World’s Biggest Animal Sacrifice

Thousands of buffaloes were slaughtered to kick-start Nepal's Gadhimai Mela festival, the world's largest animal sacrifice.

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thjryhsg +24 points1389 days ago

What else to expect from theese primitive tribes.. To be they are no difference between the animals.. and the humans.. who just claim to be the smartest specie on earth. This site has proven what i just said a million times.At least most of the porn they upload is nice as fuck otherwise i woudnt be visiting this shithole. Reply Report
The Man

The Man +7 points1377 days ago

PETA (People eat tasty animals) Reply Report

talisman +6 points1387 days ago

wheres PETA lol..can we just eradicate these primitives please....lets have a 1 year event where we go around killing these idiots by the thousands Reply Report

daaa +6 points1387 days ago

How about the animals do the worlds biggest human sacrifice? Reply Report

snappuchattu +1 points196 days ago

@daaa happens every day! the goldfish slaughter humans by the thousands! Reply Report

reason +5 points1388 days ago

i hope your imaginary god (durga) is pleased by this non sesne :) Reply Report
Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing +4 points1387 days ago

This is reason to take all those fucking shitskins, strap them to a pole, and slit their throats. These gutter scum are not worth the animals they kill. In fact, this is reason enough to cleanse this world of every last fucking one of them. Reply Report
This is good shit maiiin

This is good shit maiiin +2 points1367 days ago

1 hit n dead the cows/bulls ane all the other shits died at once so stop crying babyes Reply Report
F+CK Whites

F+CK Whites +2 points1388 days ago

theese are hindus, they are not muslims you stupids.

And 4 all stupid yankees, the meet from the market dont grow up on trees, your factory farming is more inhuman, they live in factorys, for entire live, theese c the nature and live in nature before the hindus kill them
Reply Report

xxxx +2 points1389 days ago

Look at all that BBQ going to waste ......... Reply Report

qwerty12345 +1 points1389 days ago

What a bunch of assholes..they should sacrifice all their women instead for 2 reasons..first they're all ugly and smell like cattle..2nd. they won't be able to reproduce and bring up another generation of dumb fuckers. Hope they all die from the diseases from the rotting animal carcases Reply Report

idontknow +1 points1387 days ago

"Lord What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." Reply Report

petertemp   0 points478 days ago

Lots of negative comments from burger, ribs, and steak eating Americans. Where do you think your meat comes from? You think that your slaughter houses are any more humane? Reply Report

Snowio   0 points23 days ago

@petertemp my meat come from a dick!! Reply Report

Snowio   0 points23 days ago

@petertemp my meat come from a dick!! Reply Report

Religion   0 points1389 days ago

In the name of god, Allah, buddah, or something ...... Primitive suckers. Reply Report

lll   0 points1388 days ago

@Thjryhsg - Whties did the samething a few 100s yrs ago for fur and to pissoff Indians - idiot Reply Report
Nice Guy

Nice Guy   0 points1389 days ago

WTF so fucking sad for those buffalo Reply Report

hypocrisy   0 points1388 days ago

100's of Millions of animals are killed annually and tens of millions for thanksgiving. Not to mention the Terrible factory farming.

Dumb retard hypocrites think they can comment on this video.
Reply Report

But +3 points1215 days ago

Its not sum random dickhead with a machete smacking away when we normal ppl kill animal for food Reply Report

Yep   0 points1230 days ago

Nepal got what it this can stop! Reply Report

No.   0 points623 days ago

The only true animals that should be sacrificed are those pieces of shit.

It's just yet another proof of how disgusting people's "beliefs" can get. Repulsive.
Reply Report
Food god

Food god   0 points592 days ago

This sacrifice was given to the almighty goddesses of food. For years of full stomachs. She replied "lol you gonna be eating bones for a while" Reply Report

GIANGI   0 points208 days ago

corano A MORTE
Reply Report

Freiherr   0 points89 days ago

Sons of Bitches !!! Reply Report

hunterman -1 points1389 days ago

behenkelund,maa ki choot,randi ke beejo Reply Report

dfetyg -1 points693 days ago

Уроды ебаные. Reply Report

dropofvenom -1 points655 days ago

Fuck the animals
Fuck humans
And fuck the whole planet!
Reply Report