Arab Father Rapes Daughter

Arab girl is raped by her father and filmed it with a hidden camera else nobody would believe her and stone her to death for spreading lies.
Ps. Sorry for the bad audio, it was me fapping in the background.

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Aww +35 points1509 days ago

Say "NO" to vertical videos. Reply Report
Holy shit

Holy shit +29 points1498 days ago

these comments are more entertaining than the video. Reply Report

HEY!!! +15 points1509 days ago

Why she doesn't wear panties Reply Report

lilsexy30 +15 points1478 days ago

Omg I wish my dad would have me like that and put his hotvsead n me Reply Report

jj +7 points1423 days ago

I'll put my hot seed in ya babe. Reply Report

um... +13 points1509 days ago

I think it is more like a maid being rape by her boss. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +12 points1509 days ago

lol nice i bet she loved daddy's cock deep inside of her pussy haha :) Reply Report
Not really

Not really +10 points808 days ago

It was too small to go to deep Reply Report

Erg +11 points1509 days ago

@ Skyy... You are 18 and want to be fucked by your dad? Like this? A little bit boring, no? Would you not want him to fuck you maybe a bit longer, and with more lust, or at least harder... Would you like, to be simply used by your dad? Reply Report
lil miss p

lil miss p   0 points19 days ago

@Erg by him or preferably infront of him Reply Report

CapoNegro +9 points1019 days ago

She obviously enjoys it, there was no force of enterin, She even bent over for him, Therefore no rape. Reply Report

kizzbutt +8 points1509 days ago

the fapping!!!! hahaha Reply Report

Meek +7 points1509 days ago

XD that fapping sounds intense Reply Report

Me +7 points1496 days ago

With an ass like that, who wouldn't rape her Reply Report

a +7 points1388 days ago

she is NOT his daughter....she is his sons wife.....she just recorded for that her husband to believe her that his father rape her not once,,,, Reply Report

sallymay +6 points832 days ago

i want daddy to pound my tight pussy and cum inside me Reply Report
Jack I\'m 15

Jack I\'m 15 +2 points588 days ago

I'll have ya Reply Report

lmfaoooo +6 points762 days ago

stfu you old bitch it's such a turn off when 50 year old women call a guy daddy when you're old enough to be one Reply Report

CM +5 points1509 days ago

Very boring! I've had sneezes that were more exciting. Reply Report

Ahmad +5 points1499 days ago

first this is not arabs,you american mixing between evry one who is dark,this is turkish,second,she is not his doughter but his house maid,just a worker and she will later blackmail him for money and compensation,you have here many rong titles,like the italian teacher abuse video and many others,stoning punshment just exsist in your illusion can you show me where in the last 100 year this kind of punishment took place,im talking about arabic countries and not unknown village from india or iran Reply Report

MMOREHAMD   0 points60 days ago


ceman +2 points864 days ago

too bad Erdogan is destroying and Islamisizing your country. Turkey will just be another Iran soon enough if you real Turks don't start reigning in the Arabs and the Islamists. The Atta Turk(the father of all turks, the guy who founded Turkey's secular govt after the fall of the Ottoman empire) PURPOSEFULLY built up the military with ONLY SECULAR people no islamists. and on two separate occasions when the govt got to hardcore islamic the military stepped in and restored democracy ironically enough. but since erdogan's purging the military of secular people and the latest failed attempt to overthrow him/possible false flag excuse for erdogan to purge more good men from the military. God save Turkey, because Allah is fucking you all hard, I hope the best for you Ahmad. Reply Report
fuck arabs

fuck arabs -3 points1350 days ago

This is not turkish u faggot. Stop blaming ur shit on non arabs kurdish son of a whore Reply Report

truthx +5 points414 days ago

There is nothing wrong about this, it's his property, he can have sex with her anytime he likes. ALL women should be brought up to serve men. Reply Report

Arial +1 points358 days ago

Any man who wants me gets me
Whatever he wants he gets
I will get on my knees and let him face fuck me until i pass out
And wake up to him fucking me hard
I have men that love to chain me up, and take me outside naked
And abuse me
I Love being used by my masters
Reply Report

wolfdemon +3 points1509 days ago

So fucking boring almost fall asleep Reply Report

mr40 +3 points1509 days ago

Not arab for sure... Reply Report

Electro +3 points1485 days ago

Fine ass bitch deserved it! I'd rape her myself... Reply Report

lame96 +2 points1509 days ago

fake Reply Report
Mohammed Allahabad

Mohammed Allahabad +2 points814 days ago

I shall issue a fatwa after viewing more times. Reply Report

Ophelia -1 points529 days ago

I wish I could like this multiple times. Reply Report

litzyyyyyyyy +2 points730 days ago

wish my dad would fill me up like this. love the fapping sound. would love if someone watched while i got my brains raped
Reply Report

Forsure +1 points1504 days ago

That "fapping" was somthing crucial lmao Reply Report

john +1 points1506 days ago

church people Reply Report

barnie +1 points1509 days ago

i feel sorry for this young girl who happens to be very pretty.....if u see this msg, your welcome to get in touch with me mate. Reply Report
Skyy's Dad

Skyy's Dad +1 points1204 days ago

All you have to do is ask, Hun. Reply Report
wtf lmao

wtf lmao +1 points795 days ago

Couldn't watch with the dude flapping in the background Reply Report

4n0n +1 points740 days ago

I was fapping with you dude, even though I'm not a dude. Reply Report

Missyyc +1 points417 days ago

The fapping sound made me cum way faster than the video. Would love to hear u moan a little as u jerk off Reply Report
steven in atlanta

steven in atlanta   0 points359 days ago

That bitch has a "fat ass". Fat ass like that in that skirt that clings and shows all jiggle what the fuck does she expect? Reply Report

Kivante   0 points337 days ago

Hoe what are you doing to her Reply Report

Kivante   0 points337 days ago

Pull his hair and bite his dick very hard make him money about his dick
Reply Report

<3   0 points325 days ago

I dont think it looks very realistic. if i came here to watch good porn i want GOOD FUCKING PORN! Reply Report
Would\'ve loved to have heard it

Would\'ve loved to have heard it   0 points144 days ago

Learn how to edit audio -.- Reply Report

Errrr -1 points1508 days ago

Isn't it rape when you errrr say NO? Reply Report

u -1 points1509 days ago

no way Reply Report

Who_Cares -1 points706 days ago

Is that rape? It looks like she is enjoying
Reply Report
Tasha Halanala

Tasha Halanala -1 points120 days ago

My step daddy did this to me :) But I loved it! He creamed in my ass and in my mouth over and over. Reply Report

Erg -2 points1509 days ago

@ Skyy...Is it that that turns you on, to think being his fuck-doll, to think, that you would be very pleased, if he would fuck you, whenever he feels the need to dump his load in your little, juicy count? Since when do you masturbate, thinking of your dad filling you up with his load? Are you still a virgin, or have you already been fucked by some guy? Or do you regularly think of your dad when fucking with your boyfriend?
Why don't you try to seduce him? Maybe he would be pleased!!!???
Reply Report
no just no

no just no +2 points1471 days ago

skyy is a faggot kid acting like a fucking weirdo Reply Report

DEA +16 points1508 days ago

fucking weirdo Reply Report

hghg -2 points1444 days ago

asdas Reply Report

xxxpolarisxxx -4 points1509 days ago

a mulher é gostosinha . Reply Report
the punisher

the punisher -6 points1416 days ago

Arab or not the bitch had it coming Reply Report

coolguy -6 points1458 days ago

i would slat the shit out of electro what ir your dad was gay electro wouldnt but funny now would it Reply Report

truthx -8 points1397 days ago

I really can't see what the issue is here. Every man should have the right to rape and abuse ANY female of ANY age he wishes. I'm pleased to see a real man showing his daughter all she was ever born for! Good vid! Reply Report

Cop_35 +3 points706 days ago

I'll find you, people like you don't need to walk the earth. Motherfucker Reply Report
Take me and fuck me

Take me and fuck me -6 points745 days ago

I'm a woman and I believe women were made for the pleasure of men. I have never resisted. I let any man use me any way he wants because that is why I exist. Reply Report