Girls Get Fingered By Ape

Chimpansee gets seduced 2 horny chicks. Damn I'm a lot better looking and never got that lucky!

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blj +65 points2402 days ago

this made me kind of horney 0__o Reply Report

nata87 -3 points808 days ago

What a waste of toilet paper! Reply Report

Desensitized +49 points2088 days ago

Its all fun and games till someone gets their tits torn off! Reply Report

;lk +35 points2473 days ago

and this is how AIDS came out Reply Report

Challenge1 -16 points218 days ago

@;lk Aids came from black men who raped monkeys. But they managed to breed with monkeys successfully about 100,000 years ago and all africans have Rhesus factor in their blood because they are part monkey Reply Report

h7878 +21 points2067 days ago

who doesn't masturbate to this? haha Reply Report

bryguy +16 points2468 days ago

dont waste yer time, nothing to see here, monkey is too stupid to do anything Reply Report

ravor +10 points2432 days ago

So thats what Jane goodall does all day Reply Report

adf +9 points2137 days ago

hope they get aids from exploiting that monkey
Reply Report

Ning +6 points2252 days ago

This is a female monkey. Look at her behind. Male monkeys do not have that. Reply Report

WTF +5 points2457 days ago

Whats wrong with this girls Reply Report

Trainer +5 points1387 days ago

Would be better if he fucked them monkey style. Reply Report

w345 +4 points2473 days ago

typical interracial porn Reply Report

anonymoose +4 points1051 days ago

these girls are idiots, they dont know where the monkey was, that monkey have been playing with its own shit before touching them. Reply Report

Harambe +4 points488 days ago

R.I.P. harambe! Reply Report

giber +1 points892 days ago

Interesting but what I want see is a chimp fucking those two whores Reply Report

LilpussMom +1 points141 days ago

Insertion would've been cool to see Reply Report

Stupid   0 points2085 days ago

Gotta be the stupidest whores ever these are the same animals who ripped some ones eyes out this is like playing with sharks and asking them to rape you all good until there tits are ripped apart. Reply Report

raffo007   0 points1854 days ago

deam lucky ape Reply Report

AndrewT   0 points422 days ago

Surly this, potentially anyway, f..king Dangerous (Pun intended)! If that Ape 'Turned'......Stupid, very much so. Reply Report

Adolf69   0 points415 days ago

It's an ape not monkey you uneducated cunts, and the ape is female. It would have been more entertaining if the Ape ripped them apart. Reply Report

Dirty123   0 points360 days ago

A male would have raped one of them. Reply Report
Junge Huren

Junge Huren   0 points145 days ago

He is just like why arent this guys fuck
that girls
Reply Report
pink ross

pink ross   0 points124 days ago

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Clitasoris   0 points75 days ago

That's a chimp and they get meaner the older they get. There strong and fast enough to rip your fucking face off. Dumb cunts are stupider then the monkey. Reply Report
ape finger lover 69

ape finger lover 69   0 points44 days ago

not enough ape finger Reply Report

... -1 points2172 days ago

They will get aids from that Reply Report

WTF -1 points2072 days ago

Reply Report

B.l.thakur -1 points825 days ago

Good video Reply Report

fuckingwot -1 points714 days ago

i think the slutty one is pregnant O_O Reply Report

;j -2 points2358 days ago

I blinked. Hard. Reply Report

non-member -2 points2135 days ago

lick it.. Reply Report

freakygirl69 -2 points487 days ago

that was so lol Reply Report

lesbo -2 points258 days ago

You ignorant fucks! You better be glad the ape didn't go nuts and tried to eat your pussies up! Reply Report

Fingerbang -4 points225 days ago

That's one lucky nigger! Reply Report

d -5 points1754 days ago

he thinks hes not supposed to and hes right what are these human porn stars doing to that animal is all i see Reply Report

Nobody -8 points1480 days ago

Too wierd, should be banned! Does anyone enjoy normal sex anymore? Reply Report

vajesus +7 points466 days ago

@Nobody not on this website Reply Report

acid -18 points2465 days ago

You should refer to that black man as an ape. Reply Report
racist ignorant pigs

racist ignorant pigs -20 points2148 days ago

No Monkeys Where The First Testers For The Stupid ASS White man.. We All No That Aids was made In a lab No. Quite frankly I would Fuck an ape wayyyy b4 some little dick, no stroke, fat ass heavy breathing whitey Reply Report