Upside Down Piss Drinking Redhead

As part of her tortures in an asylum, this teen redhead gets bondaged with ropes and black garbage bags and placed upside down. With her head in a bucket while hanging upside down, the two present guys piss on her and make her drink it.

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cumstarved +18 points1643 days ago

After lowering her, they should redirect anyone going to the bathroom to her room and force her to drink her way out or drown. Reply Report

WA +4 points1641 days ago

Why call it piss drinking when she does not drink it? Swallow that shit you little cunt Reply Report

wantonslut +2 points1574 days ago

I would and be thankful Reply Report
dick head

dick head +2 points1643 days ago

you can have a huge cock, but man, fucking with blue plastic shoes on?? That's a real turn off Reply Report
I do my 12 yo daughter

I do my 12 yo daughter   0 points1643 days ago

It could have been better. Reply Report

Hornblower   0 points1643 days ago

I guess she consented to it but still an ugly way to treat a beautiful woman. Reply Report
Warren Jones

Warren Jones   0 points1643 days ago

Yes but you have to remember, HR attracts many a psychopath. Reply Report

drinkbitch -1 points1643 days ago

nice! I don't get why some people say piss drinking eww disgusting it's only just water with lot's of minerals it's actually good for you! so drink up women. Reply Report

wantonslut +1 points1574 days ago

I would Reply Report

contempted -1 points1643 days ago

Thats all well and good, but how did that guy get such a huge cock?!!! Reply Report

FV -1 points1316 days ago

A beautiful young girl, obviously willing to perform well. But the scene was wasted by bullshit male talk instead of the kind of positive encouragement to get to REALLY drink some piss. The girl was great, the guys were shit, and they wrecked the scene.
Reply Report

alexandria76 -3 points1642 days ago

Wooda been hott if they cut her throat Reply Report

Hornblower +3 points1642 days ago

Really? You want to see her murdered? Sick that they let scum like you out of jail. Reply Report