Cumshot While Asking For Directions

Black guy wanking in his car while he's asking directions to a 19yo girl. The girl didn't seem to bother and even stayed to watch him cum.

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hannahhard +164 points1104 days ago

Lol I would have asked if he needed a hand ahahah Reply Report

Anonwt +1 points781 days ago

wtd you would ? Is this USA ? All it takes is one girl to call the cops. Random hi rls are sluttier than I thought. Reply Report

nata87 +4 points899 days ago

Slowly i would guess Reply Report
Bla bla bla

Bla bla bla +62 points2690 days ago

That girl is cool. Reply Report

nellymoolins +48 points897 days ago

Lol I would have asked if he needed a hand ahahah Reply Report

romanbellic +24 points2118 days ago

I do this all the time in my cab Reply Report

vajesus +11 points559 days ago

Why can't I find men like this. I would have hopped in and asked him to take me to my house where I'd let him in and spread my legs for his pervert seed.

We need more perverts like him out there and I'll get knocked up by as many as I can to make sure it happens
Reply Report

ahornygirl +10 points2004 days ago

Only in New York... Reply Report

Hex +8 points2278 days ago

Ooohhh, I like how his cum shoots out... Reply Report

AndyWithCandy +6 points2671 days ago

Awesome vid.. pls post more like this! Reply Report

ladeeda +6 points2326 days ago

GregFromHolland I hope you get sent to prison and raped and killed. Reply Report

john +5 points2693 days ago

finally an uncircumcised public wanker Lol Reply Report

Non-Member +5 points2646 days ago

this is queens, nyc
congrats on pulling this off
Reply Report
I've done this b4

I've done this b4 +5 points2071 days ago

Lol, I have done this b4..and I live in Farrockway...What do you expect..their be some fine as honeys walkin around Reply Report

non-memberanon +4 points2480 days ago

like how she looks when he told her he was coming, I paid a teen once to watch me like that and she wore satin jeans and turned her back to me to look at her shiny covered satin ass as I came Reply Report
Small world

Small world +4 points2071 days ago

YOOOOO.....I LIVE IN FAR ROCKAWAY...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Lol +4 points2070 days ago

This nigga was buying time!!!!! Lmaooo!!! She was a pretty spanish hoe tho Reply Report

fernandezmill +4 points1302 days ago

silly bitch, I would have hoped in and helped XD why cant this shit happen to me??? Reply Report

Hehehe +4 points1591 days ago

Maybe because it's so small she couldn't see it Reply Report

anon +3 points2286 days ago

how the HELL do we know she's 19 lol
Reply Report

Tubitnt +7 points2065 days ago

3:15 How old are "ya"?
Reply Report

ginnyalwan +3 points651 days ago

kinda hott Reply Report

CHICAGO EDDY SWARTZ +3 points155 days ago

That blonde can't take her eyes off his burnt black banana. lf they were in Chicago she'd have jumped in his car and taken charge. Reply Report

a789456123b +2 points2691 days ago

am I wrong if I think that most of the american people have circumcised dicks?
Reply Report
Pump daddy

Pump daddy +1 points1325 days ago

Yes u are Reply Report

lol +2 points2086 days ago

she didnt even ni=otice his dick Reply Report
Uh Wut

Uh Wut +2 points2062 days ago

i think she wants the d Reply Report
Ask for my snapchat

Ask for my snapchat +2 points316 days ago

I would have jumped in his car and licked that cum off his dick. Reply Report

Wtfbosoxporn +2 points1338 days ago

That is the weirdest looking penis I've ever seen. Reply Report

freakygirl69 +2 points578 days ago

LOL! Reply Report

deeznuts +2 points471 days ago

She was waiting for some money... He was cheap. Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck +2 points403 days ago

lmfao, dirty bastard! Reply Report

+1 points2106 days ago

Should've fucked her. Reply Report

SICK BITCH +1 points2123 days ago

V Kernel Pult

V Kernel Pult +1 points1975 days ago

watchout evyone banana boom is coming OUT! Reply Report

itsmyboobs +1 points1829 days ago

Mmmmmmm Reply Report

Sanura +1 points458 days ago

honestly i kinda feel bad for the girl she was just trying to help a guy who she probably thinks is a old sick pervert. fyi not all black guys have big dicks and not all guys have curcumsiced dicks either... Reply Report

lesbo +1 points89 days ago

I would have loved to see her pussy. it was dripping some sweet pussy juice. she went home and played with that pussy and screamed when she came! Reply Report

SaTaNsBatBoy   0 points2239 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She was NOT even looking at his tiny ass pathetic burnt banana! Stupid loser spic faggit CANT get any REAL girls pussy cause his dick is so small and he's got NO game so he has to jack off his tiny MOUSE size dick! WHAT a fucking SPIC LOSER FAG! Reply Report

--------------------- +9 points342 days ago

@SaTaNsBatBoy Relax dick, your tantrum isn't gonna make you seem like a fucking 10 inch hero. Reply Report

fernandezmill +2 points1302 days ago

lol be nice XD Reply Report

jessikahot   0 points2039 days ago

i love cum in face Reply Report

xcitu +1 points1312 days ago

I would be happy to send you my cum. Reply Report

TailHampto   0 points210 days ago

Dont normally do this but....I want phone sex, my husband doesn't give a damn about me name is if you don't mind a white girl 4 7 8 2 4 4 8 3 8 9 Reply Report

analeo   0 points173 days ago

Thats that dudes daughter.She gives him j.o.e thats jack off encourgement so she doesen't end up with more sibblings he need split up his paycheck with. All the more for her,dads little slut.!!!!! Reply Report

Dude212   0 points50 days ago

Small dic Reply Report

Seek#aes   0 points7 days ago

Daang! Reply Report

Dan -1 points2373 days ago

yo man a789456123b you would be wrong if you think most Americans are circumcised i am 1 and its probably more common if you are uncircumcised that circumcised, everyone who is circumcised are the ones who are different uncircumcised is being natural thats all lol Reply Report

axelanderson2 -1 points1396 days ago


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max -2 points1604 days ago

what a moron. Reply Report

OH SSSSSHHHHHHIIIIITTTT! -3 points2482 days ago

omfg i fuck her!!!!!!! Reply Report

austinlorenzo227 -6 points1897 days ago

he has great control onhis orgasm she wanted to watch dumb spanish whore she is proberly fucking he uncle like this dumb whore named cassandra! Reply Report

GregFromHolland -49 points2417 days ago

FUCK THAT BITCH... I would rape her and kill her Reply Report
Big tit slut

Big tit slut +3 points316 days ago

@GregFromHolland. Do that to me Reply Report

Smdh -71 points2692 days ago

This is my neighborhood lol i know the girl! She a hoe probably wanted it Reply Report

Pleasebruh +2 points1375 days ago

Slide me dem digits, fam. Reply Report

pauluzzz +1 points2125 days ago

Gimme her number! Reply Report