Real Rape

Woman gets brutal war punishment. Hopefully this video will lead to the arrest of these assholes.

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persian from iran

persian from iran +75 points1717 days ago

this is not acting and shame on everyone who injoy this video first i should Apology for my week english second they are not arab they are afghan and the poor women is persian(irani) third our government hang them in the puplic and the people was happy in that moment i was there . if you serach in the intenet maybe you can find video about this i should remind there is 3 milion afghan in iran and more then half of them are not in low(illegal) and finaly the short translate: i sword you to god dont do this oh dear god please kill me please kill me you are not man you are less then man the man:yes i am less then man the girl:god please kill me i dont want to live any more Reply Report
FU Mohmud

FU Mohmud +9 points314 days ago

Why did you look up rape videos in the first place, real or fake? Just so you could chastise all of us infidels for our evil ways? Or, was it bc you like watching shit like this? It looks like you really like watching this shit and now you're projecting your own sense of guilt and everyone else around you because of how much you like it. That's the problem with you Persians, you are all too damn preachy about everything. Reply Report
Persian gulf

Persian gulf +3 points248 days ago

why did you look up? Reply Report
All from middle east are arabs

All from middle east are arabs -21 points838 days ago

It doesn't matter if they are from afganistan, they are still arabs. Reply Report

Sakib1 +1 points33 days ago

Afghans r notr Arabs.They r different race.Don`t Europeans and Americans rape? Reply Report

fratek98 -3 points112 days ago

@All from middle east are arabs
you are ignorant, Arabs are people who speak arabic language: Saudi, Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians and Libyans are all arab and 90% Muslim. In Turkey and Afghanistan people speak turkic languages, they aren't arab. (they are just muslims) in iran they are persians.
Reply Report

Bangladesh   0 points6 days ago

@fratek98 Indonesia is 100% muslim they are not arab..and by the way afgan dont speak Arabian...they use pastu and urdu..real or not arab or asian or Europien its not right to rape a women... Reply Report
Stupid people

Stupid people +1 points340 days ago

You stupid don't even know who are Arabs and who are not
Afghans are not Arabs you stupid
Reply Report

shiv37 +1 points146 days ago

@Stupid people who gives a rats ass what part of the third world shithole called the "middle east" they are from? All the same. Reply Report

Wah +44 points1484 days ago

My apologies for enjoying it
Im a sadist i cant help but enjoy this shit
I shouldnt look at it... But im addicted
So much wrong with me :/
Reply Report

safraz1975 +1 points76 days ago

@Wah I just bust a few myself Reply Report

Masochist +9 points391 days ago

I'm a masochist with a deep desire for brutal rape, there's a lot wrong with me too but I love it. Rape role play doesn't do it for me. I love the real stuff. I've been raped a few times already and I'm looking forward to the next time it happens ;) Reply Report

Reilly +2 points276 days ago

I want to get brutally raped by a gang of men for days Reply Report

Jesse18 -14 points400 days ago

Don't apologize. Women deserve to be brutalized, and Inwoidl do anything to be treated like this. Reply Report
This is bullshit

This is bullshit   0 points446 days ago

Your a bitch Reply Report
no apologies

no apologies -31 points803 days ago

dont apologise for you nature. women are meant to be abused; that's why god ut them here. Sadism is more natural than what people laughably call 'love'. Reply Report
Slap a hoe

Slap a hoe -2 points127 days ago

@no apologies Yes women are to serve men and be treated like the worthless hores they all are Reply Report

Wellll +1 points249 days ago

What if your a guy who wants to be raped don’t leave us out of it!! Reply Report

Wtf. +5 points405 days ago

Women are meant to be abused? What is wrong with you. Reply Report

Arla -4 points451 days ago

You are a sad ass. Reply Report

messenger +61 points1899 days ago

actually all of us are sick people ...the fact that we came here to watch rape videos means we are sick minded people. everyone is going to hell no matter what else you do in your lives!! Reply Report

Bora   0 points44 days ago

@messenger you are so fuckig right , we are sick people Reply Report

Adolf69 +3 points349 days ago

Agreed we're all sick fucks Reply Report

INDIAN +41 points1912 days ago

Always a man,guy and boy we all should respect a women because we all born from a female to whome we call mother, so respect all women and always make a stand to save helpless women, because the women who got raped in this video she is also a cute daughter of her mother and father and she is also a elder and younger sister of her brother and sister, Reply Report
i love fucking cheap indians

i love fucking cheap indians +1 points351 days ago

wtf indians are here too, talking nonsense Reply Report

So? -4 points801 days ago

I don't give a FUCK who she is. Ain't my problem, I just got a fetish that needs pleasing. Reply Report

Hail +26 points1927 days ago

The victim head were chop off after these bastard raped her, n these bastard were caught by police n were sentence hang till death infront of the public..... Reply Report

Hi +22 points1682 days ago

Anyone interested in real rape? Reply Report

..... +10 points848 days ago

ive been raped and want it again Reply Report

kit +2 points1489 days ago

Its my hobby :) Reply Report

ya +3 points1664 days ago

yess Reply Report

wendywilling +19 points1717 days ago

My boy friend used to set it up so his friends would 'catch' us having sex, and let them take a turn on me. I said I hated it, but I touch myself and think of it. Reply Report

fuckrapists +11 points1927 days ago

stupid bastards, they should get killed, Reply Report

Sickboy +10 points1939 days ago

Disturbing video.
But is it war punishment? Since Heavy-r is king putting bullshit descriptions under their video's, it could be anything.
Reply Report

St +10 points1907 days ago

Hope they fucked her cunt good I have just spunked off on this slag Reply Report
Don\'t even have daddy issues

Don\'t even have daddy issues +9 points766 days ago

I'm a girl and this turns me on...I've never been raped but I like watching people get hurt...I feel guilty for not feeling guilty Reply Report

T +8 points1921 days ago

Shes iranian like me, the guys are afghans. She repeatability screams "toro khoda nakon" which translated is like "please God no/for Gods sake dont". And I can make out one of the afghans sayin "get yur dick out"

Reply Report

rapist +8 points1200 days ago

this is so HOT!! that screamm... music for my ears, my dick is hard. Reply Report

assholes +7 points1926 days ago

Fucking assholes. Chop there dicks off. Reply Report

5pawsakademy +7 points1927 days ago

I will follow user Sickboy on this one, heavy-r are champions at making weird titles for their videos, boosting their audiences and download.. Anyway, can any one translate what is said and what language is used.. Reply Report

mfer +7 points1894 days ago

hope they all took a turn in pussy then fucked her in ass.....sure she squealed like a pig Reply Report

jim   0 points989 days ago

Then your ass stops itching mother fucker? Reply Report

FuckCorruptionIWillKillYou +6 points1081 days ago

I signed up for the United States Air Force and when I find you sons of bitches who like to rape I will FUCKEN kill you and if I capture you alive I will shoot a bullet thru your FUCKEN asshole. Fuck isis... Fuck these guys... I will rain hell on you sons of the devil! #FuckYouISIS Reply Report

sickboy +3 points999 days ago

yeah and i will piss on your head you dumb keyboard hero Reply Report

Gggy +6 points1077 days ago

Fucking hot duck the shit out of that dumb bitch Reply Report

fuckyou +5 points1557 days ago

this bitch enjoyed it too much Reply Report

Thugninja +5 points1205 days ago

Show it or don't but half videos are bullshit. Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +5 points787 days ago

Oh yeah fuck that little piggy Reply Report

bigbetty -1 points309 days ago

Beautiful picture you have. Would love to see more of your naked body please Reply Report

SMF +4 points1292 days ago

Why was he fucking her with his pants on ? Reply Report

Anonymus +4 points1058 days ago

yes, they are Afghan bastards and they beheaded poor girl after rape. these pigs soon got arrested by Iranian police and hanged to death. I think these animals must not be executed easily, they should have tortured them to death. Reply Report
Someone 34445

Someone 34445 -1 points122 days ago

I'm glad these pigs died. Reply Report

Niggerlover -3 points1000 days ago

I would have loved to see the beheading Reply Report

Slut_Shamer +4 points1210 days ago

This one always gets me off. Is it just me or do the guys in these kinds of videos always look fucking clueless? No info on a full video? Reply Report

lol +4 points1185 days ago

they are already executed...
Reply Report

Shu +4 points1057 days ago

All of them are iranians they murdered the girl n thethey ware also hanged to death in punishment Reply Report

Babyskie +4 points855 days ago

I really need someone to just rape me right now Reply Report

Mad +3 points1928 days ago

I really hope they get those bastards.... anyone jerking off to this video need help... Reply Report

Lucian +6 points842 days ago

I wont lie my wood got steady Reply Report

Shapoor +3 points1383 days ago

These are afghan and woman is iraninan ....
sorry for my bad english but I have to say something
I'm an iranian and I'm sad for watching this ... you know but we can't be racist and hate all afghan ... no ... all nations have criminals and killers and blah blah blah ... at the end Iran and afghanistan were one country years ago and even now we speak in same language (persian / farsi / dari / tajiki) and we are all brother and sisters
Reply Report

Hope +3 points1448 days ago

This is disgusting... All these men will burn in hell and will scream harder than her and so will all the people who are enjoying this.... God save the world. Reply Report

Hexigonsex +3 points192 days ago

This was so completely beautiful. Thank you for recording it! My pussy enjoyed the intense orgasm hearing her scream. Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points116 days ago

@Hexigonsex amen Reply Report
pls don't

pls don't +2 points1610 days ago

pple who r watching dn't do this ..pls
Reply Report

me +2 points1669 days ago

i hope all men like thisget raped themselves and killed Reply Report

Al +2 points1661 days ago

These guys are all dead now. Reply Report

Mmmm +2 points1455 days ago

Yep "god" really saved her Reply Report

Lolxx +2 points780 days ago

This rape is happend in Iran,they first raped her and than killed her ,all these 5 boys were hanged to death publicly in Iran,so Reply Report

xxxxxx +1 points1939 days ago

thats not arabic Reply Report

golu +1 points1927 days ago

a clear example how even burqa cannot save from rape Reply Report

x +1 points1068 days ago

Sadists.Kill them all. Reply Report

james +1 points989 days ago

This is not sex stupid's rape, you numskull! Reply Report

sin2321 +1 points839 days ago

if i could find them i would force them to eat their own dicks and let them cut it them self, letterly. Reply Report

fuckerwhossick +1 points192 days ago

Please kill everyone one in this videos show them no mercy like they showed her none. Physically castrate them with no anesthetics just a red hot knife, That is a new challenge video 1000 degree knife vs rapist piece of shit dick. I clicked to see if this was real but it is and i got that feeling in my stomach you get when you have done something wrong. Reply Report
scream whore

scream whore +1 points459 days ago

Sex is hottest when they don't want it. Struggle, and scream, bitch Reply Report

Bobo66666666 +1 points435 days ago

These men were Bangalies in Saudia Arabia and already got dead penalties the woman was arab Reply Report

Sunn +1 points226 days ago

So sad it should be remove from here Reply Report

Kaoci +1 points178 days ago

how do you report thee things this needs removed from internet and who ever uploaded charged with sexual assault Reply Report
Mradul Pandit

Mradul Pandit +1 points131 days ago

Abe saalo hijedo ki aulaado apni maa bhn k saath b esa hi krte ho kya Reply Report

Joko +1 points122 days ago

Wish I was there so I can Fuck her too
Reply Report

vgaspar   0 points1306 days ago

You people crack me up? Why did you search for this video if you knew you wouldn't like it? You don't like, you don't watch! Problem solved Reply Report

losingtheplot   0 points1235 days ago

Deleted! Anyone got a copy to send? Sounds good.. Reply Report

madafaka   0 points613 days ago

Next time use a better camera. Can't see a damn thing. Reply Report
Alah hu akbah

Alah hu akbah   0 points1000 days ago

This is so hot Reply Report
Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel   0 points563 days ago

With all these wars going on I wonder why there are not more real rape clips. They film every shit, beheadings etc. but not many seem to be interested in enjoying the memory of a good war-rape. Reply Report
a man from hell

a man from hell   0 points757 days ago

They are sons of bitches
They are not human...
I want to cry for that woman...

God kill me...
Reply Report
I\'m Rick James, Bitch!

I\'m Rick James, Bitch!   0 points722 days ago

And this is why the whole god damn Middle east needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. Sick pieces of camel Ehit should be dumped off in a hole somewhere to die a slow death from starvation and thirst. Reply Report
I hate arabs

I hate arabs   0 points694 days ago

... this is sick Reply Report

Ffgh   0 points501 days ago

Fakkkke Reply Report

Arla   0 points451 days ago

These ladies need karate lessons. Reply Report

Disgusted   0 points361 days ago

Horrible.. Reply Report

Sadisticme   0 points340 days ago

I have been raped a few times in my life each time i found enjoyable as he would force his cock into me like i was a cow meant to be bred. I'm looking forward to the next guy to rape me whore cunt. Reply Report

rgeartg   0 points300 days ago

fgawerg Reply Report

BORGIE   0 points227 days ago

This is a great video. Would like to see more of them. Love the fact that it's real. I hate the fake rapes. Reply Report

fuckerofallah   0 points204 days ago

wow it's so sexy , I want to rape these muslim bitches like this ,gangrape fuck these ssexy cunts in open their cunts and panty in hijab and creampie their pussies Reply Report

N/A   0 points182 days ago

Please report. Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points122 days ago

I would love to rape her too Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points116 days ago

All that screaming is Music to my ears Reply Report

Mahbob1211   0 points113 days ago

Dirty Afghans raped the Iranian girl and killed her.beheading Reply Report

sanitume   0 points110 days ago

mother fuckers. This is sooo sad :( Reply Report
Stupid people

Stupid people   0 points98 days ago

Its in India look his color face Reply Report
Hijabs for all

Hijabs for all   0 points95 days ago

Where’s you jihad now bitch? Reply Report

ravisher   0 points81 days ago

They were sentenced to death. I hope the feminists are happy about it. Death is the price of male sexual desires Reply Report

Cunty   0 points26 days ago

I would like to kill you & fuck your twitching Corpse

Reply Report

No -1 points1688 days ago

Didgusting Reply Report

Asr@ -1 points1656 days ago

They not Pakistani Reply Report

Ali -1 points1649 days ago

I hope tsame thing happ3n to
heir wife
Reply Report

OMG -1 points1636 days ago

Some of these comments are pretty funny Reply Report

jj -1 points1523 days ago

knk Reply Report

Autanic -1 points1363 days ago

Poor girl - NOT FANTASY, BUT REAL. Reply Report

really? -1 points1201 days ago

does anyone else agree with me when i say this, why search up videos like this and you know youre not gonna like come on people, and then you say god save the world, why the fuck are you on this website and youre a christian really? Reply Report

استبرق -1 points676 days ago

I think they Indians!! i hate them Reply Report

sickboy -1 points999 days ago

relax it's only sex, and takes 10 minutes of your time.. and screaming so loud you gonna annoy the neighbors stupid bitch Reply Report

ANONYMOUS3777DF -1 points871 days ago


Rehab -1 points354 days ago

Please remove this video ......Oh god sorry I have come here ti see this shit please help..every women to fight.... Reply Report

fuckerofallah -1 points204 days ago

wow so adorable.,...Allah ho fuckbar Lol hahahahhaahhahhahahahhahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhhahahhahahahhaahhahah Reply Report

fsdf4 -1 points203 days ago

Brutal.onion is a site about real Rape, Blackmail and much more extreme videos, so visit at your own risk!
xyx4fjc6bkz5fy4v (dot) onion (dot) link
Reply Report

Iranian -1 points183 days ago

Fuck god and afghan men for this Reply Report
baby killer

baby killer -2 points915 days ago

so hot, this is really exciting. please, after rape a women, beat her head with a shovel, kill that bitch. Reply Report

Cuntster -2 points430 days ago

You can tell she's getting off on it too. Women love this shit. Reply Report

Mack -3 points1928 days ago

Mmmm. Gotta love those screams Reply Report
The Truth

The Truth -3 points627 days ago

Fuck all the mulism and Arabs when they bombed America they didn't send humanitarian support and ask for forgiveness I say just nuke then and divide land upon powers they don't deserve forgiveness far be on this point kill them all Reply Report
Jackt horney

Jackt horney -3 points738 days ago

Women were meant to be raped, that's why they have a cunt. Rape is just as good for her as it is for the men who rape her. Reply Report

Fuck -4 points1937 days ago

Fuck fuck fuck Reply Report

Bob -4 points1790 days ago

This is a great scene. I totally jacked at the part where she is screaming. I wish more closeups though. good acting Reply Report

noname -5 points1911 days ago

can someone link the full video?
Where they cut her head
po0r girl
Reply Report

Theman -5 points1547 days ago

This is video is fake Reply Report
future taliban leaders

future taliban leaders -6 points1853 days ago

allaa fuckbar. Fuckin afgans or not, it would not make any difference. They are all the freekin same. THey think it is their god given right to treat women badly and the majority of muslim men would fit in this category. All humans not in their religion/cult are infidels but it is ok for them to have 4 wives and 65yr old farts can marry and fuck a 10yr old little girl. Talk about fuckin infidelity and hyprocisy
Reply Report

lolollo -8 points1889 days ago

ive seen a longer vesrion off this, well its ends the same but at the start shes all dancing and teasing, stupid whore Reply Report
common man

common man -9 points1931 days ago

Not exactly Arabians. Probably Pakistani. Reply Report
Dumb slut

Dumb slut -11 points1918 days ago

All women desreve this cok teasing cunts Reply Report

LzX -13 points1928 days ago

Allah Snack Bar getting them some pussy Reply Report

DIE ARAB SCUM -19 points1939 days ago


louse -22 points1939 days ago

she had it coming, AND deserved it know doubt! Reply Report

...   0 points1539 days ago

You are truly:
1. Inconsiderate of women
2. Sexist
3. Just plain STUPID! Get a life!
Reply Report

tsunami8 +2 points1200 days ago

Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black. You came to this rape video too. Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck -22 points1727 days ago

Her screams are so funny. Reply Report