Girl Attacked And Stripped Naked At Concert

Poor girl was traumatized for life some horny bastards ripped her clothes off and humiliated her in front of thousands of people.

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Wtf +55 points1913 days ago

Wtf it's very discusting , how people can do that to an other person ? Reply Report

Understanding +1 points179 days ago

I am on this site as an experiment for my self and others. And I agree with you :) Reply Report
An act

An act +12 points1529 days ago

It does look like part of an act... Guys are all wearing the same thing... Camera following her etc... She does look terrified tho Reply Report

Wow +11 points1749 days ago

That's how it's done should have fucked the bitch right on stage Reply Report

Non-Member +11 points1464 days ago

or anywhere, who cares? gang rape = fun :-) Reply Report

hmmmm +8 points1905 days ago

this looks staged by the fact theres an naked dude struting round on stage and the whole streaming to the big screen from the person with the camera Reply Report

Zen +8 points1774 days ago

This is a stage performance you dumb fucks. Reply Report

LOL +5 points1582 days ago

LOL she ony got sharked. Not like she got groped. Funny as fuck Reply Report
nothing special

nothing special +1 points1260 days ago

where can I find more videos like this? Reply Report
nothing special

nothing special +2 points619 days ago

here Reply Report

laotuong +1 points392 days ago

i will shoot those bastard if i were there fucking sick of those fucker Reply Report
fuck judaism

fuck judaism   0 points458 days ago

it was a camera prankshow to an innocent victim in poland Reply Report

Gene   0 points968 days ago

Where was this party! She could have made a LOT! of money$$ Lining up for a quick poke or suck, $20 a pop, she's have a nice tally! Reply Report

veroslut   0 points883 days ago

It looks more like a performance at festival or so Reply Report
Pan Tadeusz

Pan Tadeusz   0 points436 days ago

I to jest kurwa poziom polskiej telewizji publicznej. Reply Report

filo   0 points196 days ago

czy ktos ma ten material w calosci? albo skad go można wziąć? Reply Report
Not Related

Not Related -1 points1913 days ago

I randomly found this video, and shit it is discusting! who would do something like that! Reply Report

Non-Member -1 points1467 days ago

Hahahahaha funny :-) Reply Report

raistpol -1 points1101 days ago

poland cockjerkers! and dont show your little minds here...this is some sort of performance, becoz its from TVP Kultura. Polish national TV channel bout poetry, music etc Reply Report

omfg -1 points890 days ago

true that buddy f******* rednecks they tuckrjurr Reply Report

Andrew -1 points756 days ago

Sure a guy pantsed or stripped naked it's funny but a girl is taboo and Bastard it's not right Reply Report

Chicos   0 points114 days ago

no a guy getting stripped is straight up repulsive, and girl getting stripped is fap fap depending if shes hot of course Reply Report

xxxxxxRyan -1 points512 days ago

Awesome video, love seeing woman getting their clothes torn off. Should happen more often Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -2 points876 days ago

Another Chinese assault. And what were those guys dressed like, DEVO? Or are drab grey jumpsuits the fashion in China now. Along with the Moe hair cuts.

Classless commie pig fuckers!
Reply Report

Thanks -3 points1206 days ago

For the help, my BITCH of a X girl frind killed her slef she will never sleep with otrher guys ever a gen she sleeped with over 23 guys and yes me and her where mirred for 2 years. Reply Report

anne -3 points1586 days ago

fake Reply Report

GHOST -3 points1509 days ago

What's. Happening ? Reply Report

yugi -4 points1768 days ago

Anyone know where it was? Reply Report

op -6 points1316 days ago

this is obviously mtvs pranked in the early days before fcc Reply Report

007 -11 points1508 days ago

I Wood Have killed her and have Sex With the Dead Body Reply Report

revenge -33 points1916 days ago

one of the guys who s holding her up is gonna get killed very will teach people a lesson....the murder will be video taped and uploaded soon. Reply Report