Teen girl ripped in half

Couple killed in bad motorcycle accident. The girl got ripped in half and almost decapitated.

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ffff +30 points1967 days ago

Damn that was hard to jizz to Reply Report

wtf +13 points1701 days ago

how the fuck do you people jack off to this; this is disgusting Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points2055 days ago

in the middle of the night, when no one is around, I masturbate to this. The sight of her blood makes me very horny. I actually hate to admit it but its my dirty secret. Reply Report

imbatman +3 points1929 days ago

downside about this sad story, she has no pussy. a real shame, damn accident ruined it. Reply Report

Taint +2 points2055 days ago

I hate watching videos that involve people just filming and not calling a ambulance. I am sure she died because nobody called for help Reply Report
Hhh rgg

Hhh rgg +9 points699 days ago

Nah I think she died cuz she got ripped in half Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +2 points1704 days ago

Be careful on roads people, Geebuzz Reply Report

vr +2 points1690 days ago

Hope she didnt have to,suffrr Reply Report

blaketylersmith +2 points1644 days ago

jeezuz christ! i'm here to jack off, not puke and have to give fucking condolences for this poor woman! i'm not even clicking play. Reply Report

hilarious   0 points712 days ago

hilarious Reply Report

Synth86   0 points2056 days ago

vogue..vogue...vogue... Strike a pose Reply Report

FREAK   0 points2055 days ago


btw +1 for your comment Taint
Reply Report

OSHA   0 points2043 days ago

Remember, wear your helment so it can be destroyed in an accident! Reply Report
holy shit

holy shit   0 points1974 days ago

At least she died istantly and didn't suffer Reply Report

Rayvon   0 points1883 days ago

who is some fake ass shit how in the hell that girl get fucked up worse than the guy did Reply Report

Nitefitr   0 points1650 days ago

She made a BREAK for it. Reply Report

Dombey   0 points1486 days ago

Really must stop looking at these, just too sad, the pillion comes off worse than the driver/rider, nothing is fair in this fucked up world! Reply Report
The Innocent One

The Innocent One   0 points648 days ago

I thought they were bluffing, then I clicked on the video. I see they were not. Oh my...! Reply Report

wayway   0 points1069 days ago

Anyone notice the syringe by her hip? Shame, shame, shame...another drug slutt bites the dust... Reply Report
@ ffff

@ ffff   0 points1049 days ago

Yeah really hard to jizz to. I at least need her dead pussy in frame to jizz. Reply Report

Ass-titty   0 points928 days ago

Why don't they put crash bars on motorcycles? I know it will slow it down, but if it's not a performance bike, why care? Reply Report
drive responsibly

drive responsibly   0 points921 days ago

He had to be moving in order to rip her in half like that. I guess this is why you dont do front-endos at 100 mph with a passenger on back. Reply Report

dafuk   0 points723 days ago

thats just fucked up! how do you jerk to this! Reply Report
real shit

real shit   0 points718 days ago

I'm sure you can still fuck the lower half... at least we see her bare tits. finally an impact that ripped off her clothes! Reply Report

puppykicker   0 points374 days ago

notice that they were BOTH wearing helmets.

hers came off when her head almost did.

more proof that your neck is NOT supposed to support the added weight of a helmet!

not that it would do any good if youre ripped in half anyway.

notice that his helmet stayed on. he still died too.

i guess helmets just make identification easier, and allow for more open casket funerals.
Reply Report

Anonamas   0 points213 days ago

I was looking for roleplay.... not litteral shit Reply Report
to all commenters

to all commenters -1 points1747 days ago

hope you all burn in hell and rest in peace to the people who died in this video. Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck -1 points1738 days ago

She must've thought to herself: "I will become the motorcycle." And she accomplished it. Good for her. Reply Report

Lolla -1 points1734 days ago

@Taint im sure not calling an ambulance that killed her.. yes...pretty sure.. Reply Report

trololoeff -1 points1707 days ago

Долго смеялись над шуткою дети -- справа пол-Пети и слева пол-Пети Reply Report

nowaydude -1 points1592 days ago

Great tits what a shame if still suck em Reply Report

StankenD-ra -1 points1589 days ago

could be a type of assphixiation fetish gone wrong, or a separation anxiety disorder. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -1 points1354 days ago

Was her cunt shaved? Reply Report

extremepervertguy -1 points1376 days ago

it's a shame...she could have been my fuck buddy...I would have paid alot of money for that girl! :( Reply Report

ss -2 points2032 days ago

Dam man, how the hell the girl got ripped off? There was no lorry around. Do you think a lorry can rip her such nicely?! I mean just look at the point of ripping. Its so symmetric. I guess she was too delicate a girl to be ripped off so easily. You know girls are too soft and lithe Reply Report
Man of god

Man of god -2 points1582 days ago

Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” – 1 Chronicles 4:10 Reply Report

D.C. -4 points2047 days ago

God damn it Reply Report

jami63 -5 points2049 days ago

that should hurt Reply Report
Fuck Mohammed

Fuck Mohammed -12 points2056 days ago

Fake Reply Report