Los Aliados members dismember guy hanging from a ladder.

Video from Mexico shows exceptionally brutal execution by beheading and subsequent dismemberment of the corpse. The victim is naked and is hanged with hands tied behind his back upside down from a trestle ladder. Because Narco sicarios are notoriously useless with knives when it comes to decapitations (except from this one), the beheading and dismemberment are carried out with a folding handsaw.

The sicarios in this video are members of Los Aliados de Jalisco, a new group of Mexican drug traffickers that recently announced their establishment in Jalisco to with a goal to exterminate the members of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (C.J.N.G). Los Aliados accuse CJNG of extorting innocent Mexicans. Sounds like a noble cause, except that it’s like watching history repeat itself with CJNG a few years ago.

Back then they called themselves Mata Zetas and announced their establishment with a goal to exterminate Los Zetas whom they accused or targeting innocent Mexicans. But as their influence grew, CJNG quickly became an organized crime group no better than Los Zetas themselves. Now we have Los Aliados pleading to fight CJNG – history does repeat itself and at the end of the day, it’s just the poor and powerless that pay.

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I love how the one guy is holding the head for a majority of the video... Also that was some pretty good music for the job. Reply Report

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