Bloody Interrogation Ends In Necro

Girl tortured to death and cut before he fucks her bloody dead corpse.

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nutratect +24 points1319 days ago

how to view Reply Report

giber +7 points1319 days ago

The whore got what she deserved. Decent acting Reply Report

WHY?? +4 points1174 days ago

why didnt she get fuckeddd??? Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points1026 days ago

abusing and hurting females gets me off way more than fucking them Reply Report

Macca   0 points983 days ago

Yeah same me Reply Report
Your nightmare

Your nightmare +1 points568 days ago

Yeah because you're a weak faggot Reply Report
Big cock

Big cock +2 points1319 days ago

Fuck yeah woooooooo Reply Report

fumi +2 points946 days ago

Nice Reply Report
Reaper of souls

Reaper of souls +1 points1021 days ago

Stuff like this is beautiful Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill +1 points653 days ago

i dont think the camera man was meant to veiw the guy squirting the fake blood on her tit Reply Report

Watcher776 +1 points881 days ago

the beating is obviously fake at the beginning is obviously fake one can only hope the rest but still wtf Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points568 days ago

It's real jackass, learn how to tell the fake from real shit put out by sick fucks whore pawns of the twisted & evil elitist. I'll kill all you sick fucks and bathe in your blood and entrails Reply Report
Your enemy

Your enemy +1 points621 days ago

I will find your faggot ass and make beg me too end you but I'm far superior at mutilation and torture then you'll ever be, You die when her nipples regenerate. Spare the bullshit the masses make be fooled but i am not and the elites can't protect your asses let alone save you. Reply Report
The Dark Tyrant

The Dark Tyrant   0 points506 days ago

Bleed bitch! Die bitch! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I loved this! Reply Report

Watcher776   0 points881 days ago

Fuck my bad Grammar The Beating is obviously fake at the beginning of the clip, one can only hope the rest is as well. but still wtf* Reply Report

Prayer   0 points798 days ago

Hi do you think i should buybuy pizza or chinese food??
Please answer cause if i don't eat i dye
Reply Report

PigFucker666 +1 points737 days ago

Bad pizza is better than bad Chinese so unless you have a good Chinese place get pizza Reply Report

fgjbroser   0 points585 days ago

jjajajajajajajja total fake xDDD Reply Report

chimil   0 points726 days ago

hiperfake.... but, better movie than starwars Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points63 days ago

Sau geil erfüllt teils meinen Wünschen ! Die Schreie der Frau haben mich richig geil gemacht, als ihr die Brustwarzen und der Kitzler ab -
schnitten worden ist. Hätte gern das Fleisch gegessen !
Dann aber wurde ich noch geiler als der Frau Elektroden in die
Votze und Darm steckte und sie bestialisch folterte. Schließlich
habe ich ihren Leib von Schambein bis zu den Brüsten auf -
geschnitten und mich an ihren blutigen Eingeweiden eregt ,
und die Kacke aus den Darm, und den Urin aus der Blase er -
regt gegessen. Dann habe ich ihren Körber geschlachtet,
um das fleisch später zu essen. Nur ihre Geschlechteile
habe ich zum größten teil gleich blutig und noch körberwarm
Reply Report
Dose of reality

Dose of reality -3 points1240 days ago

Why put in so much effort to make something like this, if you have no intention of making it even anything close to realistic? Reply Report

bergdo50 -20 points1321 days ago

do anyone like those videos? then go to hell!! Reply Report
questioning your motives

questioning your motives +11 points1320 days ago

ok 1st
clearly they like making them

why were you watching??
Reply Report