Syrian girl commits suicide on cam

A pretty Syrian medical student hung herself and recorded it on her webcam, in her dorm at school. The body was found by a friend, 30 minutes later. No one knows why she commits suicide, as she was a calm and happy person.

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Loki-A +48 points1940 days ago

Even in death she is so pretty.
Rest, angel.
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Poor girl

Poor girl +7 points1459 days ago

I can't begin to imagine the tragic life she's had well I hope she rests in peace now Reply Report

taurus +6 points1937 days ago

who zoom camera? fucking fake! Reply Report

Deviant +5 points1535 days ago

I came so hard the first time I watched this that it landed in my mouth, it was crazy, I have never cum that hard before. Reply Report

willieoo +4 points2043 days ago

Total Fake !!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

What? +3 points1922 days ago

if she died, who turned the video off? Reply Report

Idiots +2 points1788 days ago

It's funny that the one with documented press coverage is the one you people assume is fake. Do your research first... Reply Report

Neo +2 points1614 days ago

Doing the Matrix @ 3:00 Reply Report

mike +2 points1389 days ago

there is no rest in peace ,she is dead you dumb shits and is very very sad Reply Report

hanging +2 points614 days ago

the woman will surely like to hang himself smiles
it's a great video as she dies
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maaaan... +1 points2034 days ago

if it's real...that is a stupid waste of ass ...argh !! Reply Report

Itwasntme +1 points1919 days ago

Fucking Fake
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A Passer-By

A Passer-By +1 points562 days ago

There's a lot of comments here calling this video a fake. I can assure you all that it's not. I believe the poor girl in this video did not intend on killing herself – it was an experiment that went wrong. You can see her attempting to get back on her feet and up on the stool but she rapidly develops hypoxia and loses motor function/consciousness. The give away is her hands and how they curl. More than likely an indicator of brain damage. It looks like she used a slip knot and it remained restricted even when she took the weight off. Very sad. RIP. Reply Report

ingomat +1 points367 days ago

Recommended for even more Syrian Reply Report

darkstar118   0 points1616 days ago

Am I the only one who has noticed that the camera moves nd or zooms in and out without her touching it? That means she isn't alone and therefore is "Not" committing suicied. This is more autoerotic asphyxiation. If she died, who turned off the camera? Reply Report

idiot +1 points1375 days ago

Some cams do that Reply Report

rapeisgood   0 points1602 days ago

I would have loved to fuck her before the took her life... What a waste of pussy. Reply Report

Real   0 points1535 days ago

Look it up on best gore, girl with big tits commits suicide, assholes. Reply Report

Oh   0 points1535 days ago

The shitty iPhone battery time is what shit off the camera. Reply Report

george   0 points1326 days ago

very important to teach your children this is it there is no after fucking life..stupid Christianity and it heresy Islam teach this bullshit ...too bad she is gone forever ...every human ought to get a real firm handle on that brings false comfort in wars llll read Erich (Escape from Reason ). Reply Report

Tempest   0 points1016 days ago

k seriously what? sad to see her go...if this was for a Med School Project, then get ready to take down some notes: 1. Never volunteer to be the test subject and 2. Don't rely on the competition to assist you. may her soul RIP *#* Reply Report

hi-im-steve   0 points731 days ago

the computer cam has face tracking turned on, that's why it zoomed in when she approached it. Reply Report

sacroxx   0 points643 days ago

Se ve que quiso desatarse el cuello pero ya no pudo Reply Report
How Sad Your Life Must Be

How Sad Your Life Must Be   0 points630 days ago

This suicide was medically documented and has been used in training. It's not fake you fucking morons! Cameras zoom in and webcam does it for christ sakes. I can't believe how people treat this stuff like it's a joke and a game. You're pathetic if you think that way. Why isn't the world filled with perfect people like you who have to bully dead people..yeah bully. It's just gross. Hopefully this girl found her peace. Honestly, if your not from ISIS and this is your attitude towards human need more help than this poor girl. Reply Report

Senki   0 points521 days ago

Szegény kislány Reply Report

Bojangles   0 points515 days ago

I wish she could have been naked so I could have seen how much hair she had on her cunt
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abracadabra   0 points399 days ago

why did the hand turn backword? that's fucking fascinating!! Reply Report
We should do an experiment.

We should do an experiment.   0 points346 days ago

Brain damage from hypoxia. Reply Report

LoveToSeeWomenHang   0 points254 days ago

Too bad she didnt strip naked first. We need more vids of women hanging. Reply Report

Kinzy   0 points196 days ago

She has great tits. Reply Report

imbatman -1 points1825 days ago

i want my pussy! give it to me NOW! :-P Reply Report

turk -1 points1889 days ago

fake Reply Report

o.O -1 points1782 days ago

most definatly real! Reply Report

hey -1 points1765 days ago

where did she fix her strangulationtool???? cant see :O
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Edo -1 points1714 days ago

la wea chanta , terrible chantilli , jajajaajaja LOL Reply Report

jj -1 points1713 days ago

i think that was just FAKE, wat a waste of 5min, But if its real cause i could be wrong too, y would she do that, Reply Report

ohwiseone -1 points1530 days ago

Try turning the volume up or enhancing the sound, and just as she let's herself hang the first time you can hear 2 women say good, first somewhere in the back of the room then right at the camera, this is definately real, she was somehow forced into it Reply Report

Dirk -1 points1380 days ago

She was cute...alot of guy could of tapped that ass for years to come...what a selfish lil bitch Reply Report

HOAXCALLER -1 points538 days ago

I personally think this is a total hoax. The reasons I say its a hoax is because firstly, the camera cut before she was completely dead. Someone that meticulously went that far as to make that much of a public statement to that extreme would make sure that camera did not stop rolling until she was discovered. Secondly, you could hear her faintly gasping a split second before the camera cut. She was close to death but she was not dead when it cut. Thirdly, when someone is dead their body goes completely limp upon initial death. Her right arm was still drawn up and posed with her hand on her thigh. Had she died before the camera cut her right arm would've dropped like her left arm had. Fourth, when someone is strangle hanged, there is significant face discoloration due to the lack of oxygen getting to their head. This girl had ZERO face discoloration and furthermore you could visibly tell by closer look that she was holding herself up . Her right foot was firmly planted to the floor and her right foot was still on the items she used to elevate herself. In other words, she was squatting with half her weight on her legs and the other half supported by the wall. In closing, this video is a complete hoax. Reply Report

truth -2 points1938 days ago

willieoo is correct, it's fake. It's just so fking fake. FAKE Reply Report

comeon -2 points1858 days ago

there is no death wt our feet on the ground.. F-A-K-EEEEEEEEEE Reply Report

one -2 points1850 days ago

Nice set of tits on her. If this is real I'm glad she filmed it for others to enjoy watching her die. Reply Report

rogue -2 points1827 days ago

yea fake for sure... im searching for real shit anyone who can help me out hit me up Reply Report

Quagmire -2 points1673 days ago

Weird, I just jerked of to a fat ass. Giggity Giggity Goo
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Explaining -2 points1402 days ago

Probably she used drugs in order to hang herself while touching the floor. Reply Report

ahuea -3 points1928 days ago

fake and gay Reply Report

bs -3 points1607 days ago

this video is fake she would have passed out went limp then died, she stayed standing the whole time tards Reply Report

jami63 -3 points1526 days ago

it looks fake because
at some moments the camera moves
I don't think its possible to hang yourself while touching the ground
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MJX -4 points2037 days ago

big tits Reply Report
Common Knowledge ;)

Common Knowledge ;) -5 points1532 days ago

Wow so Fucking fake. I can hold my breath to. And I have strong neck muscles becaus I Work out.

So I know I can last long while hanging. She supposebly was dying, yet lasted quite long? Really?

Also, who the Fuck turned off the camera?

Where's the full version?

Who edited this?

Seriously. Fake Ass Shit.
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Moron ;)

Moron ;) +3 points1093 days ago

This is actually a real video. Check it on LiveLeak for the news article. As to why, who knows. But the chick is dead. Middle East is a fucked up place! Reply Report

. -6 points1673 days ago

Why...? Doesn't ANYONE understand the consequences of suicide? I don't care what you believe; Hell is awaiting for you if you take your life un-naturally - how selfish can you be? Reply Report

Yup -2 points1459 days ago

Damn right there I agree with you some people are just complete bastards Reply Report
Piece of shit

Piece of shit -9 points1535 days ago

Allah Akbar. You die bitch! Hahahahahahahha! Death to the Arab nation, wala Halas falak alahem or whatever. Reply Report

Skorpio -11 points1686 days ago

She was taken to the hospital where they have her listed as in "SYRIAS CONDITION". Allahu fuckin Akbarrrrrrr!!!! Reply Report

yn -1 points669 days ago

Not real death. she is standing partialy so she was getting some air. probable auto-erotic thing. video does not show her death. Reply Report