Young Woman Shot in Car

Young woman found dead in her car with shot wounds in her throat. Luckily she was wearing her seatbelt.

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starman +24 points1995 days ago

She was a very beautiful woman....I love her platinum blonde hair Reply Report

Joe +9 points1993 days ago

Forced to drive off road. Maybe sexual assault and she fought back. Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points1734 days ago

I can't stop jerking off to thiss Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +3 points1248 days ago

I would love to be the TV reporters human toilet Reply Report

Joe +2 points1812 days ago

Off road shooting. Probably by asshole boyfriend. Somebody sure hated her. It's' usually someone you know that kills you. There are not very many random crazy shooters running around.
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Dreammaker +2 points1701 days ago

Feel very sorry for her....that is not the way to solve a problem, especially with somebody as beautiful as this lady. Hope she went to a better place...
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Mondo cane

Mondo cane +1 points1927 days ago

She was shot through the windshield; you can see the hollowpoint bullet had expanded before it hit her body and did not penetrate far. Her necklace and watch were not taken. Reply Report

DizdKoS +1 points534 days ago

Fucking disrespectful. Role playing and staged fantasy are one thing. This has nothing to do with sex. This poor woman was murdered. And they showed her corpse on tv and internet..sad Reply Report

killer   0 points1830 days ago

A mulherada sabe que os "caras" são bandido, varias passagens pela policia, E ainda querem tirar eles pra otário. Só lamento, mas na hora de ir pra balada e ficar com o mais fodão é o que elas querem. depois da nisso ó Reply Report

war123   0 points1616 days ago

WHORE !! Reply Report

fromley   0 points1480 days ago

No more cock for her Reply Report
ed 10000

ed 10000   0 points321 days ago

Why does a 2 minute 15 second video take 3 minutes to play? When will comanies stop using flash? Time to put adobe out of business. Stoppausing the video! Reply Report

Eastbayarea -1 points1946 days ago

Well... At least she had on her safety belt Reply Report

James -1 points1754 days ago

I wo or rail her in the morgue Reply Report

jack -1 points1735 days ago

What a burtal kill! She was a beautiful girl. Reply Report

Hex -3 points1901 days ago

Fucking hell... Is it weird that I found this video strangely arousing? Reply Report

rossirep +2 points1638 days ago

its more than weird you fcking freak. Reply Report

Chloe -3 points1807 days ago

So hot, I wish I had seen her get shot Reply Report
fahd islam

fahd islam -3 points1438 days ago

go bak to your country you ching chong chang cumslut

i wanna take a dookie on her face and watch her cry shit tears while i call her a slut
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Chuck -5 points1814 days ago

I wonder if her mother regrets shitting her (giving her life/death) or if she's still proud of pulling down her underwear when she gave her birth !!! Reply Report

Zoe -7 points1807 days ago

She looked like a whore anyway so who cares Reply Report