Horny slut strangled to death

Brunette fucked and strangled to death with shoe laces by combat guy. And keeps fucking and abusing her lifeless body.

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creampieluv +32 points1472 days ago

She has some long hard nips Reply Report
sian cock

sian cock +9 points1472 days ago

who cares whether it is fake or not? I will keep jerking off on this.... Reply Report
Again n again

Again n again +6 points1472 days ago

Really?? Still on the "fake debate"???
Anyway, she's Wenona, a famous bondage porn actress, i think that should answer the dumb question
Reply Report

Genius +5 points1472 days ago

If this WAS Real the camera man here will be the next to be dead after this is all over and this army killer man will destroy this tape! Reply Report

anonymoose +5 points1472 days ago

I'd fap to this if the guy wasn't bald and fat. Reply Report

German +5 points1472 days ago

Well, that escalated quickly Reply Report

cummaster +4 points1472 days ago

And the Oscar goes to.......... Reply Report

Ted +4 points1472 days ago

This would have been so cool if I didn't have to look at Uncle Fester as Im jerking off. Reply Report

uh +4 points1472 days ago

whoever is turned on by this shit needs to have their head examined straight up Reply Report

???? +3 points1472 days ago

why would you want to strangle her when she would and is having sex with you? Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +3 points1472 days ago

This would have looked more authentic if he had pissed down the throat of her "lifeless" body. Reply Report

German +1 points1429 days ago

Hi Reply Report

member   0 points1455 days ago

I wanted to see her tied, wrapped in the blue tarp then dropped into a lake. Reply Report

LOL   0 points1461 days ago

Acting like your being strangled isn't hard. Reply Report
How long is their lunchbreak?

How long is their lunchbreak?   0 points533 days ago

Are they at work? Reply Report
Big ball

Big ball   0 points424 days ago

I jerk off and after the porn I feel like I'm going to throw up Reply Report

Jpj53   0 points242 days ago

. Reply Report
Meranda Danielle krauseMeranda Danielhi guys.

Meranda Danielle krauseMeranda Danielhi guys.   0 points47 days ago

Hi guys! Reply Report

lol -2 points1472 days ago

Fake how here we have so much cameras?
Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender -2 points1472 days ago

This is so fucking fake believe me I know from personal experiences Reply Report

No -3 points1472 days ago

I don't think this is real Reply Report

homeforloving +2 points1461 days ago

hello professor! Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -4 points1472 days ago

this is fake lol lets see the guy poop in her mouth Reply Report