The Dangers Of Sex Through A Glory Hole

Straight man tricked into gay blowjob through gloryhole.

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Krillz +19 points2281 days ago

I'd be more worried about getting my cock chopped off by a sword than getting sucked off by a dude through that hole. Who gives a flying fuck, you get what you want anyway - a blowjob! Reply Report

Taint +13 points2282 days ago

Hell yea! If you don't know what's the difference . I had a dude sucking my cock and another banging my ass. It was the best climax I ever had. Shot the load straight down the dudes throat. Reply Report

abbanema +12 points2281 days ago

who is she? Reply Report

Mike +10 points1538 days ago

May be your Mom. Reply Report

Idontknow +12 points2281 days ago

I wonder, did they tell him afterwards? Reply Report

Cock +12 points1952 days ago

Who give a fuck who's sucking u... It's all about the pleasure and how well they can handle it. It's been proven that guys give better bj's than women. So yea I would let a guy deepthroat me Reply Report

Mike +11 points2281 days ago

Don't want to admit it but this kinda makes me curious Reply Report
Lee 64

Lee 64 +10 points2281 days ago

If this is genuine, from a legal point of view its sexual assualt, because she is clearly giving him the impression she is blowing him. As it is an unwanted male performing an act that was not asked for, it would be classed as assualt. In a court the "victim" would win a huge sum in compensation. Just a thought! Reply Report

Lololol +9 points2094 days ago

Love the parts when he was like "awh man that feels so good" xD because a man was sucking his dick!!! Lol get it? Reply Report

biwayne35 +8 points2282 days ago

Men give the best blowjobs Ive found Reply Report
risque business

risque business +7 points2094 days ago

price you pay, risk you take with never know who is there...isn't that the whole point??? Reply Report

Al +6 points2280 days ago

BS they're both gay. All staged. Reply Report

MinnesotaBurns +5 points1954 days ago

this seems like something I would do Reply Report

Experience +4 points1886 days ago

Fuck this video and its misleading title. You want to know what the real common risk of anonymous sexual activity is? Google it. Type 'gloryhole risk' and the first fuckin' thing that pops up will be something about HIV. Be thankful if you get sucked off by a talented dude without it. Reply Report

Chris +3 points1659 days ago

Ya I think a guy sucked me off at a glory I cam hard as he'll it was great Reply Report
haha, awesome!

haha, awesome! +2 points1858 days ago

hmh, I had wanted to know how this will end. Reply Report

Ilovelindsey +2 points807 days ago

I'd the guy sucking cock, its my dream to suck cock.In front of a girl Reply Report

Chris   0 points1659 days ago

And I straight lol Reply Report

thatsucks -3 points2282 days ago

Fuck NO! Reply Report

Rex +3 points1538 days ago

Suck yes. Reply Report
Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt -5 points2268 days ago

I bet you love some dude sucking your little pecker, dont ya?
Reply Report

Guardian -18 points2177 days ago

staged.. if this were true and I found out I'd fkn kill the faggot. Reply Report