German Snuff Porn

I'm a little in doubt, which country is more twisted Germany Or Japan?

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killzone +34 points1387 days ago

wow, if thats a film amateur, its very great done! Reply Report

xtreme +5 points1356 days ago

great done? It's ridicolous Reply Report

WTF +9 points1387 days ago

The guy with the knife at the beginning looks like a down syndrome baby/
Reply Report

jesus +5 points1387 days ago

what the fuck was that....... not coool....! Reply Report

OMG +4 points1356 days ago

This is not out of germany! Is German synchronization but not from Germany Reply Report

Seth +4 points1356 days ago

When that head exploded, worlds most hilarious boner. Reply Report

vaidilas +3 points1355 days ago

lol all of the head with one pistole shot... never ever Reply Report

bigfarter +3 points1355 days ago

Fucking hilarious!! Reply Report

Mary-Lambi +3 points907 days ago

This is sick, how can people like this.. Reply Report
rainbows suck

rainbows suck +2 points1356 days ago

How the hell did this not bother anyone your all sick Reply Report

polkadotturtwig +2 points1026 days ago

Beautifully done, last scene head explosion......laughed my brains out (insert terrible joke here). Reply Report
pussy cum fart

pussy cum fart +1 points1356 days ago

this is more fake than asian rape porn Reply Report

Jizzzzzz +1 points1082 days ago

I don't care whether that's real or acting, I jizzed so hard to that Reply Report

Non-member -1 points243 days ago

Yeah because you're a stupid evil militant faggot! Reply Report

OldPervert +1 points649 days ago

ME TOO!!! Reply Report

geldart   0 points1386 days ago

1st bit = crap, 2nd even worse, i did't evenbother with th rest. Reply Report

Eww   0 points1376 days ago

Wtf was that Reply Report
i rape kids

i rape kids   0 points1359 days ago

Reply Report

derjohnmartin   0 points1357 days ago

Whats the name of the movie? Reply Report

pornophile   0 points1357 days ago

finally some bitches getting what they deserve. Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points243 days ago

Keep that in mind considering running a trace on your ass isn't hard and with it i can locate your entire family and that includes your weakass friends will perish. If they support you then yes they've forfeited their rights and life, including your mother and be a good boy or I'll force your evil ass too watch them all perish. Reply Report

robotunicorn +2 points1356 days ago

Wtf no one deserves that torture or to die in such a cruel way you ashole you should be ashamed and burn in hell Reply Report

hg   0 points1357 days ago

wtf.... Reply Report

geldart   0 points1054 days ago

it was actually made in japan by tamewex. Reply Report

theripper   0 points1194 days ago

Great effects! Hot! Reply Report

Unknown   0 points916 days ago

What movie? Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points243 days ago

I'll kill anyone engaging such activities and well let's just say i have experience in doing such things. Don't fuck with me and next victim results in the families and friends of the assholes and cunts who do such evil pieces of shits will die, children included. Innocence is the only thing that will save any of them! Reply Report

mrcj5150   0 points702 days ago

NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE IN SUCH A HORRIBLE WAY!'s a fucking movie! Please tell me you didnt run out and light candles for Dorothy when you saw the tornado take her away in The Wizard of Oz! LOL....same people that think wrestling is real! Reply Report
Sad true-snuff seeker

Sad true-snuff seeker   0 points411 days ago

Lol, this is the greatest bullshit of all I've ever seen. Reply Report

bananahammock   0 points220 days ago

gotta keep your hands clean. dont wanna spread disease Reply Report

xtreme -1 points1387 days ago

ridicolous Reply Report

mrcj5150 -1 points700 days ago

This is a movie titled K3 Prison of Hell Reply Report

Hello -2 points1380 days ago

This dude woud make a good surgeon Reply Report
Nonchalant viewer

Nonchalant viewer -2 points1356 days ago

Holy shit!!! Was that Gordon Ramsey in the last scene?!?!? Reply Report

Asshats -3 points1357 days ago

They're both fucked up considering their pasts, but I think Germany is a lil' more fucked. Reply Report

Dennis -4 points1386 days ago

If its snuff, it has to be real... Reply Report

hingalo -8 points1362 days ago

cannot be German ... snuff is prohibited in Germany, btw,. Germans are sick, but not that sick Reply Report