Passed Out Girl Abused

Drunk girl fell in deep sleep on guy's sofa, who took off her clothes and plays with her pussy while she's passed out.

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hannahhard +200 points914 days ago

I wish I could wake up to random guys playing with my pussy lol Reply Report

Gz28 +1 points668 days ago

We can work something out :-)
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Youngster13 -1 points701 days ago

Ma I would play with ur pussy any time u wanted me to, we should hang out! Lol Reply Report

Adamneve   0 points711 days ago

What's your address baby. I'll give you a hell of a wakeup Reply Report
just me

just me -2 points772 days ago

i wish i could wake you up by playing with your pyssy Reply Report

familiar +84 points1954 days ago

i did this to my cousin. it started as just a peek but when she didn't move or react i kept going. she did sort of wake up when i started having sex with her but was still so black out drunk i dont think she knew who i was or what was going on. she didnt say a thing about it the next morning. which is weird because even if she was that hammered you would think waking up with cum leaking out of your vagina would be a clue that sex happened... and im the only guy in the house Reply Report

arock69 +11 points1183 days ago

I wait till my wife is sleeping and then I can go hog wild in her little cunt. She is usually so tight I can cum right away. I like to slide my lubed up fingers in her one by one until I have all 4 in and the thumb tip. I leave my hand in her for hours as I spread my fist open and slowly stretch out that " rubber band feeling " muscle in her that makes her pussy tight but I want it loose enough where it doesn't cause so much friction when I'm in her. I like my pussy loose and wet. I have been working on stretching her out every other night. It's fun and she doesn't know or care especially if she is drinking. I want to be able to stick my whole fist in her and work her pussy all night. I truly hope that is possible I have large hands and pretty sure all women can do it. If you have any suggestions anybody was reading this please let me know I will post some pictures and videos for anybody who's interested. I want her loose enough to easily fist every night. Then I just like to put my cock in her and let it soak for hours while I slowly fuck her any way I want and creampie her new gaping loose hole. Sometimes I want to eat my own cum out of her too. Until I cum then the urge goes away. Anyways it's something I've always wanted to try. Anybody who is reading this please give me any input or suggestions and advice if you can help me out thank you! Reply Report
Ss h

Ss h   0 points100 days ago

@arock69 dude that's not how vaginas work, they go right back to the original tightness when you pull out. Unless her vagina was physically ripped there's nothing you can do about making her vagina "loose" Reply Report

Fuckm3 +1 points434 days ago

@arock69 shes lucky
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Omg   0 points524 days ago

Im not gonna lie this comment gets me everytime im so jealous of your wife i wish my finace would do this to me. Reply Report

Serge14 +7 points1136 days ago

I have been doing this with my drunk and passed out wife many times... it`s so funny to use her like a sex doll))) Reply Report

cheempanzee +2 points1355 days ago

cool story, bro Reply Report

asd +24 points2015 days ago

I wish my sister pass out like this so I can lick her asshole and pussy. mmm Reply Report

asda +21 points2015 days ago

i remember that time when i did this to my cousin (girl) she was 16 i was 18 it was her bday she got drunk at her best friends party so i needed take her home...her parents werent home they had after i got her to home she passed in like 2-3minutes i licked her in every posible place i fucked her gently so she dont start wake up damn i enjoyed her for 2-3hours stright than next morning she did not noticed anything and i did not said anything best night ever Reply Report
Non member black guy

Non member black guy +16 points2015 days ago

When she finds this video he is fucked Reply Report

kayc +13 points2014 days ago

my cousin did this to me when i would sleepover his house for the summers Reply Report

tomg +10 points2013 days ago

did this to a friend who came over drinking.. she got messed on JD and just passed right the fuck out. i just stripped her down and had fun with her for hours. next day didnt ask a thing, awesome night. Reply Report

Czech +7 points2015 days ago

She's not asleep, she's dead. Reply Report

jimmy90 +5 points1848 days ago

anybody know were I can see the full verstion for free ? Reply Report

sickfuckr +5 points849 days ago

i did this to my sister who is the same age as me, we would always sleep in bed together and i would pull down her panties and sniff and lick her ass and pussy... i still remember the way it tastes and smells and the exact type of panties she wore. and now im obsessed with the smell of a womans asshole, and turned on by girls who wear those same panties (solid white cotton) she never woke up or knew about it.
on a related but separate note a few years later we would mutually sexually experiment. we would masturbate together and masturbate eachother. her favorite thing i think was when she would watch me cum and i would wipe the cum on her vagina. she even let me lick her pussy and ass a lot and put my penis in her mouth a few times and we would 69 all the time. the furthest i ever got was i put my penis in her butthole (it wouldnt fit in her pussy, we tried). she said it hurt too much so i took it out immediately but that was all i needed because i came in her asscrack right after i pulled it out. my favorite was when shed let me put my finger in her ass for a few minutes straight while we were 69ing and I could smell her ass on my finger till i showered the next day. my biggest regret is not taking pics or videos cause i still think and masturbate to the thought of it today.
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Fuck +4 points2015 days ago

If only i could do that to my cousin. Reply Report

Pussycat +4 points1302 days ago

Her tits are amazing. Wonder if he wants another girl to help him with her. Reply Report

foogs +3 points1946 days ago

I wish my stepdaughter would pass out.i would do her like i did my cousin..big titties,bigass..fuck,fuck,fucc ;-) Reply Report

gvs +2 points2015 days ago

obviously her pussy is going to be wet..this is real Reply Report

john +2 points2014 days ago

that is rape Reply Report

dtrist +2 points1417 days ago

I tried fucking my sister while she was passed out one night. I got her pants down and was trying to get my dick inside of her when she stirred. I jumped off and laid beside her in the bed, and she pulled her pants back up. I was drunk, so I slowly worked up the nerve to try again. I figured her longer the second time, got her pants down about halfway, and was just rubbing my dick against her pussy when she woke up again. I jumped off and laid beside the bed, and she started crying. I stopped after that. Reply Report

makemypussynumb +2 points930 days ago

god that's so fucking hot Reply Report

Cobourgdad +2 points394 days ago

I'm gonna try this with my daughter tonight Reply Report

Cider +1 points2014 days ago

I imagine that, when she 'woke up', she had a lot to piss after all the drinks she took before passing out. I think I also would have licked her pussy and played with her labial lips. I would have hesitated to play with her clit as she could have badly reacted, certainly when being fucked. The fact that she didn't move at all and didn't have the slighted reaction proves that she was faking or really passing out... Reply Report

jriebe1952 +1 points711 days ago

This guy is a jerk, he should have called his friends over and have them bring their friends and they should have used her in every way possible spend hours using her that is what she is there for Reply Report
Jack savage

Jack savage +1 points411 days ago

Looks just like my wife before she had tattoos, Whats her name? Original poster? Love to see more of her, i love slinding all the way in while shes passed out on her back like that, she gets soaked and will actually spread her legs wider and cum all over you without waking up, i wanna get her wasted and run a train on her soon Reply Report

Littlecutie626   0 points454 days ago

I'd love for this to happen to me and is love for him to yes toys as well Reply Report

JoJo104   0 points44 days ago

You guys are do dumb that Hanna girl is saying it for advertisement for her "paid" web cam crap. You think a pretty girl like that is just so desperate to wish someone would play with her pussy she's a cam show hoe. Reply Report

Babydoll779 -1 points454 days ago

I'd love for a guy to do this to me and yes toys Reply Report

birch -2 points2028 days ago

nice work on her as she lay passed out. Reply Report

Blech -2 points1300 days ago

Jealous of her tits. Rape is bad guys, especially with family. Reply Report

hmmm -6 points2014 days ago

me and my girlfriends brother did this to her. Reply Report

XXXX -8 points2015 days ago

@asd your sister lets me do her when she is awake Reply Report

anne -9 points1923 days ago

shes asking for it Reply Report
non member

non member -10 points2014 days ago

Chick this passed out gets an ass raping then a dirty shit covered cock washed off in her pussy while I nut it up trying to get her knocked up... nothing better then raping a drunk girl and getting her prego knowing when u see her ashamed slut ass around town she cant remeber how or who put that baby bump there.. no child support for u slut bag! Reply Report

Wawssd -1 points523 days ago

I'm 34 but there are 4 universitys and community colleges in the surrounding towns. Nothing like getting a cute petite drunk, then druging her and taking a rideshare to her dorm room and Cumming in her knowing you are destroying her future. Then following them on social media as they drop out of college after an unexpected pregnancy. She will have to work 3 jobs and all night long to support her baby. Ha ha slut bag Reply Report