Woman Tortured And Raped By Cartel Member

Busty woman bound, tortured and raped in the mud as revenge on her drug dealer boyfriend.

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Officer Snicker

Officer Snicker +3 points2046 days ago

pauluzzz u are ofc an idiot. here is no comment where somebody says that we hate it here. so that makes your comment pretty much shirlock like. Reply Report

Dennis +2 points2046 days ago

OMG off course this is fake.
There almost are no REAL rape movies.
And a cartel killing includes Spanish/Mexican people.
And even there they dont rape the woman from enemy cartels.. that is gangster blasphemy :P
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Allah is Homosexual

Allah is Homosexual   0 points2047 days ago

Fake Reply Report

JuicyCutie18   0 points2031 days ago

It's all Pauluzzz's fault for being such a drama queenie and hoping people buy into his BS title. HEY, LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!! LOL Reply Report

:/   0 points2026 days ago

Aww look at those pigs Reply Report

upyours   0 points2025 days ago

its from kinks website infernal restraints you dicks. Reply Report

sexy   0 points1601 days ago

mud sex is really fun my bf and i do it all the time feels really good on my breasts Reply Report
bs detector

bs detector   0 points1140 days ago

wot a load of bs . . .lol Reply Report

borowiec   0 points743 days ago

Nice Reply Report

aiisha13 -1 points2017 days ago

To bad her lil daughter isn't there Reply Report
We can only hope this was real..but fake

We can only hope this was real..but fake -1 points1935 days ago

have seen a bunch of female beheadings videos online from real cartel members and they never rape them, or at least on camera. Usually the cartel videos are terrible quality videos....and with all the freaking money they make u'd think it would be at least as good quality as this fake video lol Reply Report

Cobalt -1 points693 days ago

I don't understand how that's torture. I mean, sure, getting mud in your eyes would suck, but that's it. Reply Report
Non member black guy

Non member black guy -2 points2038 days ago

He should have just dug a deep hole and pushed her in a couple of times Reply Report

Satan -2 points1304 days ago

Take shitlike this off your site!!!!!! Reply Report

Pauluzzz -10 points2046 days ago

No shit shirlock! Ps I don't get it, why do you still come here if you hate it so much? Reply Report