Asian Girl Takes Big Shit

Great video of tiny asian girl taking a giant shit on a plate, with nice close up shots and slow motion scenes!

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Superchicken +156 points2324 days ago

It's sure nice to see someone who enjoys his job as much as this guy does. He's so excited about poop. The old guy's going to have a heart attack some day, but at least he'll die happy. Reply Report

exodusgold +4 points596 days ago

Check out the Uncensored high quality version that i have uploaded! This guy has created some amazing videos but this girl is a true legend of japanese scat porn. Reply Report

rondell +57 points2322 days ago


Scatophile +52 points2313 days ago

Welsh warrior: She's japanese - not chinese. And what she eats? Well, for example lots of ramen and sushi and everything like that. Full digestion, little waiting and produce is ready.

Btw: pooping is a natural and nice thing.
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Trevor +39 points2303 days ago

That's a truckload of Sushi and Ramen right there. Reply Report

wow +38 points2320 days ago

What the hell did she eat!? Reply Report

Likeitnasty +27 points2318 days ago

This made me so hard wish my mouth could be right under her asshole want to see her eat it so bad now damn!!!!!! Reply Report

ttt +22 points2317 days ago


Anonymous +21 points2165 days ago

Hail the Queen of Poo Poo. Reply Report

INVERTED-PENIS +18 points2234 days ago


Cider +18 points2117 days ago

I've never seen that before : such big shitting and so much comments posted ! It's indeed impressive. I didn't like her peeing in the glass. The Japanese man was so excited and exalted that I was out of all patience. His voice is so irritating. The young girl should have said what she has been eating for the last week. No doubt she hold it for a week before eliminating this shit for the camera... Amazing ! How can a little body like hers keep all this shit ? Impressive. Huge ! :-) Reply Report

DutchDude +15 points2235 days ago

That's incredible! Not turned on, but strangely fascinating that the human body could eliminate so much shit! Reply Report
wtf ?

wtf ? +15 points1887 days ago

she just lost 20% of her body weight ! NICE shittin sweetie Reply Report

hl +13 points2321 days ago

geez wtf she hold it for a week
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Deaddy Dolla

Deaddy Dolla +13 points2243 days ago

I would've anal fucked her directly after that. The way that room smells....the scent/odor would've made me fuck her for hours. I would've came (in her ass of course) & still been hard enough to beat that pussy like an instrumental!!!! Face down ass up, I would've shoved her face in her own shit & gave her the "BEST" 119 orgasms of her life (that's how long I would be fucking her)!!!! Then I'd tongue kiss her shitty face.........& just leave Reply Report

wwe +12 points2320 days ago

holy fuck thats look like Anaconda coming out of the hole Reply Report

JapanFan69 +12 points2282 days ago

That's incredible! I thought the first dump was impressive but it just keeps coming! She's only a petite did she do it? Reply Report

alexandria76 +11 points2321 days ago

I won't be having the poo poo platter :( Reply Report

ilikecookies2 +11 points2164 days ago

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, I mean this one of, if not the best video of it's kind; the only thing that would make it better is if it was in better quality. Reply Report

miss_you_75 +11 points2031 days ago

Why do they ALWAYS censor the girl's pussies in Japanese porn? They are happy to show the girl's asshole while she's taking a shit, but not a part of the body that by most people are accepted to suck, lick and cuddle. I'm sure that Japanese girls, like other girls, have beautyful pussies. Reply Report

Explorer +3 points1612 days ago

I was thinking the same thing about the censoring. A shame, really. And yes, Japanese women have beautiful pussys. Reply Report

Whoa! +11 points2001 days ago

She is so full of shit. Literally! Reply Report

bgeorge3142uk +11 points1760 days ago

WOW WOW WOW This is HYPER FABULOUS I LOVE it What a GIGANTIC shit from such a TINY woman I LOVE the close up and slow motion shots I have masturbated and climaxed 16 times so far while looking at this FABULOUS film clip Whenever I think about this film clip my cock goes hard and I just HAVE to start masturbating until I ejaculate FABULOUS I wish she was MY girlfriend I would then have her SLOWLY shit ALL of her turds into my mouth for me to eat savour and swallow for my breakfast lunch tea and dinner while she furiously masturbated my cock to ejaculation over and over again FABULOUS Reply Report

gunner3665 +10 points2320 days ago

How much fecal matter can a single person possibly squeeze out? Reply Report
porn perv

porn perv +10 points2180 days ago

wow I wish she were my girlfiend. The wonderfull things we could do together.
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yeah +9 points2196 days ago

Negative comments. .why did you watch it anyway?? Just shut the hell up and go back to general fucking the way you like it Reply Report
lil b fucked yo hoe

lil b fucked yo hoe +9 points2188 days ago

Dat shit cray Reply Report

? +9 points2180 days ago

her ass is factory of shit? Reply Report

manatee +9 points1726 days ago

oh is this hot/that must weigh 5 pounds/so cute Reply Report

interneter +8 points2315 days ago

LMAO at 4:30 the guy is like "haha im scared! im scared!" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Reply Report
Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster +8 points2314 days ago

I wish a group of guys would ass fuck me and shit in a bucket or shit on me and give me enemas Reply Report

Cena4774 +8 points2248 days ago

This is some nasty shit i bet she stay in the bathroom for hours Reply Report

damn +8 points2180 days ago

This made me cum Reply Report

crazyman0 +8 points1969 days ago

man!!! I can smell it from her dam!!! Reply Report

daf666 +7 points2312 days ago

omg! Reply Report

fug +7 points2196 days ago

Not turned on from the shit. But the process done by pretty girls/ women Reply Report

su1c1d3 +7 points2128 days ago

babe ate a shitload of beans Reply Report

sexy +7 points1860 days ago

sexy asshole Reply Report

pinkdolphin +6 points2291 days ago

dat shit cray Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +5 points2300 days ago

HOLY SHIT!!!!! Reply Report

Wow! +5 points1128 days ago

That was an amazing poo!!! Reply Report

PBAT +4 points2316 days ago

Starting from 3:45, that man happy as FUCK LMAO Reply Report

Sel +4 points2295 days ago

Did he seriously just say 'KAWAII' Reply Report
bored so reading comments

bored so reading comments +4 points1902 days ago

I think he says "kowai" which means scary or creepy. Reply Report

1337 +4 points1479 days ago

She is a poop machine! Reply Report
Joseph Carroll

Joseph Carroll +4 points1310 days ago

Am i the only one that stokes my peepee to this? Great shit btw! Reply Report

lgtheviking +4 points1156 days ago

That's got to be the biggest shit EVER Reply Report

dirtidancinboy +3 points2160 days ago

nice. id like to see whats next on her plate! Reply Report

Britguy69 +3 points1795 days ago

She is gorgeous :) I'd love to snog her while she was naked except for a diaper....let her fill it, then undo it and make love to her while she reaches under and squeezes her hot shit around my balls :) Reply Report

barrysmith +3 points1007 days ago

that makes my mouth water i want to eat the lot Reply Report
welsh warrior

welsh warrior +2 points2320 days ago

where the fuck did that come from..!! aww shiiit thats alot of shiiit..!! wtf do chinese bitches!! Reply Report
Shitteh Kitteh

Shitteh Kitteh +2 points2286 days ago

OMFG I came in my pants watching that...god I am so wet now, someone come fuck me HARD NOW!!!! Then shit on my tits and watch me eat it :D Reply Report
Dr puss

Dr puss +2 points2279 days ago

you guys want make your shit fully loaded like that? trust me, eat sushi than you can see the result.

shitteh kitteh make appointment with me, you will see how my treatment on you

and readheadgurl please take my advised , eat more sushi after you see the result than come to me, no charge to both of you.
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derp +2 points2217 days ago

Sugoi desu ne? That's what I hear alot in this, it means amazing isn't it
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crazyman0 +2 points1969 days ago

dam!!!! what the fuck is she eating dam!!! she can shit I'll fuck her pussy not da ass she'll shit a ton of brown cement blocks on me lmfao Reply Report

austinlorenzo227 +2 points1814 days ago

wow i wish my mouth was right over her asshole!!! i want to eat all of that shit!!!! Reply Report

Buttman +2 points1607 days ago

SHIT FOR DAYS Reply Report

hornychick +2 points1399 days ago

is any guy intersted to talk with me about piss and shit??? Reply Report

Bestest   0 points504 days ago


I would love to talk with you about piss and shit and your cunt. I just wanked while watching this big shit from such a big asshole and a small woman
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buttoman +2 points1206 days ago

Must be nigh on a kilo there, mmmm. Reply Report

Yourmyhitachi +2 points1088 days ago

DAMN! !!!!!!!! Reply Report

TheMiz7422 +1 points2292 days ago

Would love to see her shit a load that big in some white panties! Reply Report

yahzee +1 points1952 days ago

fantastic load of smelly poop- would love to eat it all Reply Report

Mmmmmm +1 points1736 days ago

I have a sudden hunger for shit Reply Report
Shit Lover

Shit Lover +1 points886 days ago

WOW! I gotta say, that huge pile of Shit that came out of her ass sure looked good! It looks so tasty. I'd sure have taken a bite or 12 out of it. I seriously doubt I could have eaten it all but I would have liked to eat some of it! Imagine, eating a tremendous load of Shit like that! Reply Report

hectorhec +1 points584 days ago

04:01 that sound! Reply Report
kk smoke

kk smoke   0 points2268 days ago

I would fuck her in the ass while she shits.! Reply Report

Aussie22   0 points2264 days ago

This has to be Internet video of the year. Reply Report

pinna   0 points2147 days ago

ke bel profumo di merda me la sarei fatta fare tutta sul mio pene o in bocca Reply Report
That shit

That shit   0 points859 days ago

If that was me I would've eaten the shit and what ever she has eaten I would feed to my wife a lot Reply Report
Dirty diaper lover

Dirty diaper lover   0 points1193 days ago

Man, I wish she would stuff all of that inside some panties or a diaper. That would be so nice and feel so heavy. Reply Report

mfx_exception   0 points1151 days ago

Nooooo!!!! Eso no se tira!!! No hay que dejar nada en el plato. Lástima no haber estado allí; me lo habría tragado con un gusto que ni un manolo chapero me lo da. XP Reply Report

FUA56   0 points664 days ago

Why don't the Japanese stop pixelating the cunt. I mean they show shit coming out of assholes and people eating shit so what the hell is their problem with showing a women's cunt? It is just stupidity not to show a women's cunt. Reply Report

ayrros   0 points543 days ago

wauw det må være så fedt bare og kigge ind i hendes lille buthuld og se hendes shjt komme glidende ud af hendes lille assholes og snuse til det eller holde en hånd under og mærke varmen fra det cool i vud love it ja tak
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smoke kk

smoke kk -2 points2268 days ago

Damn,I just wanna fuck her in her as while she shits on my dick Reply Report

O.o -3 points2281 days ago

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Anonymous -3 points2260 days ago

Caralho veio, essa mulher caga pra caralhoooo
nunca vi tanta bosta sair de uma bunda assim
essa mulher não tem um cú, ela tem uma fábrica de bosta.
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Dirtysanchez -3 points1522 days ago

Wtf did she eat lmao fuckin nasty ass shit lol BANZAII Reply Report

Ela -4 points2320 days ago

Fantastic. I like try also mw for my boyfriend. Please some tricks, what I must eat ??? Reply Report

unchingman -4 points2148 days ago

dohyaaaaa! Reply Report

non-member -5 points2259 days ago

hey redheadgurl I will be your toilet. Reply Report

scattrix -6 points2300 days ago

hey redhead girl i will eat anyones ;) Reply Report
Come on!

Come on! -6 points2267 days ago

Why didn't she eat it? Reply Report
non member slave

non member slave -6 points2252 days ago

hey redheadgurl please give me ur mail id I will eat your shit everyday, Reply Report
Non member black guy

Non member black guy -6 points2119 days ago

Old sick fucks heart is going to stop next time

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WHY -8 points2100 days ago


nty -11 points2241 days ago

how is this hot?
how do you get turned on from shit?
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Explorer +10 points1612 days ago

Well people get turned on by a lot of different things. It's human nature. Get used to it, mate. ;) Reply Report

RedheadGurl -12 points2302 days ago

Hey guys.. If any of you feel horny, you could fuck me..

I like having anal fucks as i could shit more than her after that.. I would feed you my shit and you will enjoy it..

Please reply
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barrysmith +2 points970 days ago

i would love to sort you out if after you make sure i eat every bit of your perfect shit message me on here if interested Reply Report

Explorer +1 points1612 days ago

A few have replied further above. If you really mean what you say, please make a video and upload it. I promise you you'll get a lot of attention and likely an endless supply of partners if you can shit more than this girl did! I for one will be very pleased to just watch the video. Good luck, honey. ;) Reply Report
Flegling Noofi

Flegling Noofi -12 points2246 days ago

Merely making this video is a clear indicator that they are totally fucked in the head.

Sick shit this is... anyone taking a serious interest in this should seek mental help ASAP.

This is NOT normal, not even close.
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grf7   0 points664 days ago

You are a hypocrite.Why are you even watching this ? You are as sick as the people who made this,if you think this is sick.You probably are too much of a coward and a liar to admit this so called sick shit turns you on.You probably want to be fed everything in that bowl.I know I do and probably everyone who commented on that video does or at the very least fantasizes about it.I fantasize about licking her ass clean after the shit she just took and then her feeding me all her shit from that bowl with a spoon while I am stroking my cock.You do too.Don't lie. Reply Report
English Warrior

English Warrior +7 points1626 days ago

Then why are you here you dumbass?
Pooping is nice and normal and can turn many people on
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Nonmemb -18 points2052 days ago

Fucking dumb gook jap slant eyes fuck. Ching. Reply Report
welsh warrior

welsh warrior -140 points2320 days ago

if this turns you on you are seriously fucked up.. get help..!!!! Reply Report
English Lad

English Lad +5 points1626 days ago

Then why the fuck are you on this video you sick twat? Reply Report