Dude Eats Teen GF Scat

Nasty dude lays wit his head under his girlfriend's tight ass as she unloads a moist scat directly on his mouth. He feats on the shit, spreading it all over his face by rubbing his head into her ass while eating up as much poop as he can.

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xtreme +23 points1037 days ago

this guy is a gourmet and his gf an excellent pooper Reply Report

nastybitchhslave867 +6 points1021 days ago

I would love to feed a man but I can't find one to feed Reply Report

aryasangha +2 points244 days ago

Well if you're hot enough I would enjoy eating out of your ass. real talk. I've been looking for girls who wants to do that but can't find anyone yet. Reply Report

misterrogers +5 points1037 days ago

I really fucking wish Heavy-R would STOP changing the titles and descriptions to the videos I upload. This isn't a teen or this guy's girlfriend. Reply Report
heavy-r support

heavy-r support +8 points1036 days ago

so sorry: we didn't want to hurt your feelings, we were just trying to give some warm color to your presentation - If you are neither a teen nor his girlfriend, what the f are you? okay, you are a 'serious' hardworking mature whore lavishly opening her 'anal diner' for a well paying guy who's a somewhat fastidious customer of yours: as you see, we take every which way we can to help you better express yourself ! Happy continuation, no problems this side nor with any other viewer out there. Reply Report

misterrogers +5 points1036 days ago

LOL. My feelings weren't hurt. I'm not five years old. I'm just sick of my titles and descriptions getting changed to lame ass shit. Whoever writes for you needs to step their game up. They write like some basement dwelling TEEN virgin. For example, it's hilarious when they don't even know the difference between squirting and pissing. Reply Report

Ladida +1 points1036 days ago

why do you think they leave their 'urine marking' in the first place? I'agree that expr. like "nasty dude", "girlfriend" sound stupid/square and embarrassing. how about you let us know your original wording? Reply Report

misterrogers -3 points1036 days ago

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. I just don't want people to think that I'm the one writing this drivel. Reply Report
5 stars from me

5 stars from me +5 points1037 days ago

I like the fact that he smears the shit in her Pussy and the fact that she doesn't give a Fuck! Reply Report

pns +3 points1037 days ago

I'm hungry, can I have some? Reply Report
Big nasty

Big nasty +3 points1011 days ago

I would like to try that but I'm afraid I could get sick Reply Report
Mirk Shit_Guy

Mirk Shit_Guy   0 points229 days ago

You wont get sick. The fact is that doctors now are using scat (coming from the bacteria it hold "scatose") as inflammatory material when ingested orally because that bacteria works amazingly as anti-inflammatory at the level of the stomach - usally this bacteria is formulated at the level of the large intestine. I LOVE SHIT Reply Report

toiletboy +3 points856 days ago

I would devour every bit that came out of her sexy ass. Then wash it down by having her piss down my throat.I would also lick her ass clean. Reply Report
feedmefudge nuggets

feedmefudge nuggets +2 points249 days ago

I'm hungry for her dirty fudge Reply Report

diggerau +2 points1037 days ago

She can feed me dinner anytime Reply Report

smally +2 points151 days ago

Amazing Reply Report

buttoman +1 points1037 days ago

Lovely. Just lovely. Mmmm. Reply Report
Melbourne scat lover

Melbourne scat lover +1 points116 days ago

What a lucky bastard. Should be more women like that, they're gold when you find them. Reply Report

bonggoddess93 +1 points59 days ago

i love how he just goes right in and buries his whole face in it with no hesitation. Reply Report

lover_girls   0 points624 days ago

What language they speak
English or German
Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points887 days ago

Me next Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points887 days ago

Me next Reply Report