Daughter Rides Her Dad's Cock

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Father Death

Father Death +35 points1732 days ago

Oh look at all these pedophiles.... Reply Report

ynglover +19 points1586 days ago

i love them very young Reply Report

LittlegirlLover   0 points6 days ago

@ynglover younger the better Reply Report
Sex god

Sex god -4 points282 days ago

@ynglover how yng u like them
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12 yr

12 yr +19 points1291 days ago

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Your Daddy

Your Daddy   0 points37 days ago

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14yr +11 points637 days ago

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daddy -4 points1101 days ago

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lolipop giver

lolipop giver +1 points1264 days ago

Where you at sweetie I'll be your daddy Reply Report

DadLovesMe +12 points699 days ago

All of the people posting negatively about the possible pedo in this, how the fuck did you end up watching this video anyway? It is a fetish and very hot to think about. My stepdaughter can ride me anytime she wants. Reply Report

bemydaddy +9 points1496 days ago

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sallymay +9 points802 days ago

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Ausdad +1 points338 days ago

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pedomom +8 points1499 days ago

what about her pleasure doesn't she get to cum Reply Report

daddyd +5 points1498 days ago

Damn I want it Reply Report

teachme +5 points1575 days ago

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farts +3 points1715 days ago

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freerapeslut +2 points660 days ago

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Big dick

Big dick   0 points647 days ago

If you was my daughter ud be already pregnant Reply Report

lillslutfakutrie   0 points223 days ago

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Jdub +1 points105 days ago

I like them real young. I wish my daughter would fuck me. She's so sexy. Reply Report

yourlittleslut666 +1 points50 days ago

Every daughter owes their dad their pussy. The man gave you life and took care of you so repay with your cunt and let him fuck it every now and then. Reply Report

Medon\'tknow   0 points531 days ago

What is incest? Is putting it in my sisters poop shoot inc3st? If she askes for it is it still incest? Or is it just free poop hole? Why is this so complicated?! Reply Report
Sick daddy

Sick daddy   0 points362 days ago

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Groofy   0 points243 days ago

tramp stamp? she over 18? Reply Report

iAmHereToComment   0 points120 days ago

okay... Reply Report
Fuck me Daddy

Fuck me Daddy   0 points45 days ago

I wish someone would fuck me hard ❤️ Reply Report

Livk   0 points40 days ago

As gross as all the pedos are, she has a tattoo. So clearly she's an adult. Nothing wrong with consensual sex. Reply Report

hitman_rain091 -1 points904 days ago

i dont think that she is his daughter Reply Report

Beddins -1 points672 days ago

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UCfbi -2 points915 days ago

All you pedos! Reply Report

Notapiglikeyou -4 points1569 days ago

Do you people really believe that this shit is incest, your pretty stupid if you think that Reply Report

hardknocklife +3 points550 days ago

you would be retarded to think that it doesnt happen and isnt filmed Reply Report

bullet -6 points1736 days ago

He should be ashamed of his self... Reply Report

Gbax   0 points741 days ago

All you fucks! Reply Report

Melquizedeque -6 points1666 days ago

O que vejo neste video é o que já acontecia milhões de anos atrás o homem procriava com suas própias filhas mais hoje em dia é considerado incesto devido á muitas coisas tirada da própia cabeça dos homens sendo que os que fazem as leis são os que mais praticão o incesto se for feito por amor sem ser forçado não vejo mal nisto. Reply Report

Translated +2 points552 days ago

What I see in this video is what was already happening millions of years ago the man procreated with his own daughters more nowadays it is considered incest due to many things taken from the own head of the men being that those who make the laws are those that more practice Incest if it is done by love without being forced I do not see it badly. Reply Report