Bottle Snaps In Guy's Ass

"It wasn’t until the following day that I had most of the broken glass out of my ass. Still, one or two very small broken glass pieces are still in there. I can still feel them with my fingers but I can’t get them out anymore. Btw after publically available part of 1Guy1Cup video ended, I still had at least one half of the broken glass inside my ass. I went to the bathroom to pick it all up and that’s where I got the biggest piece – it had a capital letter L shape." (Alex aka 1Guy1Cup)

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+70 points1857 days ago

I wish you would have just died after that you stupid mother fucker Reply Report

dumbass +4 points1858 days ago

Not too bright are you? Does it really involve rocket science to figure out that an empty glass pickle jar and an anus don't mix?! Reply Report

ha +3 points1858 days ago

should have filled the jar with water first to prevent uneven pressure distribution. Reply Report

contempted +2 points1565 days ago

Now I've officially seen too much. Reply Report

extremegay +1 points200 days ago

Love it!!! Reply Report

Deserved   0 points1592 days ago

There are a million things you can fuck that wont tear your ass inside out. Reply Report

knack   0 points1290 days ago

Laughing my fuckn ass off hahahahahahahahaha
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Biggoggsie   0 points813 days ago

The thing most of us who do extreme anal insertion fear.Using the wrong type of wide necked vessel such as glass to reward ourselves for a successful insertion.What scared me for him the worst was the heavy type of blood coming out of his anus that type of blood is not easily stopped without surgery.
Hoping all has be removed and you are doing fine now
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Immabadman   0 points509 days ago

I guess the dumbass will learn next time he had better go to hospital pronto Reply Report

junglejimhr   0 points210 days ago

Stoopid Fuck... Reply Report

Bunnyman   0 points174 days ago

That's why I don't play with my organs.
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loneliness   0 points13 days ago

This guy is sick... buy you know who is even worse? ppl that comment such things as "Love it!!!" "great" "hot"..ppl that praise and encourage this kind of sadness Reply Report

guy -1 points1857 days ago

That's what you get you dumb ass inbreeded fuck Reply Report

OMG -1 points1772 days ago

Holy shit that looke fucking painful. you fucking idiot shitface go buy a dildo at sex shop u lazy cunt Reply Report

lovenylon -1 points1650 days ago

do it again bigger bottle dumb fuck Reply Report

tinyone4u -2 points1821 days ago

Stay with plastic from now on fool. Reply Report

tunner -2 points1831 days ago

Do it again Do it again!!!! Reply Report