Sex With Insects

When only insects can make a man cum...

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4 +25 points1932 days ago


Well we're watching a guy with an insect fetish,so... We're all weird
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Hornblower +7 points1932 days ago

Is it just me or is this seriously strange? Reply Report

tss +5 points1931 days ago

thats how you end up if you dont get laid xD Reply Report

+5 points1932 days ago

Fuck you wonkydonkey you fucking piece of shit Reply Report

Squirrely +3 points1842 days ago

This is what happens when no women can be found in your country or you are as ugly as the insects. Reply Report
Mr. Snail

Mr. Snail +2 points1930 days ago

do they eat his dick or why the fuck is there blood? Reply Report

Wpr,s +3 points1881 days ago

:V well these are Meal Worms afterall, they eat MEAT aka his cock. Reply Report

torpedoped +1 points1862 days ago

slugs! perfect! thanks for the awesome idea! Reply Report
Dick torture Sam

Dick torture Sam +1 points286 days ago

@loveleotards wow cool..can u upload the video so that I can watch it too..make sure to include the after effects of meal womrs to ur dick.

I'd love to see how one's dick look like after they have spent some quality time with torture Gods Meal worms
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@ Non-Member

@ Non-Member   0 points1931 days ago

Why? If it's his? This site steals a lot crap. Reply Report

.com   0 points1931 days ago

i am hungry. Reply Report

Alex_Germany   0 points1932 days ago

You're a weirdo wonkydonky Reply Report

frozen   0 points1931 days ago

now put spider on your dick, big black spider that bites u ! Reply Report

S   0 points1930 days ago

what on earth...? Reply Report

mucp   0 points1102 days ago

super,super,super,excelent Reply Report

thotslayermklg69   0 points289 days ago

nigga u weird Reply Report

loveleotards   0 points429 days ago

Ibought 100 mealworms and did it today the pain was amazing i .kept coming. Ileft them on my cock for 2hrs not realizing they were flesh eaters. My cock and pubic was so bloody after i dumped the worms. Reply Report

luckextreme -3 points304 days ago

Mmmmm it's horny ,love it very much Reply Report