Dad Doggie Fucks Daughter

Leaked video of a homemade incest fuck between dad and daughter. While the teen is bent in doggie style, the dad fucks her pussy from behind - and ends it all up by giving her a creampie just like the one her mom received when she was conceived.

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ANON +178 points1563 days ago

At Least He Had The Decency To Cum In Her. Reply Report

juliannasweet +5 points495 days ago

nice fuck Reply Report
Dadays dick

Dadays dick   0 points488 days ago

Add fb James Bohannon from illinois Reply Report

Right +50 points1557 days ago

Nothing better than being the father of your own grandson... Reply Report

ohyeadady +66 points1511 days ago

I can not wait to fuck my little girl. Reply Report

FuckMyPussy21 +21 points694 days ago

Cum inside of her. It feels so good when people cum inside of me. Your daughter would love your cock in her, fucking cum inside of that shit. Reply Report
Kik me ladonna007

Kik me ladonna007 +3 points1483 days ago

:) Reply Report

idontknow +65 points1360 days ago

i can't believe i get off on this shit omg i have issues :/ Reply Report

Samoaon +2 points347 days ago

Join the club Reply Report

WishMyDadWouldRapeMeAgain +6 points570 days ago

OMG me too Reply Report
Big daddy

Big daddy +1 points549 days ago

Wishmy dad would rape me have you ever thought about doing it in real life Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh +60 points1534 days ago

This isn't what she meant when she asked daddy for a doggy. Reply Report

hdmedia +8 points1480 days ago

Gold Reply Report

littlegirlfuk +52 points1435 days ago

this is probably my fave video! all dads should fuck their daughters like this! i love when my dad fucks me Reply Report

Hornyperv -5 points429 days ago

How young was toy the first time daddy fucked you Reply Report

incestfeen +6 points1001 days ago

Hell yea I agree with u Reply Report

nice +6 points1417 days ago

How old are you Reply Report

fuckingthemyoung +35 points1567 days ago

i so wish this was me doing the fucking that nice little pussy needs to be filled by my cum Reply Report

dad +22 points1540 days ago

Love to watch you pound mine Reply Report
good young whore

good young whore +30 points1558 days ago

she takes it like a good baby whore should
Reply Report

dad +21 points1540 days ago

I 100% agree an hopefully mine turn's out Like her an maybe get to watch a few guy fuck her little slut ass to live to see her taken it he broke her in good loved watching home ram her little skinny body an her cute smile wen he came in her very good girl Reply Report

Dadismyhero +11 points666 days ago

Wish you were my dad xxx daughters are ment to loose their viginity to their fathers its the done deal xx Reply Report
Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah +2 points595 days ago

let's meet ;) i'll be your daddy
Reply Report

youngbaby   0 points365 days ago

Be my daddy Reply Report

Cumrunningdownleg +11 points1565 days ago

That's hot, cum in the next girl you fuck and think of me ;)
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gothcumslut +31 points710 days ago

Wow, what a great dad!! I wish I'd had a daddy like him growing up, I would've had him using me from a very young age, I WANTED to be fucked since I was about 7. At least I have a good roleplay daddy now that knows how to put my holes to proper use. I love his goodbye kisses after he has used me outside my house and work late at night or when he sneaks in my house as I sleep and stuff to use me and fill me with his cum. The only thing that's be better is if he was really my dad. He even lets his friends help him use me, he's amazing. :) Reply Report

sonmom +30 points1566 days ago

that was hot...and another thing...ppl dont understand the history of us...we do have alittle bit of incest blood in us..its not a bad thing to its ok when they did it way long ago..but now its honestly sex is just sex.. sex shouldent be a big deal about anything.. Reply Report
Death The Kid

Death The Kid +14 points1223 days ago

Just one thing about your "facts":
You are an idiot. Aristocrats used to fuck each other so the blood was considered "clean". But they have to get over the incest because of physical and mental deformities.
Check your infos the next time befor you brag arround.

Besides, this is a fact and has nothing to do with my opinion on incest.
Reply Report

sassy_savannah -2 points925 days ago

When it's repetitive, of course. But if it's only for one or two generations, it's not that bad. But personnaly I think it should stay "sex only" and not making babies who has the same father/mom/brother/etc as you :/ It gets complicated in the family meetings LOL Reply Report

Wonder +20 points1430 days ago

if she knew how much this video would increase her chances of getting a babysitting job? ;-) Reply Report

DaddyDoesABodyGood +19 points1300 days ago

I miss my daughter and the time we shared like this. Nothing as strong as daddy/daughter love, no sex is better either Reply Report

ncstlvr69er +15 points1198 days ago

I have a stepdaughter and a lot of nieces I`d love to do this to them. Reply Report

:O +12 points1505 days ago

Am I the only one who cums the same time as the guy in the video? Reply Report

malcomx +11 points1385 days ago

ha ha that's so ironic, its, kind of funny( being the father of your own grandson and knowing it) Reply Report

Creampie101 +9 points922 days ago

I love this video! I like seeing fathers cum in their daughters and brothers cumming in their sisters! That's just so fucking hot! I would love to be her brother and watching all of this happen in person. Seeing my own father pumping his cum into my sister would be such a turn on! I would hide and watch while I played with myself and get myself right on the verge of blowing my load and just keep myself right on the edge and watch as my Dad filled my sexy sister with his own cum and right as he pulled his dick out of her I would immediately walk in the room and slide my throbbing, precum leaking, ready to explode dick as deep into my sister's freshly fucked, sloppy, cum filled pussy as I could possibly get and pump my load deep inside her too! Then me and dad could take turns watching each other fuck her and fill her with cum as long as we could keep going. Reply Report

Daddyslilcumdump +8 points538 days ago

My daddy and two older brothers have been fucking me since I was 8 and I love it so much. I'm a good obedient lil girl and they can use my tight holes whenever and however they want. Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points527 days ago

How old are you daddyslilcumdump Reply Report

Your.Daddy +8 points566 days ago

So fucking hot. I hope to fuck one of my daughters like this one day. I'll get some birth control some how some way so I can cum in their tight little pussies! Reply Report

Fgfg +5 points495 days ago

Just cum in her and if she has a daughter fuck her too Reply Report

soren2happy2 +7 points957 days ago

Gullible people. Blur out your own face but not your daughter's? Yeah, ok, real incest there. Its probably some craigslist whore or other young girl he's seduced and doesn't want his wife to recognize him. Reply Report

mckinley +7 points1077 days ago

Wish that was me Reply Report

Throbingcock   0 points644 days ago

I'll do that for you! Reply Report

closetnymph +6 points1413 days ago

I need a new daddy....I promise ill be a naughty little girl for you Reply Report

Lovethemyoung   0 points709 days ago

Ill be your daddy! How tight is your little pussy?
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cumming859   0 points826 days ago

Are you still looking? Reply Report

thesoulryde   0 points1389 days ago

How naughty? Reply Report

chokeurangel +6 points1249 days ago

this is so hot ugh i'm so wet Reply Report

yngrapelover +6 points669 days ago

Exactly what daughters and step daughters are for. It is honestly the best sex. Reply Report
Her b/f

Her b/f +5 points1527 days ago

You nasty little whore! Was your pussy full of your daddy's cum when you asked me to lick it? Reply Report
Need A Daddy That Can Punish Me

Need A Daddy That Can Punish Me +5 points1108 days ago

I want a daddy like this to punish me and pound my little pussy and make me so wet. Reply Report

Throbingcock +5 points644 days ago

Any girls looking for a daddy to do this with? Reply Report

Callzone   0 points320 days ago

I am Reply Report

Throbingcock -1 points253 days ago

And how many babies does my lil girl want? Reply Report
Love slut

Love slut +5 points934 days ago

Love that he came in her Reply Report

Daughter +5 points752 days ago

The best one on this site Reply Report

Rockco +5 points702 days ago

She is getting more from the chair rubbing her clit then what he is doing! Reply Report

daddyd +4 points1405 days ago

nice Reply Report

ingomat +4 points1084 days ago

Not rape - she's begging for a replay Reply Report

Creampie101 +4 points907 days ago

Damn I want to fuck this girl! I love this video! I wish I was her boyfriend and asleep in her bed as she is being recorded fucking her dad! I would love for her to come straight to her bedroom and climb under the covers immediately after this video is over! I would put my arm around her and find that she didn't have any panties on and start rubbing her legs moving my way up to her pussy and find that she is completely soaking wet and dripping everywhere. Not knowing that just seconds before her dad had just finished fucking her and filling her young little pussy with his cum. I would be so turned on by how wet she was that I would climb on top of her and sink my throbbing hard dick inside her and fuck her sloppy pussy until I pumped another load deep inside her right with her dad's fresh load of cum! I would have no idea that I had just fucked her dad's sloppy seconds but I sure would enjoy her soaking wet juicy pussy! Reply Report

bignthick81 +4 points606 days ago

Anyone got a link to the full length version of this? Reply Report

fuckme247 +4 points578 days ago

I want daddy to cum in me 3,4,5 times a day.
Bend me over anything he wants to.
Reply Report

Curious +3 points1567 days ago

Wonder what his cellmates think of him fucking his daughter? Reply Report

frankw265 +3 points1557 days ago

Oooh Boy! Reply Report

beddins93 +3 points545 days ago

I hope i can find a wife that supports me fucking my little girl. I know grade school would be so awsome fot us both. Just can't be with someone who would be against it. Reply Report

Diavolos +3 points412 days ago

Damn that dad is what I need. He cummed inside that little hoe Reply Report

Aphrodite. +2 points609 days ago

Mmm wish my daddy would fuck my little cunt like this and make me pregnant mmm daddys baby in me!!! <3 Reply Report

Menwillbemenandgirlsloveit +2 points325 days ago

nice skinny legs. smiling when he comes. feels under to check if condom not split. doesn't look like a prozzy. obviously know eachother.
the kid's loving it so why not.Just keep in secret. Do gooders will she's abused. Only if they make her feel dirty. Mind your own business, its only natural for adolescent girls. Why should they wait for men for years?
Reply Report

FuckMeM8with   0 points211 days ago

@Menwillbemenandgirlsloveit LOL
yo have no idea what u talking about but fine... The reason this is wrong is that incest it self is wrong in a biological sense.
Thankfully we have condoms so fuck it
Reply Report
daddy\'s little sweetheart

daddy\'s little sweetheart +2 points365 days ago

I need myself a daddy. I'm a small, innocent girl who would love nothing more than to feel my daddy's hard cock slide into my virgin cunny.
Let me know if there's anyone interested
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BigRed3120   0 points288 days ago

How old are you? Reply Report

polodaddy   0 points319 days ago

hi little one Reply Report

mfvicli +2 points270 days ago

So hot. Reading these comments is so funny. I remember when I used to associate myself with morality. Such a waste of time lol Reply Report
the dude

the dude +1 points687 days ago

Now thats daddy's lil girl. Reply Report

Callzone +1 points322 days ago

Never been cum in i wounder what that feels like. .... Reply Report

oldrM4yngrF +1 points321 days ago

i would LOVE to show you one day
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Callzone +1 points321 days ago

Really?? Reply Report

AAF +1 points592 days ago

i want someone to be my daddy Reply Report
Big dick daddy

Big dick daddy +1 points307 days ago

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respirator +1 points578 days ago

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Ukftm +1 points405 days ago

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Hoping Daddy

Hoping Daddy +1 points401 days ago

I hope my girls let me do this soon Reply Report
Hoping Daddy

Hoping Daddy   0 points401 days ago

any tips Reply Report

Dirtbuster23 +1 points357 days ago

Not bad Reply Report

deaththekid +1 points123 days ago

They have multiple videos and either them or someone else made a compilation (including that part) on xnxx.
Search for "dad cant live without daughters cunt" (yes, with the can't spelled wrong) and you will find a 31 min video.
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Vera   0 points934 days ago

Lilia Fedorov Reply Report

sheay   0 points512 days ago

I was 26 at the time when I fucked my brother And his Big Long Thick Cock is the best I ever had!!!!! he made me feel soo alive..!! been having fantasies about my dad since then Reply Report

robot   0 points789 days ago

who will not fuck her if she asking for.... you got no choice right.... Reply Report

xlzj   0 points723 days ago

best ever Reply Report

bislutcpl   0 points530 days ago

OMG she is so HOT makes me want to bend my granddaughter over and slid all the way balls deep cum deep she is very young blond WOW Reply Report

aj8805   0 points528 days ago

I love being fucked doggie, it's been awhile :'( Reply Report

Fuckheragain   0 points447 days ago

I love that it feels awesome like a love bomb and the creamie stuff goes in uhhh mmm... that dick is good should fuck her again Reply Report

tjpuckett   0 points391 days ago

Any more vids of her? Reply Report

daddyforcefuckme   0 points352 days ago

Mmm fuck, I want my daddy to fuck me just like this. Reply Report

Ausdad   0 points217 days ago

I don't know what I love more. That there is like minded people out there with the same fantasys as I or that there's so many daughters that have fucked their dads and loved it or that want to. I have a wife but she'd never be into this sort of stuff Reply Report

inyoass   0 points211 days ago

This is a fucking great video. Don't know why though, but it is hot af! And the teen is also hot Reply Report

H.E.L.P   0 points175 days ago

I need fucking help I get off on this Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points174 days ago

come view my vijdeos Reply Report

Daddy69   0 points70 days ago

Reminds me of my sweet daughter there is no better sex or wife Reply Report
Fearless Viking

Fearless Viking   0 points63 days ago

my Niece lets me get away with it when i have our special time together plus she never told everyone is clueless all so im Adopted im not really related by blood so i can fuck her as much i want in my Nordic Culture of my Ancestors its tradition to show Love and mate with our Nieces good enough for me if they don't like it there just not understanding of it and Jelous and Afraid to live LIFE and injoy it and even to give a Damn and even if means giving your own ❤ show your Lover that more then you just love them you be willing to kill Save and Protect in Honor for them with all your Heart and that there worth everything in Life it self and worth Living for a Life there forth live it well..Vahalla Reply Report
Jack c

Jack c   0 points17 days ago

Daughter sex is a wonderful thing the first time i penetrated my daughter's pussy i knew i was hook we still fuck she has three babies with me love her so much Reply Report

Guest1269   0 points23 hours ago

Looks like my 14 year old step daughter.. I came pretty quick Reply Report

Diff -1 points729 days ago

Fake. Reply Report

Littlegirlf*cker -1 points362 days ago

If someone have videos with little daughter lets exchange I also have!

Reply Report

jj -11 points1558 days ago

Im praying this is fake. Reply Report

daed -14 points919 days ago

when i have daughter i will fuck her every day and say if tell your mom i kill you kkk Reply Report

Dan -25 points1559 days ago

U guys r sick fucks Reply Report

Rob -27 points1559 days ago

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