Report

austinlorenzo227   0 points1350 days ago

i know a whore name cassie who is just like this!! fucking uncle fucking whore Reply Report

eatmypussy   0 points1155 days ago

Yum Reply Report

None   0 points1006 days ago

U hear about it in the news and I'm a female this is a huge turn on I'd love it Reply Report

whocares   0 points329 days ago

I used to know a girl like her. Give her a couple of beers and she was ready to fuck with anything, even my dog if it mounted her.
I guess the girl in the video might claim she was taken advantage off and raped, but as we can see, she was enjoying every moment of it and at the end still seemed in need of more cock and cum.
All women have two sides of them and no matter how decent they appear, there is always the filthy whore screaming to be released from every women. In this case it only required a few drinks to bring out her desire as a cum receptacle.
Reply Report

VENGE   0 points80 days ago

Fucking morons with a camera who can't figure out what to do. Reply Report
Unknown Person

Unknown Person   0 points89 days ago

This is a HORRIBLE clip! Why? BECAUSE YOU CANT SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!! And it doesnt even LOOK like a rape! And it takes more than 1 penis to be a gangbang! Reply Report
Unknown Person

Unknown Person   0 points89 days ago

I would LOVE to have sex with any one so if you need a partner im open! ;) Reply Report

frankw265 -21 points1350 days ago

Bad camera! Bad sound! Bad view! No pussy eating! No rimming! No cocksucking! Lame pussy play! No tit sucking! No tit play! Lame fucking! No cumshot! Rubbish. Reply Report

angelique21 -3 points1344 days ago

If they are all so bad why do you bother to watch them, or are you seeing what you're missing ?? Reply Report
Fuck off

Fuck off +2 points1350 days ago

If you want a perfect porn movie go find one!!! Reply Report