Pedophile gets raped and humiliated in prison

This is the punishment sex offenders get in prison.

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Translate +114 points1924 days ago

please somebody translate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

TRANSLATOR (CONT 2) +30 points1878 days ago

-(the brand of deodorant in his ass) has arrived." He is then instructed to bend over and pull it out and ask the crowd "Who wants it?"
While sucking off the other man, the pedophile is told to say "I want it in my ass" then he's instructed to use his hand and how to suck the man off and say "I like this" or "I like it" (sucking dick) and again to the camera. Then he's told to get up, lean against the wall and stick his ass out. He's told to start saying "I like it, daddy. Go harder! I want your balls" He's told to sound like the women in movies (porn movies I assume). Then he's told to start saying "I love you daddy!" (Te amo papi). Next he's forced to say "How yummy daddy how yummy!" The camera man makes a brief comment about how the man fucking the pedophile has taken his virginity. He's told to look at the camera and say that he likes it and to stick out his tongue
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man +24 points2154 days ago

2 wrongs dont make a right!

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WolfBV +11 points1620 days ago

But 3 rights make a left! :D
I still feel bad that he was killed afterwards.
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guy +15 points1973 days ago

i would love to be him i would suck an let every man fuck me there Reply Report

TRANSLATOR (CONT 3) +15 points1878 days ago

He's told to yell like a woman again and to say "How yummy" again just before he's sucking dick again. While sucking he's told to say "Give me all of the milk" (cum, semen, jizz, whatever!). Then he's told to say "I'm the bitchiest bitch of them all, I'm here to destroy eggs (suck dick or make men cum) and become famous" END Reply Report

queer? +14 points2020 days ago

These are "straight" men doing this and enjoying it. Andy they dare call this guy queer. Reply Report
Religious one

Religious one +11 points2147 days ago

Everyone in this video will burn in hell Reply Report
Satan's Child

Satan's Child +15 points1342 days ago

so will you for watching and enjoying it!
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TRANSLATOR +9 points1878 days ago

I fucking hated watching and listening and TRANSLATING this shit... enjoy... Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +8 points2282 days ago

bummer ! Reply Report

Non-Member +8 points1977 days ago

I know why your prayers will never be answered. God hates us all. Reply Report

mit +8 points1470 days ago

This is that new Elton John video Reply Report

Kyo +7 points2280 days ago

hahahA Reply Report

ken +7 points2110 days ago

They look like they where enjoying it. Reply Report

bobmarley +5 points2282 days ago

hahahahahahahahahah Reply Report

JIZZZARD +5 points1878 days ago

Thank u translator Reply Report

butterball +5 points1723 days ago

this is not a punishment, he liked it Reply Report

lol +4 points2133 days ago

The guy got killed afterwards., rapist in my country (venezuela) get kill in jail, not before they do all kind of things to the fucker. One parasite less in the world, 8Billion left Reply Report

fire +4 points2097 days ago

the video is corrupt! Reply Report

TRANSLATOR +2 points1878 days ago

TRANSLATION: In the beginning they have him say that he loves that stick of deodorant and then instruct him to shove it up his ass. Then they have him dress in woman's underwear and continue to tell him to walk like a woman and to shake his ass "Meneando la colita." They tell him to wave and to greet everyone. He's instructed to start telling the crowd that "The woman has arrived" and do say "The Queen of- Reply Report
Chevy Brazer

Chevy Brazer +2 points1804 days ago

This is a tourism video showing authentic South American male culture. Reply Report
Forward Bronco

Forward Bronco +1 points1696 days ago

So how did you like it? Reply Report

gaypride +2 points1060 days ago

glad he had to suck his shit off the other guy's cock after being ass raped Reply Report

Trololololol +1 points2268 days ago

LoL the most disturbing thing is after this they deny to be gay lol punish him with a beating or some not taking him in the ass but hell it beats a donkey tho Reply Report
Up yours

Up yours +1 points1810 days ago

he pretty much got what he deserved......had it been me Id have let them use a tree branch just to let him know how much pain he must have put the kids he abused through! Reply Report
burrito/tamale PAPI

burrito/tamale PAPI +1 points1741 days ago

they tell him to be a prison bitch then they tell him to say when fuck in ass that he loves it then that's his career in there for being a dumbass Reply Report

master101 +1 points1727 days ago

Got what he deserved Reply Report

Buttcrack +1 points1264 days ago

Wait a minute. This was gay pride week in San francisco Reply Report

baka +1 points739 days ago

He didn't fuck him he made love to him Reply Report

ospf   0 points2260 days ago

Re-upload! Reply Report

gfhjkl;   0 points2019 days ago

pizdec Reply Report

gf   0 points1813 days ago

this was hugo chavez filming with a hardon Reply Report

aw   0 points1813 days ago

homosexual venezuelan prision guards getting bjs and fucking in the ass inmates
venezuela homo country
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ingomat   0 points965 days ago

Might been his highest dream to recieve a punishment like that - he suck cock like a pro. Reply Report

ingomat   0 points982 days ago

At least, he knew how to suck cock Reply Report
king tut

king tut   0 points237 days ago

we need translation pleasee!! Reply Report

Damn!! -1 points1983 days ago

Disgusting till the end! Reply Report

xz -1 points1848 days ago

he was wanting it this was not rape Reply Report

gf -1 points1813 days ago

fuck simon bolivar in the ass, venezuelan scumbags Reply Report

simonbolivar -1 points1813 days ago

venezuelan men are gay pedophile by nature and venezuelan women whores Reply Report

horny -1 points1348 days ago

I wished i was him i love getting my ass wrecked Reply Report

sexydick -2 points2040 days ago

They took that mans ass. Then killed him. That's wrong!

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Oven-Lighter -3 points2147 days ago

Should have been shot...... Reply Report

nashasslicker -4 points2092 days ago

They should have made that child rapest eat their shit. Reply Report

Al -16 points2027 days ago

Torture those homosexuals! Reply Report

Mass -30 points2027 days ago

Homosexuality is a mental illness. Those animals should be impaled. Reply Report