Congolese Women Sexually Abused

Women stripped and beaten by African Militia in Congo.

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lolz +20 points1614 days ago

Hahaha, I knew this vid would be transfered to heavy-r ^^ Reply Report

U +4 points1613 days ago

I hate htis, i thought it was fake but it seems real... :(
The world is an awful place.
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Bob +4 points1613 days ago

How do you charge a mobile phone in the jungle? Reply Report

JAson +7 points1579 days ago

Solar Power Reply Report

whoremasterbastard +4 points1091 days ago

Why don't they makes the whores open their pussy out wide and film them up close? Reply Report
congo liberté

congo liberté +1 points1583 days ago

comment vous pouvez posté cette video, la souffrance de la femme congolaise ne vous suffit pas?
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www +1 points1510 days ago

now malitari going to 1by1 :) Reply Report
wanking soldier

wanking soldier +1 points1087 days ago

very interesting and real Reply Report

zibi65   0 points1613 days ago

super film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Reply Report

ingomat -1 points523 days ago

This belong to the Jungle - and should stay there Reply Report

Pump -2 points1614 days ago

That is a Anchor you dork! Reply Report

zero -3 points1411 days ago

the fat chick with the braids put your clothes back on your making my penis soft and don't they usually walk naked in Congo, I've watched national geographic, maybe they were crossing a restricted area and the soldiers were ordered to make sure they weren't hiding any weapons or grenades or drugs or diamonds, maybe those chicks were a bunch of mules working for the rebels, soldiers have to be extra careful at all times or someone might get killed Reply Report

Troller -5 points1614 days ago

Although the guy captured the video wearing a christian cross...
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Niggers -5 points1609 days ago

Monkeys being monkeys... Reply Report
Illiterate hick

Illiterate hick   0 points511 days ago

Your lot did not evolve, they just shaved. You do know that when you shave a monkey they've got white skin. The Proboscis monkey is also related to your type, the cave mayo niggers. Reply Report
Pot Head

Pot Head -8 points1318 days ago

Black women are soooo fuckin ugly and you wonder why they never get rapped here in this country, they are just ugly ass women all black women are Reply Report
Oh please!

Oh please!   0 points511 days ago

Is that why you came here to fap to them?. These women are your grandma's age, difference is they look way better than she does. Bet the women in your family age like rotten milk, and your mother looks like the crypt keeper. Your type are the ugliest mofo's. Reply Report