Japanese Scat Girls At Farm

Japanese girls take turns eating shit out of a cow's ass!

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yays +115 points2169 days ago

lucky cow! have a nice day! Reply Report
The Cow

The Cow +48 points2083 days ago

I'm the cow from this vid ! And I've never gave a permission to put this video on the Internet ! Twas filmed for my and my thai slaves personal usage only ! Damn my ex boyfriend, I think he made it... Moo ! Reply Report

Yes   0 points1995 days ago

Lol Reply Report

diggerau +30 points2147 days ago

love it. Takes me back to my days miking cows. By the end i would be covered in cow piss and shit mmm Reply Report

carly +25 points2147 days ago

yummy poo slurpy Reply Report

carly +21 points2147 days ago

Reminds me of the lovely tasting horseshit I used to eat growing up. Never tried cowshit, I need to do that at some point. Reply Report
A Non-Member Girl

A Non-Member Girl +17 points2147 days ago

Those are good submissive girls. I can learn from them. Reply Report

kunny +17 points1738 days ago

as soon as the shit hit her face I jizzed in my pants Reply Report

flareclaire22 +15 points2169 days ago

this is the best thing ive ever seen in my life Reply Report
Mr Jackoff

Mr Jackoff +15 points2071 days ago

I love those 2 girls, me want to marry them, I want to be their husband so bad, they truthfully own this world that we live in. They are very classy Reply Report

smudger69 +13 points2146 days ago

Well that's something to tell the grandchildren one day!!! Reply Report

LB69er +12 points2136 days ago

I wish I was there with them little darlings,I would love to join in with them. Reply Report

jami63 +10 points2001 days ago

It looks like a cow's pussy does not deserve mosaic but I could fuck it and I'm pretty sure it would be good Reply Report

fucker +9 points2147 days ago

Only one comment: how are these chicks Japanese? They are clearly Thai. Reply Report

Ihateeverybody +9 points2047 days ago

It's hilarious how when people see Asians doing something disgusting they assume ALL Asians are this way, when they see a Westerner do something disgusting they don't say anything. There are disgusting people everywhere in the world, there's plenty of scat videos of white people on this site retards -.- Reply Report

Fawful +2 points688 days ago

Have you never seen the comments on videos of white people doing fucked up shit? You see the exact same kind of comments, talkin' about us fucken' reeetarded wite folks goin' round with shotgun in one hand an'a sister's tit in another. I do say, that sure is reeeeal insultin' ta me! Reply Report

Oy +8 points1583 days ago

where did I go wrong in life. i'm scared. she did oral on a cow ???? Reply Report

Amazing +7 points2169 days ago

I'm watching this while eating lunch. I think I'm desensitised. Thank you Asia! Reply Report

I LOVE IT +7 points2168 days ago

I love that mook and the other girl is fantastic too. would love to be there with them and joining in with them. would do all that to the two girls and eat it all. Reply Report

WTF +7 points2147 days ago

Dont know whether to laugh or cry
Reply Report

hmmmmm +7 points2060 days ago

shes not japanese but shes still cute Reply Report
I eat my shit

I eat my shit +7 points1724 days ago

This is th emost amazing thing I have ever seen Reply Report

XCOM +6 points2169 days ago

..........There some fucked people in this world. Reply Report

scvc +6 points2146 days ago

taking a picture of a cows ass, O-o Reply Report

Indonesia +4 points2146 days ago

Amazing. Lesbian between two girl and a cow. I want to have a wife like them. I hope women in the world follow like them because these women have to try something out of the body of divine creation creatures. Women should also be lesbian with other divine creation creatures because God is happy to see all creatures enjoy each other. Reply Report

pw +3 points1781 days ago

Real excelent Reply Report

foxgirl +3 points1078 days ago

Mmm sexy! Id worship their assholes and let the m shit on me anytime! Horses can come shit and fuck me too! Reply Report

useless +3 points664 days ago

God, I wish so much that that could be me. I want to be used and defiled that that. I am an ugly, filthy, worthless slut bag and my only purpose is to please men. I want to be used for their cock's pleasure and also for their amusement like this when they are bored. I wish I could trade lives with these beautiful asian girls. Reply Report

wtf... +2 points1971 days ago

these girls are thai... Reply Report

JACK SS +2 points476 days ago

LOVE U MOM Reply Report

Uber +1 points1465 days ago

THATS IT...this is the sickest and most gross i have seen besides shitting hairy males!
Reply Report

JenniferPan +1 points474 days ago

Is the boss lady HoneyBee? It kinda looks like her Reply Report
Sebin Muhammad Nair

Sebin Muhammad Nair +1 points265 days ago

Not bad but I personally prefer human Female shit... Reply Report

s   0 points1957 days ago

now take that picture and put it in the famliy album book to show it. Reply Report
Fabio BRASIL 41 9712-1734

Fabio BRASIL 41 9712-1734   0 points1805 days ago

como tua merda me lige Reply Report

Bubbubz   0 points1143 days ago

Hitler fapped to this. Reply Report

Scatlover2   0 points1033 days ago

Lol at 6:16 Reply Report

poolover   0 points691 days ago

Probably the MOST disgusting video I've EVER seen. However, like a car wreck I couldn't tear my eyes away!!! Reply Report
So horny

So horny   0 points399 days ago

And need more scat like this because I just cumed on my entire bed Reply Report

mastakiller   0 points93 days ago

What i think is so funny about this video is that while if it was made in America the women would claim they did it for the money. These girls from Japan are doing this because they want too and whatever payment is secondary. That is a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Reply Report

ngel   0 points330 days ago

this is Thai Reply Report

buzmend   0 points321 days ago

Nasty girls! Reply Report

scattymoo   0 points173 days ago

the Japanese certainly don't hold back , and the girls are amazing Reply Report

jkz -1 points784 days ago

wow thats really fucked up Reply Report
Textbook loner, but the neighbours like me

Textbook loner, but the neighbours like me -1 points948 days ago

I'm absolutely appaulled with myself that the pussy looks fuckable. Jesus christ I just cannot stop watching porn and now have a fucking look where I indelibly am. Reply Report

spieder271077 -2 points2147 days ago

Und da soll mir noch mal jemand sagen das die Reisfresser nicht krank im Kopf sind, solche " Menschen " gehören erschossen!!!! Reply Report

Whoa -2 points2145 days ago

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall for this filming. Reply Report

e940 -2 points1840 days ago

so geil war ich auch mal Reply Report

Matt -3 points2168 days ago

Hehe Reply Report

Piglet -3 points2147 days ago

mmmmmmm fresh greens Reply Report
Oh god

Oh god -3 points2146 days ago

Why? Why did i watch this? Was i high or something? And the one that commented about the asians is right. Reply Report

MMM -4 points1816 days ago

Disgusting Reply Report
Z21 Space Launcher

Z21 Space Launcher -7 points2168 days ago

Wow! this is better (and faster) than Ipecac!
Somebody throw all the scat freaks into molten lead ASAP lest they reproduce... 'shitlings'.
Reply Report

what.... -8 points2144 days ago

This is just the dumbest shit I've ever seen. There's a limit to scat porn and beastilaity. I think humanity has overstayed it's welcome. Time for the end of world ladies and gentlemen. Reply Report
Surely Abnormal

Surely Abnormal -9 points2169 days ago

what did I just watch? surely abnormal *pukes*.
How sick do you have to be to like or do this???
This stuff is for 'power' losers.
Reply Report

yuriko212 -10 points2147 days ago

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Reply Report

yuriko212 -10 points2146 days ago

Follow Adult Fantasies Network - Official Nita X for new entries.

tags - Adult Fantasies Network - Official Nita X
Reply Report

Retards -11 points2146 days ago

This isnt even porn Reply Report
So unnatural!!!

So unnatural!!! -11 points2147 days ago

Can't believe that she did an unnatural act!!! She actually smeared shit from the cow into its pussy with her tongue. How selfish of her. Now that cow's gonna get UTI for sure Reply Report

Tzel -11 points2144 days ago

The women are Thai, NOT Japanese, and the production is from Europe. Probably they needed the money, its pretty sad. Reply Report

Y -12 points2144 days ago

That's "no bullshit" the sickest of the sick! Reply Report
Oh god why

Oh god why -12 points2147 days ago

Seems like anytime I am truly shocked by a video on this site, It involves asians. Disgusting isn't even an appropriate enough word. Reply Report

Kev -12 points2147 days ago

Nasty ass shit Reply Report

LOLZZZ -13 points2166 days ago

Strictly for our mentally unwell voyeurs at Heavy-R.
If you enjoy this 'shit' you can be sure - you are deeply fucked in the head. DEEPLY.
Reply Report

alley44 -15 points2162 days ago

pretty sick fucks Reply Report

WHAT IN THE RIGHTFUL NAME OF FUCK. -15 points2147 days ago

the guys getting thumbs down because they said this is wrong ARE RIGHT this is unbelievably SICK i really don't know how'd she would even get past the smell and the poor animal doesn't have a choice. i mean isn't watching a nude hot girl maturbating enough for you?!?! Reply Report

stargirl -16 points2167 days ago

sick sick sick sick people in this video, i havent even watched the video, i dont want to either. poor animal!!!!! Reply Report
President Bush

President Bush -25 points2145 days ago

I simply could not come to this, absolutely terrible. Reply Report