Eels Inserted In Pussy

Asian girls playing dirty games with live eels they just bought at the market.

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wrong +63 points1742 days ago

Thats her ass not her pussy REtard.
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Rosie +14 points1742 days ago

I kind of want those to be electric... :P Reply Report
t time

t time +3 points559 days ago

talk about a shocking orgasm lmao Reply Report
plump and horny

plump and horny +14 points1466 days ago

When those eels are in her ass...I wonder what it would feel like if you would shove your dick in there what that would feel like , that would probably feel awesome and blast her ass full of cum!!!!! Reply Report

Anonymous4548 +11 points464 days ago

Wow I wanna see one where she gets her pussy super glued shut with the eels inside agains her will. Life ruined but hot as fuck so it's okay. Reply Report

SlaveBabe   0 points222 days ago

I'll let you do that to me Reply Report

lol +5 points862 days ago

God bless Japan Reply Report

tr289 +4 points1743 days ago

I so got to move to Japan. That was AWESOME !!! Reply Report

flareclaire22 +3 points1743 days ago

I love this video Reply Report
Normal guy

Normal guy +3 points748 days ago

What the fuck Reply Report

EelMaster69 +2 points457 days ago

I really enjoyed this. Next time please try leaving them for a week, THEN shooting them out, THEN cooking them. That really turns me on Reply Report

debbydo +2 points419 days ago

a nice big buttplug would have kept them in for a few hours Reply Report

Vicki +2 points414 days ago

I'd love to do this Reply Report
Japanese Bitches

Japanese Bitches +1 points1754 days ago

Pussy smells like fish Reply Report
Dover Demon

Dover Demon +1 points1742 days ago

those are miniature eels. Not leeches. Leeches are creatures with limited mobility. They do not thrash, they do not move as fast as these EELS do. Reply Report
Dat boi

Dat boi +1 points397 days ago

Wow, hot Reply Report

stiffstickman   0 points1754 days ago

leave it to the japanese to come up with weird stuff like this... and actually doing it! Reply Report

wannafuck   0 points1531 days ago

what type of eels are they
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Imhard   0 points184 days ago

Mmmmm Reply Report

nr   0 points55 days ago

that his so hot should have put more in her pussy
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Ygr -2 points1368 days ago

Whats that annoying background sound?!!
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fghfghg -5 points1742 days ago

ARkkkk this is dirt as fuck Reply Report

me -7 points1674 days ago

thats gross,

she could have at least cut her toenails
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The Master

The Master -9 points632 days ago

another prime example of why asians are scum that must be destroyed Reply Report
... I believe ...

... I believe ... -12 points1742 days ago

... That those are leeches, not eels. Reply Report