Cute Girl Eating Shit

Japanese girl kisses giant turd and eats her own shit.

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maxx76 +61 points1807 days ago

nice girl...any father n mother would be so honoured n proud. Reply Report

torishavelle   0 points3 days ago


@maxx76 i just want to find a guy into the same sick twisted fetished as me lol
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LB69er +9 points1604 days ago

Wow wish I was there with her, would love to share a pile of her shit and finish the lot. I just love it. Reply Report

Brian66 +7 points1769 days ago

Test your gag reflex here.... Reply Report

skye_blu +6 points1767 days ago

shit is hot...lots of people love it so get used to's the last of the taboos even hotter that pedo sex...
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Obi Quan

Obi Quan +5 points1842 days ago

only sick fuckers do this, disgusting pigs. Reply Report
Waste of time

Waste of time +5 points1784 days ago

She didnt eat the shit Reply Report

chriscan +3 points1106 days ago

Seeng that pretty girl made me cum in my panties. She should have been eating that shit Reply Report
Shit Lover

Shit Lover +2 points464 days ago

Nice, Firm Turds like that are so GOOD to eat! I wish I could have shared her sweet load with her. I would have eagerly eaten my share of Her Turds! Reply Report

haico_2010 +1 points1807 days ago

tasty XD
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unchi lover

unchi lover +1 points1358 days ago

Lol she is so adorable shed male a good wife Reply Report
Not Anyone

Not Anyone   0 points1659 days ago

@Hi I'm Abida Babida > Did you forget Uranium ? Reply Report

desade -1 points785 days ago

you stupid fucking asshole not so FUCKING CLOSE BACK UP THE CAMERA YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

dirtidancinboy -1 points1181 days ago

Wow - cute indeed. I think it helps to not force and just go at her own pace - she definitely plays along! Ps. 23cm - wanna see her unload the first one - what a turn on! Reply Report
darqwins smurf

darqwins smurf -1 points198 days ago

disgusting degenerate miserable pieces of shit. pathetic wastes of life like her don't even deserve to live Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points1910 days ago

like shit Reply Report

desade -2 points785 days ago

you fucking stupid fucking japs you fucking FILM TO FUCKING CLOE BACK UP THE FUCKING CAMERA YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!!!!! Reply Report

gross -6 points1490 days ago

that is sooo gross im gonna throw up my lunch Reply Report

iloveshitandcum -9 points1922 days ago

sorry but this no is real shit! :-( Reply Report

Fake -12 points1898 days ago

Fake shit Reply Report

shitlover -13 points1847 days ago

tasty XD Reply Report
Hi I'm Abida Babida

Hi I'm Abida Babida -24 points1757 days ago

seen a few of these shit vids on the web. fucking disgusting. anyone who eats shit has got some serious mental issues, as well as risking their health. It's about the worst thing u can put in your mouth after plutonium. Reply Report

. -57 points1865 days ago

In the classification of symptoms, Coprophagia is a type of Cacofagia, an abnormal taste and appetite that ultimately induce a person to eat disgusting things, such as feces (Coprophagia). The severe personality changes, such as the Severe Mental Deficiency can produce this symptom, as well as cases of severe mental deterioration of chronic schizophrenia.

Coprophagy involves major health risk, as an outbreak of hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, without mentioning the addition of bacteria, worm eggs and other parasites in the internal system.
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